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S:S:L’s Racerboy in First Episode of BBC’s new show: Mud, Sweat and Gears

Krider MS&G The BBC has a new car show to air right after Top Gear on BBC America on Monday nights (we are talking about the real Top Gear -the British Top Gear on BBC, as opposed to the junior varsity Top Gear U.S.A. on the History Channel). Sticking with the whole "gear" title theme, the new show is titled Mud, Sweat and Gears and features hosts Jonny Smith and Tom "Wookie" Ford who were hosts on BBC's Fifth Gear. Yes, I know, that is a lot of gears. Cars But it is a good thing because this new car show is for true gear heads. The premise of the show is that each week Jonny and Wookie will pick a different car, and then their respective two person teams (different contestants each week) will have 24 hours to modify their cars and then compete in three races/stunts/automotive shenanigans. The loser's team will have to watch as their car is destroyed at the end of the show SPECTACULARLY! RampFire The cars chosen by the hosts each week need work, lots of work, in order to be able to compete in the three challenges. Each challenge usually causes a fair amount of collateral damage to the involved cars (and sometimes the drivers too) and the team needs to quickly get the car back in working order for the next event. And inevitably the next event involves FIRE! Fire For the premiere episode I, and my endurance racing partner, Keith Kramer, were selected to be on Wookie's team. As the writer of the Racerboy column here on Speed:Sport:Life the producers knew some of the different types of racing I had been involved in and saw some of Krider Racing’s car builds. Rob Krider Sonoma Raceway Producers of Mud, Sweat and Gears saw Keith and I in action in the documentary film Double Down (available on Amazon) where they earned a podium finish at NASA's mighty 25 Hours of Thunderhill. The producers instantly asked us to be a part of the new show. We accepted and headed to Hollywood to thrash on a car we didn't have to pay for. The end result was Episode 1: Cops. Hosts Unbeknownst to us, our team mentor, Wookie (in red), had chosen a beater 1977 Pontiac Firebird for us to quickly turn into a police car. We chose to change our Smokey and the Bandit special into a Mad Max Police Interceptor themed car. In the end the Firebird looked like what would have happened if Mel Gibson had butt sex with Burt Reynolds. Or maybe it should be the other way around? I guess since this is BBC I should have said buggering. Someone needs to ask Burt who is the bottom. Firebird The car needed to be fast, it needed to be nimble and it needed to be tough. We built an exoskeleton cage for the car to make it tough and did some engine mods to make it fast. As far as making a 1977 Pontiac Firebird nimble, that would be a bit of a stretch of the imagination -more like, an impossibility. What couldn't be resolved with mods, would have to be resolved with ludicrous fingers crossed driving. Jaguar Jonny's team had a Jaguar, pronounced "Jag-eeew-rar" by the British hosts. The car was a nineties vintage with a fair amount of technological advances in comparison to the old Pontiac. However, the car was British so... that sort of evened things out. Jonny's team was comprised of two siblings from Detriot, the Perkins brothers, who were SCCA road racers. So Episode 1 would be an asphalt slug fest through downtown Los Angeles, between NASA road racers from California and SCCA road racers from Detroit, driving cars disguised as police cruisers. What else could you want in a car show? Tires The best news for the show is it was filmed by the Top Gear crew, which gives it that awesome cinematic feel that Top Gear does so well. The other cool part about the show is the people who make it like to crash stuff. The driving in the show is legit and all of the stunts are performed by the contestants and the hosts themselves. This combination equals carnage. Which is why people will tune in every week to check out Mud, Sweat and Gears. Interviews The landscape for Episode 1 will look very familiar to gear heads as it is the exact same location Ken Block's latest video (Gymkhana 7) was shot at including the 6th Street Bridge and awesome moments in the L.A. River (a la scenes from car movies like Grease and The Gumball Rally). Jalopnik2 Jalopnik scored some exclusive footage of the show revealing me drifting the 1977 Pontiac Firebird as I’m being chased down by the Jaguar through downtown Los Angeles. The footage is epic. Click HERE to read the Jalopnik story and watch the video. Tune in Monday night on BBC after Top Gear for the first episode of Mud, Sweat and Gears. Rob Krider is the author of the novel "Cadet Blues" available on Amazon.

Racer Boy: Corvette Challenge –Time Trials For The Geriatric

Title It finally happened. You got old. Which means you finally have a few bucks in your pocket. Obvious next step: Corvette, duh. Why not? The cars are fast, sexy, and hands down the best performance bang for your buck dollar for dollar. Now that you have the Vette, it’s time to race that baby. Hello Corvette Challenge, the time trial series for Corvettes only, brought to you by guys at Speed Ventures. Racer Boy Banner THE COST Time trials are relatively cheap to play in. You are looking at entry fees of about $180 a day. True, it isn’t as inexpensive as a $25 autocross but you will get much more actual track time during a time trial event versus an autocross, hence the extra scratch. You will need a good helmet which you can score from I/O Port Racing Supplies for around $300. A transponder is required for keeping track of your lap times (a steep $495 to own one, but usually $40-$50 a weekend for a rental). Tow hooks are required, so add in another $50 for those and some graphics for your favorite car number, another $50-$100 depending on how crazy you go with the decals (don’t be a newbie and use shoe polish on your window). However, in regards to cost, this is called the Corvette Challenge for a reason, so you will have the initial cost of the Corvette (which isn’t free). But time trials don’t require a roll cage, cut-off switch, window net, etc. which is mandatory for road racing (and quite pricey as well). Brake Lights SANCTIONING BODY Many different sanctioning bodies run time trial events during track days including National Auto Sport Association (NASA). But the Corvette Challenge is specific to Speed Ventures. They hold their Corvette Challenge events during their weekend track days at different race venues in California. The Corvette Challenge gets their own run group during the day as to avoid having lesser (slower) cars in the way on course. Speed Ventures has four different classes for the Corvette Challenge: Stock, Modified, Super Modified, and Ultimate. The classing of your Corvette is dependent on the year, model and modifications (including tires). Mazda Turn THE HIGH You are doing what the Corvette was designed to do, go fast. This is the real article, high speeds, fast corners, a deep V8 howl, and late braking. Running a Corvette on a dedicated race track is an adrenaline rush like no other. The performance of the Corvette is so far above what most of us have spent time racing (Miatas, E30s, Neons, SE-Rs) that it takes a second to realize how fast you are actually going. Because your lap times count, this is a competitive time trial event, you push yourself even harder trying to find that extra tenth of a second to give yourself the win. It is awesome. WreckedZ06 CAR WEAR Track days are very hard on brakes. The speeds are up there so deceleration builds up enormous heat. You need to have good brake pads, fresh rotors and a very high boiling point brake fluid. We use Carbotech Racing Brake Pads and ProSpeed RS683 Extreme Performance Brake Fluid. How your Corvette holds up during the Corvette Challenge is dependent on your right foot and the quickness of your hands. These cars are a handful to drive fast. To really get the most out of the car, all electronic driving aids are turned off. This means you are on your own. Ole General Motors put electronic stability control and traction control in these cars because without those aids, the average person would total a Corvette in about 50 feet. But on the race track you want every bit of performance available and the electronic aids are just too limiting. So if you aren’t on your game, your fiberglass and carbon fiber Corvette will ultimately find something hard to crash into. Your insurance isn’t going to cover damage at the track. Chances are, due to the cost of these cars, you have financed the ride. Nobody wants to continue to make monthly payments on a hulk of aluminum and fiberglass that has been totaled. Trailer YOUR DAY Time trial track days are pretty relaxed compared to road racing. You will arrive, complete your registration, get the car tech inspected, install your transponder, enjoy a lengthy driver’s meeting and then watch the clock for your scheduled sessions. Usually Corvette Challenge events have four different sessions on track. In most cases your fastest lap from any one of those sessions will go toward your score. Best time in class is the winner. Occasionally depending on the weather, the first session of the day may be your chance to lay down a hot lap, other times it may be your last session, when you finally get the track figured out and put down a barn burner. Corvettes THE PEOPLE I have found the Corvette Challenge crowd to look like exactly what you thought they would look like: older white dudes. Sure, there is a stereotype for the average Corvette owner, and this group does nothing to break it. But they are a nice group of older white dudes, who know a lot about Corvettes. The paddock is filled with immense Corvette knowledge and the guys are willing to share information with anyone who is willing to listen. Bring your folding chair (with the required Corvette flags embroidered on the seat back) and hang around and pick up some setup advice. RobKrider GLORY There is no podium ceremony, or champagne, or trophy girls. In fact, there isn’t even a trophy. There is a trophy at the end of the year when a champion in each class is crowned. If you have the fastest lap in your class at the end of the day, reach around and pat yourself on the back. When you get home, you can go online and see that you won. Yay. That’s about it. If you want champagne baths and hot trophy girls, time trial events are not what you are looking for. For that sort of glory you will need to add a roll cage to the car and rub fenders in a road race. Grid OH, YOU WANT TO WIN, DO YA? A small combination of letters and numbers are what you need to win the Corvette Challenge: Z06. It is called the Corvette Challenge, but in reality it is the Z06 Challenge. The key to winning any time trial event is to ensure your car is maxed out with car preparation for the specific class. For instance, in Corvette Challenge a C6 Z06 is already bumped up out of the Stock class and into the Modified class. By simply adding Hoosier Tires, the C6 Z06 is then bumped into the Super Modified class (where there are other Z06s with more mods). So you have to decide where you want to compete. Knowing the track well will give you a huge advantage. If you have done two hundred laps at Willow Springs, you have a big advantage over the guys in your class who are at the track for the first or second time. Traffic. You only need one fast lap out of the entire day to win the Corvette Challenge. If you have to work through traffic and make passes, that hinders your lap time. Find a nice space cushion during your session and then rip off a flyer. That will ensure you are the winner. I use radios from Sampson Racing Communications and a spotter to help guide me through traffic. Oh, and one more thing. You have to drive the hell out of that Z06. The car will try to kill you every chance it can. You have to grab the reigns of that bitch and run that car into the ground to ensure you are the winner. Well, that’s how I won the Corvette Challenge event at Buttonwillow Raceway, anyway. We detailed the build of our Z06 at RACER BOY GAUGE Let’s review the Racer Boy gauge cluster here: PT_Gauge FUEL (Cost): The fuel gauge is less than a quarter tank because this isn’t cheap. This series requires a Corvette Z06 to win. Corvettes use big tires, and big brakes, which cost big money to replace. My advice: get rich. RPMs (Adrenaline): The tachometer is at 6,800 RPMs because this is the real deal. Running a Corvette Z06 at max speed on a closed course is epic. Nothing compares to it. MPH (Danger): The speedometer is at 123 miles per hour because if you drive a Corvette, chances are you will be going 123 miles per hour between every corner of any racetrack. These cars are fast. VOLTS (Time): The volts gauge is less than a quarter full because time trials are a full day affair (and prepping the car for time trials takes longer than simply getting ready for an autocross). Tell your wife you're busy. MILEAGE (Car Wear): The mileage is at 150,000 miles because running a Corvette at ten tenths on a closed course (with walls and tire barriers) can be hard on your carbon fiber fenders. Corvette Challenge events have sadly seen the demise of many LS7 engines which grenaded in spectacular (and expensive) fashion. C7 CHECKERED FLAG Speed Venture’s Corvette Challenge is an awesome way to run your Corvette at the limit and compete with likeminded and like-equipped individuals. If you have a Z06, it is something you have to do. It is what the car was made to do. See you at the track! Photography by Jeffery Balliet

Antabuse For Sale

Antabuse For Sale, For Krider Racing, the 2012 running of the 25 Hours of Thunderhill started with rum and ended with rum. It took a fair amount of rum to garner the courage to take on such a monumental task like “The 25.” This is the story of how a group of friends came together to compete with factory backed professional race teams in the longest road race in North America, while campaigning a $500 car that was originally built for the 24 Hours of LeMons, and somehow walked away victorious. This is the Krider Racing 25 Hours of Thunderhill “Rum Diary”

Back in 2010, Krider Racing won the Western Endurance Racing Championship and finished The 25 (after being wrecked twice) with their race prepped blue #33 Nissan Sentra SE-R. After completing the long season they took a year off from a heavy road racing championship schedule but still did some random events, winning a 14-hours of Buttonwillow ChumpCar race with their Big Sausage Pizza Delivery Team and then (oddly) did some racing with big wheels down insane hills in San Francisco.

Rum Time

New Year’s Eve 2011/2012, Antabuse without a prescription, after drinking a fair amount of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Keith Kramer talked Rob Krider into taking on the mighty 25 Hours of Thunderhill again. Only this time, instead of entering one car, the team would enter two cars, Antabuse For Sale. The NASA WERC champion blue #33 car, and the LeMons red #38 car. For that they would need twice the time, twice the money and thus twice the amount of rum.

There was a fair amount of debate within the team if two cars was a bad idea. Antabuse description, Mrs. Antabuse For Sale, Krider, the team’s self-appointed psychologist, was against the multicar effort, which produced this Man Overboard column in the Santa Maria Sun entitled “Bad Ideas.” To find out if Mrs. Krider was right or if the team had the infrastructure to run a two car effort, they headed to Buttonwillow to run a 3-hour enduro. That test resulted in a destroyed transmission, a capacity problem with the stock fuel tank in the #38 car and the following video below (filled with optimism which didn’t actually exist in the team’s spirits).

Even though there were a few set backs, the team didn’t quit on the idea of two cars. They figured the best kind of plan is a simple plan. So the team went to the trailer, drew up a very simple list and used that for their goals, Antabuse For Sale.

Race Time

The drivers for this effort would be the usual Krider Racing suspects, order Antabuse from United States pharmacy, Rob Krider (I’ll race anything and brag about it), Keith Kramer (when I grow up I want to be a racecar driver), Dave Schotz (the American Stig), Aj Gracy (owner of Performance In-Frame Tuning), Randy Krider (Yes, I have been upside down, so what?), Antabuse blogs, Shawn Sampson (owner of Sampson Racing Communications), Ken Myers (owner of I/O Port Racing Supplies) and a newcomer for the team Nissan Motorsports pro driver Bryan Heitkotter (winner of Season 1 of GT Academy). Bryan would also second as a team photographer (check out his shots).

This overhead shot of the track was taken by the guys at who snapped some epic shots of the race, including some shots of the Krider Racing Nissans.

Prior to the race the team had a fair amount of media hype, including being featured in the “Best of 2012” issue of Speed News Magazine, a NASA Press Release and a pre-race prep article in the Napa Valley Register.

During the November video episode of Speed News Antabuse For Sale, , host John Lindsey predicted that Krider Racing would do very well with their Nissan Sentras at The 25. The episode showed cool b-roll footage of the team’s two cars, buy no prescription Antabuse online. The video also had a GoPro Hero “Move of the Month” featuring some quick hands from Krider Racing driver Aj Gracy.

The team arrived at Thunderhill early during the week of The 25 to test the new Toyo Tires Proxes RR and dial in the set up for both the 33 car (Team Blue) running in E3 and the 38 car (Team Red) running in E2.

The Toyo Proxes RRs worked great, but the team debated different set ups for the cars. Should they run loose and fast or run tight and conservative for the 25 hour race, Antabuse For Sale.

Nothing came easy for the team, and a cracked windshield during testing was not the sort of start they were looking for. Replacing the windshield would mean one of the sponsor stickers, Comprar en línea Antabuse, comprar Antabuse baratos, specifically G Spec Performance, would not be in the race. Sorry G Spec. Note for the future, next time send extra stickers.

Antabuse For Sale, This is Keith Kramer, owner of Economy Stock Feed and co-captain of the team. If he looks stressed, it’s because he is. He is the Roger Penske of the team’s effort. Every time something goes wrong on the track it costs him money, purchase Antabuse online. During practice Rob Krider knocked off a rear view mirror on a reflector at the apex of Turn 8 (ending the life of another G Spec Performance sticker). Keith is doing the math in his head, Antabuse For Sale. "How much was that?"

Luckily for the team, besides the #33 and #38 cars, they also had the #88 car. This “donor” car was Ryan Hackett’s street car, which he foolishly agreed to bring to the event “just in case the team needed a spare bolt or washer or something.” A “spare washer” turned into a windshield, a rear view mirror, Antabuse online cod, a gas cap, a spindle, a radiator, wheels, fuel lines, an ECU and an alternator. The 88 car was raped before the race even started. Cars that have been at Pick-n-Pull for a year have more parts on them than the #88 car did after a single day with Krider Racing at Thunderhill.

Antabuse For Sale, The team worked hard to install a new windshield and overcome other minor issues that arose during testing and qualifying. Dean and Scott Cornell used the race and the Krider Racing entries to beta test their new invention for I/O Port Racing Supplies a radio interface that works with a GoPro Hero 2 camera and records audio from the vehicle and audio from the driver and crew chief’s radios, Antabuse photos. This little invention recorded all of the team’s communications during the race. It turned out the team was quite foul mouthed and thus this audio was rated R.

The cars were looked over with a fine tooth comb by both car chiefs, Steve Young for the 33 car and Simeon Gracy for the 38 car. Both chiefs ensured every nut and bolt was perfect for each car, Antabuse For Sale.

The night before the race the crew practiced pit stops in the dark. The theory was, “If you can do it in the dark, Antabuse natural, you can do it in the daylight.”

Even though things weren’t coming easy, the good news was the team was stacked deep with solid capable help and the morning of the race they lined up for the hero shot. Below are the characters that made up Krider Racing during the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Dean Cornell (Fire Extinguisher), Demitri Demetriou (Pit Board/Sailor Jerry Rep.), Nissa Krider (Photographer/Windshield), Natasha Krider (Craft Services), Brent Picasso (Telemetry/Windshield), Dina Krider (Craft Services), generic Antabuse, Ryan Hackett (Mechanic/Car 88 Owner), Gus Krider (Social Media/Battery-Food Runner), Tim Persico (Spotter), Chris Krider (Fueler), Nathan Krider (Tire Changer), John Linbarger (Spotter), Gio D’Adamo (Tire Chief), Where can i order Antabuse without prescription, Scott Cornell (Communications), Simeon Gracy (Car Chief Car 38), Eli Cronbach (Team Manager), Dave Nees (Fueler/Safety Coordinator), Tim Bringman (Crew Chief Car 33 –Temporary), Ken Myers (Driver/NASA Liaison), Brad Bowles (Crew Chief Car 38), Rob Krider (Driver/Team Captain/Car 38 Owner), Randy Krider (Driver), Antabuse price, Steve Young (Car Chief Car 33/Crew Chief Car 33 –Permanent), Travis Kramer (Golf Cart Driver), Aj Gracy (Driver/Mechanic), Travis Bowles (Tire Changer/Mechanic), Keith Kramer (Driver/Team Co-Captain/Car 33 Owner), Dave Schotz (Driver), Roy Lindlahr (Fueler), Antabuse samples, Bryan Heitkotter (Driver/Photographer), Jason Griepentrog (Fueler/Fuel Chief), Joel Schotz (Spotter), Danny Wesson (Fire Extinguisher), Chris Harris (Spotter), Art Cortez (Craft Services), Addy Krider (Videographer/Social Media), Sara Krider (Team Psychologist), Judy Kramer (Craft Services/Race Team Mom), low dose Antabuse, Brandon Lindlahr (Battery Runner), Rod Kramer (Infrastructure). Antabuse For Sale, Not photographed: Isaiah Craig (Mechanic), Jim Krider (The Patriarch), Emma Ritchie (Sailor Jerry Girl), Evan Commins (Production), Doug Naschke (Spotter), Daniel Naschke (Super Fan), Veronica Harris (Photographer/Social Media), Shawn Sampson (Driver/Radio Communications), Adam Haas (Production/Group Shot Photographer). The Krider Racing flag in the photo is very special to the team as it came back safely from Afghanistan (along with Nathan Krider) after doing time flying off of the back of a U.S. Army Humvee through the desert dunes.

In order to be in the Krider Racing area you had to sport the official “backstage pass.”

The time arrived to begin to move the cars from the paddock and pits to the grid. Everything had to be perfect. The 25 Hour clock would not stop if a team had a problem, the race would continue without them, Antabuse For Sale. The anticipation was thick in the Krider Racing paddock. Is Antabuse safe, The crew wondered, would the cars make it to the end.

Team Captains Keith Kramer and Rob Krider discussed a few more details before the race began and they jumped into their driving suits and handed the reins of the operation to the team manager, Eli Cronbach, and the two crew chiefs, Brad Bowles (car 38) and Tim Bringman (car 33).

The grid of the 25 Hour was massive, filled with prototypes, pro factory teams, order Antabuse no prescription, Le Mans machinery and legendary drivers like Randy Pobst (World Challenge Champion), Elliott Forbes-Robinson (24 Hours of Daytona winner), Johannes Van Overbeek (Porsche driver from Le Mans) and John Morton (Trans-Am Champion). Antabuse For Sale, Krider Racing, using the red, white and blue BRE paint scheme, competed in the race against John Morton, who won his Trans-Am 2.5 championship for Datsun while driving for BRE in 1972. Spoiler alert: youth prevails and they beat him.

Team Blue posed with Emma, the Sailor Jerry Girl, on the grid of the 2012 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Team Red on the grid geared up for the United States Air Force flyover and the start of a very long night. Antabuse no rx, Rob Krider gives the first driver, Aj Gracy, some last minute advice, “25 Hour starts are always hectic, stay out of trouble.”

When the green flag dropped, the 33 car was already in the pits, getting the fuel cell topped off (a strategy the team implemented to take advantage of fuel capacity allowances within NASA’s endurance racing rules) while the 38 car took a conservative approach to finishing the long race –driving safe and staying on the track.

Regardless of the team’s plan to run the blue car hard and run the red car conservative, Aj Gracy, purchase Antabuse, driving car 38, was almost taken out by a Factory Five Cobra during the first few minutes of the race.

After all of the hard luck the team faced in the year of preparation, they got a solid break as Aj was missed by mere centimeters, Antabuse For Sale. The team crossed their fingers that the cars would hold together and hope that the Royal Purple Synthetic Oil (shown below stored in the Pit Posse Motorsports trailer shelving) would hold up in the engines for 25 hours.

Eventually the two Nissans ended up running nose to tail, tried to work through traffic together and stay out of trouble.

Keith Kramer drove the first stint in the 33 car. The race was on in the Miata heavy and competitive E3 class. Antabuse For Sale, The 33 car was running good and fast. Generic Antabuse,

The 25 is all about traffic, multi-class racing, differential speeds and a little luck. As you can see, it was crowded on the track.

The only thing that kept the team out of trouble in heavy traffic were the spotters, the eyes in the skies, in the tower near Turn 9. John Linbarger, is Antabuse addictive, Chris Harris (owner of Corporate West Computer Systems Inc.), Joel Schotz, Tim Persico and Doug Naschke worked the Sampson Racing Communication’s radios and kept the sides of the team’s cars straight.

As the race progressed the 38 car ran solid and stayed on track just as the team planned, Antabuse For Sale.

The first set of pit stops sent the crew to work. Their job was to keep 10 gallons of petrol in the cars, swap drivers, install fresh Toyo Proxes RR tires when needed and enough Carbotech Performance Brake Pads to finish the race. Buy cheap Antabuse no rx,

Randy Krider briefed Team Manager Eli Cronbach after his stint. “The car is working great, no changes.”

It is unknown if Dave Schotz took this photograph this way on purpose or if he was mistakenly using the wrong lens on his iPhone camera. Antabuse For Sale, Regardless the reflection on his sunglasses of the crew working on the 33 car in the pits is slick.

Joel Schotz and Jason Griepentrog took a break between pit stops in the Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Krider Racing hospitality area. This served as a nice spot for the crew to relax.

Jim Krider (center) watched with a careful eye over everything the crew did with the cars. Jim, who was paralyzed in a racing incident in the 1980s, had a lot on the line in this event with both of his sons pulling driving duties in the long race, discount Antabuse.

Toyo Tires continued to die a righteous death at the hands of the Krider Racing drivers, Antabuse For Sale. Everyone on the team liked the new RR tire, and the drivers kept the tire mounting guys very busy.

As the sun began to set, Car Chief for the 38 car, Simeon Gracy, along with Nathan Krider prepared to slap on the Lightforce lights, which make the darkness feel like the daytime. Antabuse description,

The quick release Lightforce lighting system was developed by Krider Racing who created a “how-to” video for the August edition of SpeedNews magazine which you can see below.

Before darkness enveloped the track, the team discussed their night racing strategy at the command center.

Antabuse For Sale, The Krider Racing crew chiefs had every amenity available to them with tons of information to ensure a smooth and fluid race plan.

Brent Picasso from AutoSport Labs worked away on his laptop in the Krider Racing trailer (outfitted by Pit Posse Motorsports) to keep track of the team’s cars while they were out on course.

During the race, members of the crew were directed one by one into the Sailor Jerry trailer for a “confessional” interview. A documentary film crew recorded the team as they tackled The 25. The crew used multiple GoPro Hero 2 cameras to capture the action of the race. The documentary, which will be out in the spring of 2013, will be shown on as well as some local cable access channels, Antabuse For Sale.

The sun set and both Krider Racing cars were still moving along and looking good in the standings, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. But anyone on the crew who had been a part of The 25 before knew there was still a lot of racing to be done before the checkered flag flew.

During the race, Krider Racing Gravity Division Soap Box Derby racers Gus Krider, Veronica Harris and Addy Krider kept the social media information flowing for 25 hours straight using the Krider Racing Tumblr Feed, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Antabuse trusted pharmacy reviews, and FaceBook.

Before midnight the team’s luck ran out, directly under Rob’s right foot. Antabuse For Sale, In the darkness Rob Krider threw a rod out of the side of the block of the 33 car. The rod went through the header and into the radiator. The oil pressure reading on the S Gear Gauge went to zero in about one millisecond. He was able to limp the car into the pits, pissing oil all over the track. There was so much smoke in the interior Rob thought the car was on fire and jumped out of the window as soon as the car came to a halt in the pits. The crew said he looked like Ricky Bobby screaming for Oprah and Tom Cruise from the film Talladega Nights, Antabuse For Sale. Suddenly things were not looking good for Team Blue, order Antabuse from mexican pharmacy. The team’s engine builder, Rich from T.E.M. Machine Shop, was not going to be very happy with Rob or his heavy right foot.

Without hesitation the crew got busy ripping the engine block from the 33 car. Antabuse For Sale, Ryan Hackett, Eli Cronbach, Travis Bowles, Steve Young, and Isaiah Craig began the thrash.

Within what seemed like minutes the 33 car was motor-less.

With both engines on the ground the team began the process of swapping over parts. Purchase Antabuse online, Crowds gathered around the Krider Racing paddock to watch the crew remarkably pull this motor swap off in record time.

With one car temporarily down, the team changed their strategy. Dave Nees, the team’s safety coordinator, ensured that the changes still fit the team’s mandate for safety for the crew in the pits and paddock, Antabuse For Sale. The 38 car which was the conservative effort, became the “go-go-go” effort. Driver orders and tire choices were switched. Shawn Sampson, who was racing for two teams in The 25, had his stint bumped due to scheduling issues from the engine failure, where can i find Antabuse online. Tim Bringman, the crew chief for the 33 car, decided he was no longer needed and left the track as his crew was thrashing to get the 33 car back together. Antabuse For Sale, Steven Young stepped up and took over as Crew Chief for car 33 with the assistance of Team Manager Eli Cronbach.

While the 33 car was down for repairs, the 38 car continued to make laps through the vast darkness of Thunderhill at night.

The crew continued to work through issues as they completed the motor swap. Keith’s right arm was bandaged after an on track incident caused an unknown extent injury to his wrist. Antabuse pharmacy, Determined to show the crew, who was working their cold fingers to the bone, he was as determined as they were, Keith later drove the car using only one arm in the race.

Isaiah Craig was absolutely adamant they would get the 33 car back on track and led the way to complete the engine swap, Antabuse For Sale.

Travis Bowles searched frantically for the perfect 12 millimeter bolt that they needed to get the 33 car back together.

The graveyard pit crew worked flawlessly through the night and continued to get the 38 car in and out of the pits without issue. The crew fueled the car, inspected the tires, torqued the Circuit Sports lug nuts, online buying Antabuse hcl, and checked the wear on the Carbotech Performance Brake Pads during each stop. Below is a pit stop video taken by Michael Wachholz from Torque Racing Brake Fluid.

Antabuse For Sale, Team Tire Chief, Gio D’Adamo, from B & G Tires, checked tire temperatures and tread depth on the ToyoProxes RR tires as they came off of the 38 car. Marc Sanzenbacher from Toyo Tires, as well as engineers from Toyo, came by the Krider Racing pits during the race to see how the Proxes RRs were performing and offer any advice.

Rob Krider fell asleep in the driver’s seat of the 33 car as he waited for the crew to finalize the engine swap by throwing in a new Jim Wolf Technology ECU. The crew seemed unsettled by the fact that the same driver who destroyed the first engine would be the same exact driver taking the car back out onto the track once they installed a new engine. Antabuse treatment,

The crew did it and the 33 car ran again. Five hours after coming into the paddock with a total loss of an engine, the crew was victorious and Team Blue was back on the track, running like a champ and making competitive passes, Antabuse For Sale.

The sun began to rise over the east side of the track and Krider Racing had both cars making laps with the steady and strong 38 car in third place in the E2 class.

The crew worked hard to get the last few pits stops completed perfectly hoping to finish the race strong with only a few hours to go. Race standings were being closely watched. Fingers were crossed.

Antabuse For Sale, The team tried some strategy to reel in the second place car in E2, but the two lap deficit was too large. They decided to hold on, play it smart, and ensure a successful podium finish. A podium finish was something the drivers wanted to accomplish for everyone on the team who had worked so hard to get them where they were, where can i order Antabuse without prescription. With one minute left in the race, everyone on the team held their breath.

At 12:00 noon, December 10, 2012, car 33, with car owner Keith Kramer behind the wheel, Antabuse maximum dosage, and car 38, with car owner Rob Krider behind the wheel, drove across the finish line at the exact same moment. Krider Racing earned a podium finish in the tenth running of the National Auto Sport Association 25 hours of Thunderhill, Antabuse For Sale. They did it with their back up car, Team Red, car 38, which was originally built for $500 for the 24 Hours of LeMons.

Party Time

The two cars came home to the Krider Racing pit stall, champagne was sprayed all over the cars and Rob Krider stood up and high fived the “Team Red” pit sign, order Antabuse online overnight delivery no prescription.

Travis Bowles and Eli Cronbach congratulated each other on a job well done, Crew Chief for car 38, Brad Bowles, was all smiles.

There wasn’t a single dent on the 38 car after 25 hours of non-stop racing. All of the sponsor decals from Figstone Graphics and the finish from Miracle Auto Body and Paint Antabuse For Sale, held up well.

The beer and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum began to flow as the team celebrated their unbelievable success.

As the team celebrated, Antabuse from canada, the production crew interviewed team super fan/soap box derby racer Daniel Naschke. When they asked him who blew the engine up, he smiled and pointed directly at Rob Krider.

The celebration continued as the team enjoyed their moment of glory after the longest night of their lives.

Isaiah Craig showed the team how it was done with Sailor Jerry, Antabuse For Sale.

Team Red and Team Blue both had their cars back in the pits, safe after 25 hours of on track insanity.

NASA impound officials sealed the hood of the 38 car. The car was taken to impound, weighed and inspected for every modification it possessed, herbal Antabuse. The scrutinizing was strict but the team had nothing to worry about and the 38 car passed post-race tech and teardown with flying colors. Antabuse For Sale, The team’s third place finish would stick. The factory effort Mazda RX-8 of Robert Davis Racing, which finished in fourth behind Krider Racing, was hoping for a last minute move up in the standings from impound drama. It didn’t happen and Krider Racing in their $500 Nissan bested the factory effort from Mazda.

Team drivers lined up with Sailor Jerry representative (and honorary Krider Racing pit crew member) Demitri Demetrio (who ran the pit board, carried tires, About Antabuse, and stayed up all night). From left to right: Randy Krider, Ken Myers, Demitri Demetrio, Rob Krider, Keith Kramer, Bryan Heitkotter, Aj Gracy and Dave Schotz.

The team continued to celebrate at their weekend make shift home, pit stall #60 and #61, Antabuse For Sale.

Trophy Time

NASA presented Krider Racing with their Third Place trophy for finishing on the podium in the E2 class, effects of Antabuse. Each driver was awarded a clock for their individual drives in The 25.

The trophies looked good on the hood of the 38 car.

These trophies are very hard to come by and will be forever cherished by the Krider Racing team.

Antabuse For Sale, A special trophy, constructed by the crew, was made for Rob Krider utilizing a Toyo Tire lanyard and the bent and twisted connecting rod he tossed out of the block approximately 14 hours before.

The team had goals they wanted to accomplish, and at the end of their weekend they were able to check off their “to do” list.

Every member of the crew certainly earned their “I Survived the 25” patch which they each received for their efforts. A special thanks needs to go out to the family of Chris, Where can i buy cheapest Antabuse online, Dina, Nissa, Nathan and Natasha Krider who worked the graveyard shift and took care of the crew and the cars through the late night cold and darkness.

Keith Kramer’s arm didn’t quite survive the 25, and he now has the Krider Racing cast to prove it. He finished the race driving one handed with two fractures to his right arm, Antabuse For Sale.

The Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum vintage Airstream trailer earned itself a Krider Racing sticker and also a “I Survived the 25” sticker, to be proudly displayed all over the country as it travels around.

After it was all over the cars came back to the race shop at Economy Stock Feed in Del Rey, CA, where Brandon Lindlahr continues to take good care of them (he prepped the cars prior to the race). Here the Team Blue/Team Red pit light board sign is hung proudly above the two cars.

The Napa Valley Register gave the team some great media love with a cool wrap up story after the event. Antabuse For Sale, Krider Racing must thank, for an incredible amount of help, the following partners: Nissan Motorsports, Toyo Tires, Royal Purple, AutoSport Lab’s Race Capture, I/O Port Racing Supplies, Carbotech Performance Brake Pads, G Spec Performance, Jim Wolf Technology, GoPro Hero Cameras, Pit Posse Motorsports, Sampson Racing Communications, Circuit Sports, S Gear Gauges, Lightforce, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Economy Stock Feed, B & G Tires, Performance In-Frame Tuning, T.E.M. Machine Shop, Napa Valley Transmissions, Miracle Auto Body and Paint, Napa Valley Muffler, Bottlers Unlimited, C.J. Fix Co. Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation, J & B Farms, Torque Racing Brake Fluid, Gary C. Borge D.D.S., Bay Area Express, Corporate West Computer Solutions, and Figstone Graphics.

Here is a shot of the Krider Racing 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R purchased for $500 for the 24 Hours of LeMons, Antabuse For Sale.

The same car, now in the motorsports history books, the Krider Racing 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R, #38, 25 Hours of Thunderhill Podium Finisher.

Till next time, Krider Racing out. Cars are in the garage, there is rum to be consumed.


Here is the team poster given to each crew member for their efforts.

Antabuse For Sale, Below is a quick wrap up video from the event.

The documentary featuring Krider Racing’s adventure at The 25 Hours of Thunderhill will be out soon.


The documentary film Double Down is finally out. Check out the trailer below.

The film is available at

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KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL Plavix For Sale, If you are looking for a smart sport utility vehicle that can actually deliver the goods, both in the city running errands and in the snow or off-road then check out the Honda Pilot. Speed:Sport:Life ran a 2012 model Honda Pilot from the top of the United States at Niagara Falls down to the bottom of the Mississippi River. Buying Plavix online over the counter, The Pilot was filled to the brim with family, luggage and even a soap box derby car. It turned out to be the perfect road trip vehicle, Plavix recreational.

Check out how this SUV handled the Racer Boy review categories.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

What kind of girl will this car help me meet?

Probably a future soccer mom, Plavix For Sale. Buy Plavix without a prescription, Don’t let that seem like a bad thing. All soccer moms started out back in the day as younger sexy single ladies. It’s the sex that turns them into soccer moms in the first place, Plavix without prescription. This is the type of vehicle that attracts a person who likes to go out and do stuff. Plavix For Sale, It is a vehicle for someone who is going to load up the ice chest, throw a bunch of tailgate gear in the back and head to the game. Plavix canada, mexico, india, KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

This vehicle will not attract someone like Paris Hilton. But the vehicle does have the ability to back over Paris and you can watch the whole thing live on the color back up camera. She will be easy to hit because everybody knows Ms, Plavix photos. Hilton never ran from being in front of a camera.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

What kind of burnout can I do with this car?

Hmmmm… no chance in hell, Plavix For Sale. Comprar en línea Plavix, comprar Plavix baratos, This isn’t a brawny muscle car. It wasn’t designed to destroy tires. It was engineered to move people and cargo around sensibly, ordering Plavix online. It has no time for shenanigans like burnouts. Plavix For Sale, Look at the styling of this vehicle. Cheap Plavix, It is not being marketed to people who like to put excessive rear spoilers on a car (Honda has the Civic for that demographic). The vehicle has enough power to get you up to speed on a short freeway onramp without being rear-ended by a Freightliner, but Honda didn’t give it enough power to do donuts, cheap Plavix no rx. This thing is more for going through the drive thru to pick up a box of donuts. Online buying Plavix hcl, KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Can I fit a body in the trunk of this car?

Technically no, since it doesn’t have a trunk. However, as an SUV it has enormous body storage potential, Plavix For Sale. The only problem here is because of the windows it would be easy for the police to see any bodies being transported, Plavix schedule, and that is not what we are looking for when we are transporting bodies. Plavix interactions, The seats are incredibly easy to fold down and both rear rows will fold flat. Or depending on the amount of bodies you are transporting, a combination of some of the rows (your choice) can be folded down with a 40/60 split option, buy Plavix no prescription.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

We actually jammed a full size soap box derby car in the back and still had room for four occupants and luggage in the Pilot.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Will this car get the attention of Johnny Law? Plavix For Sale, Not a chance. Plavix blogs, Well, let me qualify that. This thing has a pretty big face on it, Plavix steet value.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

What I mean by mentioning the Pilot has a big face is that the bigger the vehicle the bigger the reflective ability of the front of the vehicle to bounce back radar signals. Plavix no prescription, If you have this baby in the number one lane and you are trucking along at 85 miles an hour (and this thing is so smooth, you won’t realize you are doing it) you can become a victim of the radar gun. My suggestion, set the steering wheel activated cruise control to the speed limit and the po-po will never look at you twice driving a Honda Pilot, Plavix For Sale. Haul all the bodies you want, order Plavix online overnight delivery no prescription, just don't haul ass at the same time. Plavix images, KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Can I back up while talking on my cell phone and eating a cheeseburger?

All day and all night. Since this vehicle was built by Honda/Acura it has the best navigation/blue tooth/back up camera system I have ever used (similar to the system in the Acura TSX we tested). The back up camera has three different view options (normal, where can i buy Plavix online, wide and directly down –which is cool for hooking up a trailer). Plavix For Sale, The blue tooth integration with the stereo speakers and the steering wheel buttons for "call answer" are very easy to use. Purchase Plavix online, With the automatic transmission, this adds up to be the perfect vehicle to back up in while talking on the phone and eating a cheeseburger. And if you spill some ketchup, Plavix reviews, no worries, Plavix price, leather seats clean easy.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Is there enough room in the backseat to get a little something-something?

Back seat is leather, which is always a good thing, buy Plavix without prescription, but forget the back seat. Buy Plavix from canada, This thing is an SUV, lower those seats and you got yourself almost a full size bed back there. Plenty of room for action, in fact the extra room can probably lead to a few more interesting choices, Plavix For Sale. If you do score the soccer mom, Plavix overnight, you are in luck, After Plavix, chances are she will have fresh orange wedges for refreshments when you guys are done. Goal.

But I will tell you, Plavix description, this back seat wasn’t designed for sex. Plavix pics, It was designed or what happens after sex, and that is kids. Plavix For Sale, We drove a couple thousand miles and I never heard a peep from the kids in the back seat because they were too busy enjoying the DVD player and wireless headphones.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

With RedBox, where can i find Plavix online, we were set for the road trip since we could return movies anywhere. Plavix for sale, Every time we stopped for gas or a bathroom break, we gave back a RedBox movie and picked up another one. It was awesome, australia, uk, us, usa. Most watched film on the road trip: No, Get Plavix, it wasn’t a car movie like LeMans or Cannonball Run, sorry to say it was Puss & Boots.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

How many clams is this bad boy going to set me back?

The four wheel drive Honda Pilot Touring edition, which comes with every option as standard, will kick you in the bank account nuts to the tune of $40,970, Plavix For Sale. However, online buy Plavix without a prescription, a two wheel drive version will only graze you at $28, Order Plavix no prescription, 620. Realistically, if all you are going to do is take Tommy and Molly to soccer practice in town, Plavix forum, you really don’t need the 4WD and can save some bucks. What is Plavix, KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Aside from the initial cost, the 4WD Touring version of the Pilot gets fuel mileage of City 17 and Highway 24. During our test we mostly saw the higher version about 24 MPG as we drove from the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Plavix mg, Kentucky, Plavix treatment, to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in Indiana. Plavix For Sale, Yes, the kids continued to watch Puss & Boots between the two iconic automotive museums.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Is there a motorsports event where this car could be competitive?

This vehicle wasn’t designed with motorsports in mind, but it made a great support vehicle for our trip to the All-American Soap Box Derby 75th annual World Championships at Derby Downs in Akron, buy Plavix online no prescription, OH. We loaded our soap box derby cars in the Pilot, and got the kids from the hotel to the track on time each morning for practice. The Honda even brought us some racing luck, with Gus Krider finishing on the podium, 3rd in the world, driving his sleek blue and yellow Masters car.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

The trophy was absolutely massive. The good news, we knew we had storage space in the Pilot to get the big trophy home, Plavix For Sale.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Randomness and Extras

One of my favorite things about the Pilot was the center console. It had USB plugs for charging and for music connection to the stereo. It also had 12-volt charging for a cell phone (which can hide in there during the whole drive since the blue tooth connects the phone so well). The console also had wall plug charging (car does have to be running for this unfortunately, yet understandably) which saved our bacon when our digital camera battery died.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL Plavix For Sale, Now let’s talk about the one thing regarding the Pilot that I loved and hated all at the same time. I loved the self-closing/opening tailgate/5th door. I felt like a pimp every time that thing rose as I was walking through a parking lot and hit the key fob in my pocket. It is super cool and works great opening and closing… except when it doesn’t –by design. During our road trip I had multiple situations where I had to valet park the Pilot which meant the vehicle was running in front of a hotel and the bell hops wanted to get my luggage out for me (and I wanted to let them carry my heavy bags). The key fob won’t raise the rear hatch with the vehicle running, the button on the driver’s door won’t work if the vehicle is in drive, Plavix For Sale. The rear hatch and I couldn’t find a happy place to open while under pressure in front of a hotel. I understand five thousand reasons why this was implemented (so you don’t accidentally open the rear hatch while driving down the freeway at 70 miles per hour and spill out all of your luggage (or worse, your kids). However, this thing was designed to save the lives of the stupidest people on the planet, therefor frustrating the lives of the slightly more intelligent. Simply turning the car off fixed the problem and the rear hatch would rise for the bell hops got to grab my fine luggage (a garbage bag full of dirty clothes).

That one small detail aside the Pilot was great for our soap box derby road trip adventure. The smile tells it all.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

If you’re interested in information other than if you can back up while talking on your cell phone and eating a cheeseburger or what kind of burnout the vehicle will do, you can get those nerdy sorts of stats at Honda’s Pilot page.

The 2012 Honda Pilot has been officially Racer Boy thrashed on road tested.

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Here at Speed:Sport:Life Buy Aricept Without Prescription, we love our racing. We like to watch it, where can i order Aricept without prescription, Aricept dose, we like to read about it, and we like to participate as much as our pocket books and significant others will allow, online buying Aricept hcl. Rx free Aricept, The guys at the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) feel the same way and they do their best to let gearheads like us come out to the track to play. From High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) to full blown wheel to wheel endurance racing there is something for everyone, Aricept coupon. Aricept online cod, NASA has come out with their own digital magazine, entitled Speed News, Aricept from mexico, Australia, uk, us, usa, and has asked Speed:Sport:Life contributor Racer Boy Rob Krider to contribute. The digital mag looks great and works awesome for tablet users, online buying Aricept. Online buy Aricept without a prescription, Check out the newest issue below:

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Click Here To View Current Issue of Speed News

To supplement the new magazine NASA has a monthly video show also entitled Speed News produced by And for the host, Aricept recreational, Aricept samples, they have Speed:Sport:Life’s own Racer Boy Rob Krider along with NASA’s John Lindsey to host the show. Check out the July episode below:

[youtube][/youtube], Aricept street price. Buy Aricept online cod. Aricept natural. Buy cheap Aricept. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Aricept from canadian pharmacy. Aricept over the counter. Aricept images. What is Aricept. Aricept cost. After Aricept. Effects of Aricept. My Aricept experience. Aricept dangers. Cheap Aricept no rx. Buy Aricept without prescription. Fast shipping Aricept. Where can i buy cheapest Aricept online. Is Aricept safe. Where to buy Aricept. Aricept canada, mexico, india. Order Aricept from United States pharmacy. Aricept price. No prescription Aricept online. Aricept mg. Aricept photos. Aricept trusted pharmacy reviews. Comprar en línea Aricept, comprar Aricept baratos.

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Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2012: Joe in the Snowspeeder
Photo: Bhautik Joshi/Flickr

Bring Your Own Big Wheel Buy Human Growth Hormone Without Prescription,  (most commonly referred to as BYOBW) is a crazy annual event held on Easter Sunday in San Francisco where hundreds of participants dress up in costumes and ride a child’s toy down a wicked steep and crooked road. Epic crashes, is Human Growth Hormone safe, Real brand Human Growth Hormone online, hilarity and some pretty cool racing ensues. Speed:Sport:Life was there to capture all of the passes and crashes, Human Growth Hormone street price. Buy cheap Human Growth Hormone no rx, Check out the insane video:
[youtube][/youtube]. Buy generic Human Growth Hormone. Human Growth Hormone from canada. Where can i find Human Growth Hormone online. Human Growth Hormone brand name. Human Growth Hormone dangers. Human Growth Hormone pictures. Human Growth Hormone used for. Human Growth Hormone no prescription. Human Growth Hormone recreational. Buy Human Growth Hormone online no prescription. Buy Human Growth Hormone from mexico. Order Human Growth Hormone no prescription. Effects of Human Growth Hormone. Human Growth Hormone from canada. Human Growth Hormone pharmacy. About Human Growth Hormone. Human Growth Hormone forum. Taking Human Growth Hormone. Buy Human Growth Hormone from canada. Order Human Growth Hormone from United States pharmacy. Human Growth Hormone without prescription. Order Human Growth Hormone from mexican pharmacy. Human Growth Hormone duration. Where can i buy cheapest Human Growth Hormone online. Human Growth Hormone overnight. Purchase Human Growth Hormone online no prescription. Human Growth Hormone treatment. Human Growth Hormone description. Human Growth Hormone brand name. Ordering Human Growth Hormone online. Human Growth Hormone coupon. Human Growth Hormone gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Human Growth Hormone schedule. Human Growth Hormone from mexico. Human Growth Hormone alternatives. Generic Human Growth Hormone.

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