Speed:Sport:Life/Krider Racing lead points in Western Endurance Racing Championship

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Western Endurance Racing Championship (WERC) is a grueling endurance racing series encompassing six rounds of competition at different tracks for multiple classes (everything from prototypes to Miatas). With five rounds in the history books for 2010 Speed:Sport:Life/Krider Racing is leading the E3 class championship points. Photo by Vanhap Motorsports Photography. KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL Photo by Travis Kramer The real credit for the team’s championship point lead goes to the pit crew. NASA has officials walking the pit lane that watch each pit stop and they are very serious about safety (for good reason). If a single drop of gasoline hits the ground during a pit stop it is a mandatory five minute penalty, that kind of idle time could destroy a teams championship hopes. The Krider Racing pit crew has done an absolute phenomenal job all year with zero penalties, quick driver changes, great spotting and outstanding car preparation. The crew’s fantastic effort has been what really separated the 33 car from the twenty-one other teams that have been also racing in the E3 class this year. KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL Photo by Travis Kramer These guys (and gals) really deserve the credit for the team’s success: AJ Gracy, Nick Brown, Simeon Gracy, Andy Bai, Art Cortez, Rod Kramer, Jim Krider, Darrel Price, Randy Krider, Anna Kaufmann, Steve Kuhtz, Gus Krider, Travis Kramer, Dave Nees, Derek Hawkinson, Sara Krider, Judy Kramer, Pat Rodriguez, Raf Calvan, Danielle Calvan and Stan Lowrey. KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL Photo by Head-On Photos. The championship fight has not been without its intense on-tack battles. Both drivers (Keith Kramer/Rob Krider) have had to duel in the darkness, fender to fender, for hours at a time to keep the car in the lead. Here is some of the ongoing coverage of the 2010 series as the racing season unfolded: Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL Photo by Head-On Photos. Besides the crew, the teams sponsors have also helped the 33 car gain such a large championship points lead: Hoosier Tires, Jim Wolf Technology, America’s Tire in Clovis, Carbotech Brake Pads, I/O Port Racing Supplies, Nissan Motorsports, Performance In-Frame Tuning, T.E.M. Machine Shop, Figstone Graphics, ST Suspensions, Atomic Speedware, Circuit Sports, G Spec Performance, Bay Ex, Napa Valley Muffler, B&G Tires, Miracle Auto Body and Paint, Napa Valley Transmissions, Bottlers Unlimited, Economy Stock Feed, J&B Farms, and Kuhtz Diehl Insurance and Financial Services. KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL Photo by Vanhap Motorsports Photography. The final round (a six hour double points race) of NASA’s 2010 Western Endurance Racing Championship series will be at Thunderhill in December in conjunction with the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Speed:Sport:Life will be there.

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