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Rich Corinthian Leather #2: Hella Suck

Anyone who spends enough time on The Car Lounge has doubtlessly seen numerous threads and posts with all manner of Volkswagens, Subarus, Hondas and (ugh) Miatas with improbably low ride heights, low offset BBS RS wheels in all colours of the Popsicle rainbow, roof racks and even rusted body parts.

The “stance” movement is the biggest thing going for people who seek validation from anonymous automotive forum members, though I have yet to really see a car like this in person. Maybe it will fly in California, but in Toronto, with roads like the surface of the Moon and 6 months of snow, this style is impractical if not unfeasible.

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Mustang Drifts Japan: America’s performance mainstay is an ambassador abroad.

[Download 2010 Mustang Drifts Japan Wallpaper (7mb .zip file)]

Tokyo’s Grand Hyatt garage was the site of a telling diplomatic summit. As flashy ex-pats shuttled out of pricey European and Japanese metal, a red 2010 Ford Mustang found itself in cosmopolitan company. I figured that, among caches of cachet, the muscle-bound Mustang would fidget. However, in a singular moment, the Mustang demonstrated capability without the arrogance of a neighboring Ferrari, individualism without the pretense of a Bentley, and accessibility without the apology of an anonymous Toyota. I could have cried.

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Mustang Drifts Japan: Not Just a B-Movie Anymore

[High-Resolution Photo Gallery] + [Utterli Microblog Feed]

Speed:Sport:Life and highmileage.org trailed Guinness-setting drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. all the way to Japan, and disappointingly discovered a dearth of wireless connectivity. Go figure. Instead of a live video microblog, S:S:L will bring readers a daily digest of Captain Clutch Kick’s first sideways excursion at Ebisu Circuit. Vaughn’s 2010 Mustang has been tuned with Ford Racing accessories to deliver over 500 horsepower — enough to shred two sets of fresh Azenis per day. Don’t worry, they’re free…

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Speed:Sport:Life Event Coverage – Boost Mobile Nightshift – Austin, TX

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Photography by Matt Chow

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You asked for more event coverage, and we are more than happy to deliver. We are kicking off our first HIN event coverage of the year with the Boost Mobile Nightshift, which was held in Austin, TX this past weekend. We’ve got plenty of photos from the car show, and even more photos of the models. We look forward to October when Hot Import Nights roars into Dallas for another energy packed event.

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