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Soma For Sale, They say one man's trash is another man's treasure, but the pictures in this gallery of automotive trash is enough to bring any true enthusiast to tears. Italian enthusiast blog, Soma class, Soma overnight, Stripped Engines, has put up an absolutely amazing but depressing gallery of abandoned race cars from throughout history and the world, Soma dosage. Doses Soma work, Viewer discretion is advised, as these are cars that any one of us would kill for.

Click HERE for the gallery via motoresanu.blogspot.it

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Photos: Jennifer Stamps
Buy Modalert Without Prescription, Endurance racing—live—is unlike anything else I have ever experienced.  My knowledge of motorsport began and ended with Formula 1.  It wasn’t until Circuit of the Americas started being built that I began paying attention and learning about other motorsport series.  First it was Grand-Am, then MotoGP, and of course the Australian V8 Supercars.  Next on my list?  American Le Mans Series and World Endurance Championship.  I watched this year’s 12 hours of Sebring and 24 hours of Le Mans with serious interest for the first time. Buy Modalert online cod, I have spent time looking things up and asking questions on Twitter.  But it wasn’t until the 6 hours of Circuit of the Americas that I truly grasped just how special these two series really are.

Rewind to March, order Modalert from United States pharmacy, Modalert without prescription, 2013.  One of the things I loved most about Grand-Am was how much access they gave to the fans.  Open paddock, garage doors open.  It was great!  You saw kids walking around in awe that they got to see these cars (and drivers) up close and personal.  At the time, buy Modalert from canada, Purchase Modalert, it was unlike anything I had ever seen.

But what about the prestige, buying Modalert online over the counter. Modalert interactions, My love for Formula 1 is partially because it is not like that, at all.  It is far too glamorous.  The drivers are too busy to be bothered with fans.  There are too many secrets in the garages to risk photos being taken and shared with opposing teams.  To me, Modalert no prescription, Modalert mg, that’s a part of what makes Formula 1 what it is.

In ALMS and WEC, with drivers like Allan McNish, Tom Kristensen, Nick Heidfeld, and Bruno Senna you get the glamour.  You have some of the best drivers in the world, racing in (arguably) the most rigorous racing series, pushing their cars to limits you couldn’t even imagine, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. Yet you still get all the access.  The garages are open.  Drivers are out talking with the fans and signing autographs, cheap Modalert no rx. Modalert cost, You really do get the best of both worlds.  The drivers could easily be exclusive.  Lock themselves in their trailers.  Request an entourage of people catering to their every whim, but they don’t.  I got to talk with Martin Plowman (a driver for Oak Racing) on Saturday.  He gave me a tour of his garage.  Showed me his car, herbal Modalert. Buy cheap Modalert no rx, Let me ask questions. You would never guess that he was one of the drivers in the leading LMP2 car for WEC, buy no prescription Modalert online. Modalert duration, Never in a million years.  He was unbelievably nice and down to earth.  And it wasn’t just him.  Many of the drivers were just as approachable, kind, purchase Modalert online, Online buying Modalert hcl, and down to earth.

Experiencing these two series live has me hooked.  To take a car, Modalert used for, Modalert price, make it as fast as it is, drive it as hard as they do, Modalert gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Buy Modalert online cod, for multiple hours in a row, is amazing.  Then you add all of the features for fans to the mix; it really is a series for everyone.  If you are a fan of elite motorsport and want to be able to see it up close and personal, rx free Modalert, Modalert from mexico, ALMS and WEC is definitely for you.

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Antabuse For Sale, For Krider Racing, the 2012 running of the 25 Hours of Thunderhill started with rum and ended with rum. It took a fair amount of rum to garner the courage to take on such a monumental task like “The 25.” This is the story of how a group of friends came together to compete with factory backed professional race teams in the longest road race in North America, while campaigning a $500 car that was originally built for the 24 Hours of LeMons, and somehow walked away victorious. This is the Krider Racing 25 Hours of Thunderhill “Rum Diary”

Back in 2010, Krider Racing won the Western Endurance Racing Championship and finished The 25 (after being wrecked twice) with their race prepped blue #33 Nissan Sentra SE-R. After completing the long season they took a year off from a heavy road racing championship schedule but still did some random events, winning a 14-hours of Buttonwillow ChumpCar race with their Big Sausage Pizza Delivery Team and then (oddly) did some racing with big wheels down insane hills in San Francisco.

Rum Time

New Year’s Eve 2011/2012, Antabuse without a prescription, after drinking a fair amount of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Keith Kramer talked Rob Krider into taking on the mighty 25 Hours of Thunderhill again. Only this time, instead of entering one car, the team would enter two cars, Antabuse For Sale. The NASA WERC champion blue #33 car, and the LeMons red #38 car. For that they would need twice the time, twice the money and thus twice the amount of rum.

There was a fair amount of debate within the team if two cars was a bad idea. Antabuse description, Mrs. Antabuse For Sale, Krider, the team’s self-appointed psychologist, was against the multicar effort, which produced this Man Overboard column in the Santa Maria Sun entitled “Bad Ideas.” To find out if Mrs. Krider was right or if the team had the infrastructure to run a two car effort, they headed to Buttonwillow to run a 3-hour enduro. That test resulted in a destroyed transmission, a capacity problem with the stock fuel tank in the #38 car and the following video below (filled with optimism which didn’t actually exist in the team’s spirits).

Even though there were a few set backs, the team didn’t quit on the idea of two cars. They figured the best kind of plan is a simple plan. So the team went to the trailer, drew up a very simple list and used that for their goals, Antabuse For Sale.

Race Time

The drivers for this effort would be the usual Krider Racing suspects, order Antabuse from United States pharmacy, Rob Krider (I’ll race anything and brag about it), Keith Kramer (when I grow up I want to be a racecar driver), Dave Schotz (the American Stig), Aj Gracy (owner of Performance In-Frame Tuning), Randy Krider (Yes, I have been upside down, so what?), Antabuse blogs, Shawn Sampson (owner of Sampson Racing Communications), Ken Myers (owner of I/O Port Racing Supplies) and a newcomer for the team Nissan Motorsports pro driver Bryan Heitkotter (winner of Season 1 of GT Academy). Bryan would also second as a team photographer (check out his shots).

This overhead shot of the track was taken by the guys at LifeBlasters.com who snapped some epic shots of the race, including some shots of the Krider Racing Nissans.

Prior to the race the team had a fair amount of media hype, including being featured in the “Best of 2012” issue of Speed News Magazine, a NASA Press Release and a pre-race prep article in the Napa Valley Register.

During the November video episode of Speed News Antabuse For Sale, , host John Lindsey predicted that Krider Racing would do very well with their Nissan Sentras at The 25. The episode showed cool b-roll footage of the team’s two cars, buy no prescription Antabuse online. The video also had a GoPro Hero “Move of the Month” featuring some quick hands from Krider Racing driver Aj Gracy.

The team arrived at Thunderhill early during the week of The 25 to test the new Toyo Tires Proxes RR and dial in the set up for both the 33 car (Team Blue) running in E3 and the 38 car (Team Red) running in E2.

The Toyo Proxes RRs worked great, but the team debated different set ups for the cars. Should they run loose and fast or run tight and conservative for the 25 hour race, Antabuse For Sale.

Nothing came easy for the team, and a cracked windshield during testing was not the sort of start they were looking for. Replacing the windshield would mean one of the sponsor stickers, Comprar en línea Antabuse, comprar Antabuse baratos, specifically G Spec Performance, would not be in the race. Sorry G Spec. Note for the future, next time send extra stickers.

Antabuse For Sale, This is Keith Kramer, owner of Economy Stock Feed and co-captain of the team. If he looks stressed, it’s because he is. He is the Roger Penske of the team’s effort. Every time something goes wrong on the track it costs him money, purchase Antabuse online. During practice Rob Krider knocked off a rear view mirror on a reflector at the apex of Turn 8 (ending the life of another G Spec Performance sticker). Keith is doing the math in his head, Antabuse For Sale. "How much was that?"

Luckily for the team, besides the #33 and #38 cars, they also had the #88 car. This “donor” car was Ryan Hackett’s street car, which he foolishly agreed to bring to the event “just in case the team needed a spare bolt or washer or something.” A “spare washer” turned into a windshield, a rear view mirror, Antabuse online cod, a gas cap, a spindle, a radiator, wheels, fuel lines, an ECU and an alternator. The 88 car was raped before the race even started. Cars that have been at Pick-n-Pull for a year have more parts on them than the #88 car did after a single day with Krider Racing at Thunderhill.

Antabuse For Sale, The team worked hard to install a new windshield and overcome other minor issues that arose during testing and qualifying. Dean and Scott Cornell used the race and the Krider Racing entries to beta test their new invention for I/O Port Racing Supplies a radio interface that works with a GoPro Hero 2 camera and records audio from the vehicle and audio from the driver and crew chief’s radios, Antabuse photos. This little invention recorded all of the team’s communications during the race. It turned out the team was quite foul mouthed and thus this audio was rated R.

The cars were looked over with a fine tooth comb by both car chiefs, Steve Young for the 33 car and Simeon Gracy for the 38 car. Both chiefs ensured every nut and bolt was perfect for each car, Antabuse For Sale.

The night before the race the crew practiced pit stops in the dark. The theory was, “If you can do it in the dark, Antabuse natural, you can do it in the daylight.”

Even though things weren’t coming easy, the good news was the team was stacked deep with solid capable help and the morning of the race they lined up for the hero shot. Below are the characters that made up Krider Racing during the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Dean Cornell (Fire Extinguisher), Demitri Demetriou (Pit Board/Sailor Jerry Rep.), Nissa Krider (Photographer/Windshield), Natasha Krider (Craft Services), Brent Picasso (Telemetry/Windshield), Dina Krider (Craft Services), generic Antabuse, Ryan Hackett (Mechanic/Car 88 Owner), Gus Krider (Social Media/Battery-Food Runner), Tim Persico (Spotter), Chris Krider (Fueler), Nathan Krider (Tire Changer), John Linbarger (Spotter), Gio D’Adamo (Tire Chief), Where can i order Antabuse without prescription, Scott Cornell (Communications), Simeon Gracy (Car Chief Car 38), Eli Cronbach (Team Manager), Dave Nees (Fueler/Safety Coordinator), Tim Bringman (Crew Chief Car 33 –Temporary), Ken Myers (Driver/NASA Liaison), Brad Bowles (Crew Chief Car 38), Rob Krider (Driver/Team Captain/Car 38 Owner), Randy Krider (Driver), Antabuse price, Steve Young (Car Chief Car 33/Crew Chief Car 33 –Permanent), Travis Kramer (Golf Cart Driver), Aj Gracy (Driver/Mechanic), Travis Bowles (Tire Changer/Mechanic), Keith Kramer (Driver/Team Co-Captain/Car 33 Owner), Dave Schotz (Driver), Roy Lindlahr (Fueler), Antabuse samples, Bryan Heitkotter (Driver/Photographer), Jason Griepentrog (Fueler/Fuel Chief), Joel Schotz (Spotter), Danny Wesson (Fire Extinguisher), Chris Harris (Spotter), Art Cortez (Craft Services), Addy Krider (Videographer/Social Media), Sara Krider (Team Psychologist), Judy Kramer (Craft Services/Race Team Mom), low dose Antabuse, Brandon Lindlahr (Battery Runner), Rod Kramer (Infrastructure). Antabuse For Sale, Not photographed: Isaiah Craig (Mechanic), Jim Krider (The Patriarch), Emma Ritchie (Sailor Jerry Girl), Evan Commins (Production), Doug Naschke (Spotter), Daniel Naschke (Super Fan), Veronica Harris (Photographer/Social Media), Shawn Sampson (Driver/Radio Communications), Adam Haas (Production/Group Shot Photographer). The Krider Racing flag in the photo is very special to the team as it came back safely from Afghanistan (along with Nathan Krider) after doing time flying off of the back of a U.S. Army Humvee through the desert dunes.

In order to be in the Krider Racing area you had to sport the official “backstage pass.”

The time arrived to begin to move the cars from the paddock and pits to the grid. Everything had to be perfect. The 25 Hour clock would not stop if a team had a problem, the race would continue without them, Antabuse For Sale. The anticipation was thick in the Krider Racing paddock. Is Antabuse safe, The crew wondered, would the cars make it to the end.

Team Captains Keith Kramer and Rob Krider discussed a few more details before the race began and they jumped into their driving suits and handed the reins of the operation to the team manager, Eli Cronbach, and the two crew chiefs, Brad Bowles (car 38) and Tim Bringman (car 33).

The grid of the 25 Hour was massive, filled with prototypes, pro factory teams, order Antabuse no prescription, Le Mans machinery and legendary drivers like Randy Pobst (World Challenge Champion), Elliott Forbes-Robinson (24 Hours of Daytona winner), Johannes Van Overbeek (Porsche driver from Le Mans) and John Morton (Trans-Am Champion). Antabuse For Sale, Krider Racing, using the red, white and blue BRE paint scheme, competed in the race against John Morton, who won his Trans-Am 2.5 championship for Datsun while driving for BRE in 1972. Spoiler alert: youth prevails and they beat him.

Team Blue posed with Emma, the Sailor Jerry Girl, on the grid of the 2012 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Team Red on the grid geared up for the United States Air Force flyover and the start of a very long night. Antabuse no rx, Rob Krider gives the first driver, Aj Gracy, some last minute advice, “25 Hour starts are always hectic, stay out of trouble.”

When the green flag dropped, the 33 car was already in the pits, getting the fuel cell topped off (a strategy the team implemented to take advantage of fuel capacity allowances within NASA’s endurance racing rules) while the 38 car took a conservative approach to finishing the long race –driving safe and staying on the track.

Regardless of the team’s plan to run the blue car hard and run the red car conservative, Aj Gracy, purchase Antabuse, driving car 38, was almost taken out by a Factory Five Cobra during the first few minutes of the race.

After all of the hard luck the team faced in the year of preparation, they got a solid break as Aj was missed by mere centimeters, Antabuse For Sale. The team crossed their fingers that the cars would hold together and hope that the Royal Purple Synthetic Oil (shown below stored in the Pit Posse Motorsports trailer shelving) would hold up in the engines for 25 hours.

Eventually the two Nissans ended up running nose to tail, tried to work through traffic together and stay out of trouble.

Keith Kramer drove the first stint in the 33 car. The race was on in the Miata heavy and competitive E3 class. Antabuse For Sale, The 33 car was running good and fast. Generic Antabuse,

The 25 is all about traffic, multi-class racing, differential speeds and a little luck. As you can see, it was crowded on the track.

The only thing that kept the team out of trouble in heavy traffic were the spotters, the eyes in the skies, in the tower near Turn 9. John Linbarger, is Antabuse addictive, Chris Harris (owner of Corporate West Computer Systems Inc.), Joel Schotz, Tim Persico and Doug Naschke worked the Sampson Racing Communication’s radios and kept the sides of the team’s cars straight.

As the race progressed the 38 car ran solid and stayed on track just as the team planned, Antabuse For Sale.

The first set of pit stops sent the crew to work. Their job was to keep 10 gallons of petrol in the cars, swap drivers, install fresh Toyo Proxes RR tires when needed and enough Carbotech Performance Brake Pads to finish the race. Buy cheap Antabuse no rx,

Randy Krider briefed Team Manager Eli Cronbach after his stint. “The car is working great, no changes.”

It is unknown if Dave Schotz took this photograph this way on purpose or if he was mistakenly using the wrong lens on his iPhone camera. Antabuse For Sale, Regardless the reflection on his sunglasses of the crew working on the 33 car in the pits is slick.

Joel Schotz and Jason Griepentrog took a break between pit stops in the Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Krider Racing hospitality area. This served as a nice spot for the crew to relax.

Jim Krider (center) watched with a careful eye over everything the crew did with the cars. Jim, who was paralyzed in a racing incident in the 1980s, had a lot on the line in this event with both of his sons pulling driving duties in the long race, discount Antabuse.

Toyo Tires continued to die a righteous death at the hands of the Krider Racing drivers, Antabuse For Sale. Everyone on the team liked the new RR tire, and the drivers kept the tire mounting guys very busy.

As the sun began to set, Car Chief for the 38 car, Simeon Gracy, along with Nathan Krider prepared to slap on the Lightforce lights, which make the darkness feel like the daytime. Antabuse description,

The quick release Lightforce lighting system was developed by Krider Racing who created a “how-to” video for the August edition of SpeedNews magazine which you can see below.

Before darkness enveloped the track, the team discussed their night racing strategy at the command center.

Antabuse For Sale, The Krider Racing crew chiefs had every amenity available to them with tons of information to ensure a smooth and fluid race plan.

Brent Picasso from AutoSport Labs worked away on his laptop in the Krider Racing trailer (outfitted by Pit Posse Motorsports) to keep track of the team’s cars while they were out on course.

During the race, members of the crew were directed one by one into the Sailor Jerry trailer for a “confessional” interview. A documentary film crew recorded the team as they tackled The 25. The crew used multiple GoPro Hero 2 cameras to capture the action of the race. The documentary, which will be out in the spring of 2013, will be shown on GoRacingTV.com as well as some local cable access channels, Antabuse For Sale.

The sun set and both Krider Racing cars were still moving along and looking good in the standings, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. But anyone on the crew who had been a part of The 25 before knew there was still a lot of racing to be done before the checkered flag flew.

During the race, Krider Racing Gravity Division Soap Box Derby racers Gus Krider, Veronica Harris and Addy Krider kept the social media information flowing for 25 hours straight using the Krider Racing Tumblr Feed, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Antabuse trusted pharmacy reviews, and FaceBook.

Before midnight the team’s luck ran out, directly under Rob’s right foot. Antabuse For Sale, In the darkness Rob Krider threw a rod out of the side of the block of the 33 car. The rod went through the header and into the radiator. The oil pressure reading on the S Gear Gauge went to zero in about one millisecond. He was able to limp the car into the pits, pissing oil all over the track. There was so much smoke in the interior Rob thought the car was on fire and jumped out of the window as soon as the car came to a halt in the pits. The crew said he looked like Ricky Bobby screaming for Oprah and Tom Cruise from the film Talladega Nights, Antabuse For Sale. Suddenly things were not looking good for Team Blue, order Antabuse from mexican pharmacy. The team’s engine builder, Rich from T.E.M. Machine Shop, was not going to be very happy with Rob or his heavy right foot.

Without hesitation the crew got busy ripping the engine block from the 33 car. Antabuse For Sale, Ryan Hackett, Eli Cronbach, Travis Bowles, Steve Young, and Isaiah Craig began the thrash.

Within what seemed like minutes the 33 car was motor-less.

With both engines on the ground the team began the process of swapping over parts. Purchase Antabuse online, Crowds gathered around the Krider Racing paddock to watch the crew remarkably pull this motor swap off in record time.

With one car temporarily down, the team changed their strategy. Dave Nees, the team’s safety coordinator, ensured that the changes still fit the team’s mandate for safety for the crew in the pits and paddock, Antabuse For Sale. The 38 car which was the conservative effort, became the “go-go-go” effort. Driver orders and tire choices were switched. Shawn Sampson, who was racing for two teams in The 25, had his stint bumped due to scheduling issues from the engine failure, where can i find Antabuse online. Tim Bringman, the crew chief for the 33 car, decided he was no longer needed and left the track as his crew was thrashing to get the 33 car back together. Antabuse For Sale, Steven Young stepped up and took over as Crew Chief for car 33 with the assistance of Team Manager Eli Cronbach.

While the 33 car was down for repairs, the 38 car continued to make laps through the vast darkness of Thunderhill at night.

The crew continued to work through issues as they completed the motor swap. Keith’s right arm was bandaged after an on track incident caused an unknown extent injury to his wrist. Antabuse pharmacy, Determined to show the crew, who was working their cold fingers to the bone, he was as determined as they were, Keith later drove the car using only one arm in the race.

Isaiah Craig was absolutely adamant they would get the 33 car back on track and led the way to complete the engine swap, Antabuse For Sale.

Travis Bowles searched frantically for the perfect 12 millimeter bolt that they needed to get the 33 car back together.

The graveyard pit crew worked flawlessly through the night and continued to get the 38 car in and out of the pits without issue. The crew fueled the car, inspected the tires, torqued the Circuit Sports lug nuts, online buying Antabuse hcl, and checked the wear on the Carbotech Performance Brake Pads during each stop. Below is a pit stop video taken by Michael Wachholz from Torque Racing Brake Fluid.

Antabuse For Sale, Team Tire Chief, Gio D’Adamo, from B & G Tires, checked tire temperatures and tread depth on the ToyoProxes RR tires as they came off of the 38 car. Marc Sanzenbacher from Toyo Tires, as well as engineers from Toyo, came by the Krider Racing pits during the race to see how the Proxes RRs were performing and offer any advice.

Rob Krider fell asleep in the driver’s seat of the 33 car as he waited for the crew to finalize the engine swap by throwing in a new Jim Wolf Technology ECU. The crew seemed unsettled by the fact that the same driver who destroyed the first engine would be the same exact driver taking the car back out onto the track once they installed a new engine. Antabuse treatment,

The crew did it and the 33 car ran again. Five hours after coming into the paddock with a total loss of an engine, the crew was victorious and Team Blue was back on the track, running like a champ and making competitive passes, Antabuse For Sale.

The sun began to rise over the east side of the track and Krider Racing had both cars making laps with the steady and strong 38 car in third place in the E2 class.

The crew worked hard to get the last few pits stops completed perfectly hoping to finish the race strong with only a few hours to go. Race standings were being closely watched. Fingers were crossed.

Antabuse For Sale, The team tried some strategy to reel in the second place car in E2, but the two lap deficit was too large. They decided to hold on, play it smart, and ensure a successful podium finish. A podium finish was something the drivers wanted to accomplish for everyone on the team who had worked so hard to get them where they were, where can i order Antabuse without prescription. With one minute left in the race, everyone on the team held their breath.

At 12:00 noon, December 10, 2012, car 33, with car owner Keith Kramer behind the wheel, Antabuse maximum dosage, and car 38, with car owner Rob Krider behind the wheel, drove across the finish line at the exact same moment. Krider Racing earned a podium finish in the tenth running of the National Auto Sport Association 25 hours of Thunderhill, Antabuse For Sale. They did it with their back up car, Team Red, car 38, which was originally built for $500 for the 24 Hours of LeMons.

Party Time

The two cars came home to the Krider Racing pit stall, champagne was sprayed all over the cars and Rob Krider stood up and high fived the “Team Red” pit sign, order Antabuse online overnight delivery no prescription.

Travis Bowles and Eli Cronbach congratulated each other on a job well done, Crew Chief for car 38, Brad Bowles, was all smiles.

There wasn’t a single dent on the 38 car after 25 hours of non-stop racing. All of the sponsor decals from Figstone Graphics and the finish from Miracle Auto Body and Paint Antabuse For Sale, held up well.

The beer and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum began to flow as the team celebrated their unbelievable success.

As the team celebrated, Antabuse from canada, the production crew interviewed team super fan/soap box derby racer Daniel Naschke. When they asked him who blew the engine up, he smiled and pointed directly at Rob Krider.

The celebration continued as the team enjoyed their moment of glory after the longest night of their lives.

Isaiah Craig showed the team how it was done with Sailor Jerry, Antabuse For Sale.

Team Red and Team Blue both had their cars back in the pits, safe after 25 hours of on track insanity.

NASA impound officials sealed the hood of the 38 car. The car was taken to impound, weighed and inspected for every modification it possessed, herbal Antabuse. The scrutinizing was strict but the team had nothing to worry about and the 38 car passed post-race tech and teardown with flying colors. Antabuse For Sale, The team’s third place finish would stick. The factory effort Mazda RX-8 of Robert Davis Racing, which finished in fourth behind Krider Racing, was hoping for a last minute move up in the standings from impound drama. It didn’t happen and Krider Racing in their $500 Nissan bested the factory effort from Mazda.

Team drivers lined up with Sailor Jerry representative (and honorary Krider Racing pit crew member) Demitri Demetrio (who ran the pit board, carried tires, About Antabuse, and stayed up all night). From left to right: Randy Krider, Ken Myers, Demitri Demetrio, Rob Krider, Keith Kramer, Bryan Heitkotter, Aj Gracy and Dave Schotz.

The team continued to celebrate at their weekend make shift home, pit stall #60 and #61, Antabuse For Sale.

Trophy Time

NASA presented Krider Racing with their Third Place trophy for finishing on the podium in the E2 class, effects of Antabuse. Each driver was awarded a clock for their individual drives in The 25.

The trophies looked good on the hood of the 38 car.

These trophies are very hard to come by and will be forever cherished by the Krider Racing team.

Antabuse For Sale, A special trophy, constructed by the crew, was made for Rob Krider utilizing a Toyo Tire lanyard and the bent and twisted connecting rod he tossed out of the block approximately 14 hours before.

The team had goals they wanted to accomplish, and at the end of their weekend they were able to check off their “to do” list.

Every member of the crew certainly earned their “I Survived the 25” patch which they each received for their efforts. A special thanks needs to go out to the family of Chris, Where can i buy cheapest Antabuse online, Dina, Nissa, Nathan and Natasha Krider who worked the graveyard shift and took care of the crew and the cars through the late night cold and darkness.

Keith Kramer’s arm didn’t quite survive the 25, and he now has the Krider Racing cast to prove it. He finished the race driving one handed with two fractures to his right arm, Antabuse For Sale.

The Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum vintage Airstream trailer earned itself a Krider Racing sticker and also a “I Survived the 25” sticker, to be proudly displayed all over the country as it travels around.

After it was all over the cars came back to the race shop at Economy Stock Feed in Del Rey, CA, where Brandon Lindlahr continues to take good care of them (he prepped the cars prior to the race). Here the Team Blue/Team Red pit light board sign is hung proudly above the two cars.

The Napa Valley Register gave the team some great media love with a cool wrap up story after the event. Antabuse For Sale, Krider Racing must thank, for an incredible amount of help, the following partners: Nissan Motorsports, Toyo Tires, Royal Purple, AutoSport Lab’s Race Capture, I/O Port Racing Supplies, Carbotech Performance Brake Pads, G Spec Performance, Jim Wolf Technology, GoPro Hero Cameras, Pit Posse Motorsports, Sampson Racing Communications, Circuit Sports, S Gear Gauges, Lightforce, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Economy Stock Feed, B & G Tires, Performance In-Frame Tuning, T.E.M. Machine Shop, Napa Valley Transmissions, Miracle Auto Body and Paint, Napa Valley Muffler, Bottlers Unlimited, C.J. Fix Co. Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation, J & B Farms, Torque Racing Brake Fluid, Gary C. Borge D.D.S., Bay Area Express, Corporate West Computer Solutions, and Figstone Graphics.

Here is a shot of the Krider Racing 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R purchased for $500 for the 24 Hours of LeMons, Antabuse For Sale.

The same car, now in the motorsports history books, the Krider Racing 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R, #38, 25 Hours of Thunderhill Podium Finisher.

Till next time, Krider Racing out. Cars are in the garage, there is rum to be consumed.


Here is the team poster given to each crew member for their efforts.

Antabuse For Sale, Below is a quick wrap up video from the event.

The documentary featuring Krider Racing’s adventure at The 25 Hours of Thunderhill will be out soon.


The documentary film Double Down is finally out. Check out the trailer below.


The film is available at Amazon.com.

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Buy Antabuse Without Prescription, Alex Job Racing and Lotus Motorsports have teamed up to compete in the American Le Mans Series GT class for 2012.  The new team has been named Lotus Alex Job Racing and will be a factory-supported effort focused on North America.  The car will be a 2012 Lotus Evora GTE, Antabuse pharmacy, which those of you who watched Petit Le Mans last year will be familiar with. Buy no prescription Antabuse online,    While Lotus AJR will be skipping the ALMS/WEC season opener at Sebring next month, they promise that they will have a full fledged effort for the rest of the season  starting with the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix the weekend of April 14th.

We're glad to see more teams entering the American Le Mans Series as there has been some question as to how long the series will last with some of the big players being split between ALMS and the World Endurance Championship, australia, uk, us, usa.  Though the European Lotus Evoras didn't have much luck at Petit Le Mans last year, the fact that this effort is factory backed might result in some additional competition for BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche, Buy Antabuse Without Prescription.  The driver lineup has not yet been announced but there is at least one rendering of the Lotus AJR Evora with the name B.Senna on the door. Antabuse australia, uk, us, usa, Full Lotus AJR Racing press release after the jump.

ETHEL, Online Antabuse without a prescription, ENGLAND; TAVARES, FLA., (Feb, effects of Antabuse. 21, Buy cheap Antabuse, 2012) - Lotus Motorsports and Alex Job Racing are joining forces to compete for the American Le Mans Series GT (ALMS) championship beginning in 2012. Buy Antabuse Without Prescription, The team will be known as Lotus Alex Job Racing (AJR). The factory-endorsed sports car team will focus its primary efforts in North America.

Lotus AJR will campaign the 2012 Lotus Evora GTE car beginning with the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix the weekend of April 14th.

"I am excited to announce the racing partnership between Lotus and Alex Job Racing in North America,"Alex Job, Antabuse price, team principal of Lotus AJR said. Online buy Antabuse without a prescription, "Our efforts and ability to attract Lotus is a testament to the hard work that AJR has put in over the past several years. This partnership, along with our key sponsors WilliamRast, Antabuse reviews, Battery Tender, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and Yokohama represent a new chapter for our seasoned organization and for the ALMS.

Bill Sweedler, buying Antabuse online over the counter, Townsend Bell, Purchase Antabuse online no prescription, and Colin Dyne (CEO, William Rast) played the key role in forging this long-term relationship with Lotus. We collectively look forward to representing this iconic sports car brand for years to come in GT racing."

"We are focused on winning," Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus, canada, mexico, india, said. "Alex Job has one of the best records in sports car racing, Buy Antabuse Without Prescription. Antabuse trusted pharmacy reviews, We look forward to working together and developing a top-tier team over the coming years. Racing is a core component of the Lotus brand, and we are thrilled to have this new partnership to further enhance our winning racing heritage."

Job has confirmed that IndyCar driver Townsend Bell will be joining the team and partnering behind the wheel with two-time ALMS Founders Cup winner and AJR driver Bill Sweedler.

"We are delighted to welcome Townsend to the Lotus AJR family, Antabuse gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release," Job continued. Buy Antabuse from canada, "Townsend comes from a distinguished career in IndyCar and open-wheel racing in the U.S. and Europe. Buy Antabuse Without Prescription, His natural speed and personality will make for a successful partnership with Lotus AJR, Battery Tender, Yokohama, William Rast, and seasoned AJR co-driver Sweedler.

Bell's racing pedigree boasts an Indy Lights Championship in 2001, order Antabuse no prescription, and Rookie of the year in 2000. Antabuse forum, He finished fourth in the 2009 Indy 500 and was the first American to have a podium finish in the FIA Formula 3000 Series.

"I am really excited about 2012 and driving with Townsend, my Antabuse experience," Sweedler said. Antabuse from mexico, He will be a strong addition to the team. I had a fantastic time working with AJR for the last couple of years and am honored to continue as one of their drivers. Alex and his team run a first class operation just like Lotus, Buy Antabuse Without Prescription. It will be a strong partnership."

"Having the chance to represent such a great brand like Lotus is simply awesome,"Bell said. "The fact that I get to work with one of the best teams in sports car racing is icing on the cake, doses Antabuse work. I'm really fired-up to work with Alex, Effects of Antabuse, Bill, and my good friend Colin Dyne from William Rast in what will undoubtedly be a great adventure. Time to buckle up!"

Scott Atherton, president and CEO ALMS, welcomes the new GT entry to ALMS competition.

"This is doubly good news for the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón," Atherton said. Buy Antabuse Without Prescription, "It's a pleasure to welcome the Lotus brand and their spectacular Evora to the most competitive GT class of racing in the world. But to have this factory-backed effort spearheaded by Alex Job - one of the most successful team owners in ALMS history - assures that this truly will be yet another championship-caliber entry to the GT class, Antabuse from canadian pharmacy. I know that fans at each of our events will be enthralled when the AJR Lotus, Buying Antabuse online over the counter, complete with its iconic livery and Battery Tender sponsorship, hits the track."

Lotus AJR will carry sponsorship from Battery Tender, Buy Antabuse from mexico, William Rast and is a Yokohama tire supported team for 2012.

Alex Job Racing is one of the most successful teams in sports car racing. The team's resume includes: ALMS GT series championships in 2004, 2003, 2002; a record 22 consecutive ALMS GT pole positions; two-time 24-Hour of Le Mans GT class winners; Seven 12-hour of Sebring wins in 2010, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 1999 and 1995.

The ALMS GT Class is production-based, moderately-modified two-wheel drive race cars comprise the GT class - BMW M3, Corvette C6.R, Ferrari F458 GT, Ford GT-R, Jaguar XKR GT, Lotus Evora and Porsche 911 GT3 RSR. The GT cars share many similarities to their showroom brands. With top speeds of up to 180 mph, these elite GTs produce between 450-500 horsepower and have a minimum weight of 1,145 kilograms (2,480 pounds). All GT race cars have green Leader Light System race position lights and green car numbers.


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Breaking – Peugeot Suspends Le Mans LMP1 Program

Photo: Zerin Dube Peugeot has announced that it has suspended all endurance racing programs effective immediately.  Citing tough economic conditions in Europe, Peugeot stated "Peugeot has chosen to concentrate resources on its sales performance in 2012."  Peugeot was the overall winner at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2009 and won the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup title last year, besting Audi's efforts with the new R18.   While 2012 and 2013 will see its share of new competitors including the new Toyota and Porsche LMP1 entries, we are sad that we won't get to see the powerhouse French and German teams battling it out again this year in the World Endurance Championship. Update: Speaking of Toyota and their new LMP1 program, @ToyotaPR (Head of Toyota and Lexus PR for the UK) tweeted this photo of their new racecar.

Dumas Sets Fastest Lap Time in Monday Petit Le Mans Testing

Photo: Audi Sport File Photo

  The second full day of testing ahead of the 14th annual Petit Le Mans was held yesterday during a four hour testing session.  Romain Dumas set the fastest time of the session during his second to last lap in the #1 Audi Sport Team Joest R18 TDI with a lap time of 1:08.394. Prior to Dumas' fast lap time, the two factory Peugeot Sport 908s dominated the test session.  The #7 908 of Sebastien Bourdais, Anthony Davidson and Simon Pagenaud set the second fastest lap time of 1:08.569 while the #8 908 of Franck Montagny, Stephane Sarrazin and Alexander Wurz set the third fastest lap of the day at 1:09.311.  None of the cars were able to top the overall fast lap time of 1:08.291 set Sunday by Anthony Davidson in the #7 908. Level 5 Motorsports' Luis Diaz was fastest in LMP2 with a 1:13.291 in the HPD ARX-01g.  The second Level 5 ARX-01g of Tucker, Bouchut and Barbosa finished just 0.438 seconds behind Diaz.  The Signatech Nissan ORECA 03 car of Mailleux, Ordonez and Vernay rounded out the top three with a time of 1:14.003. The Laguna Seca GT class winning Flying Lizard Motorsports Porsche 911 RSR  of Jörg Bergmeister, Patrick Long and Marc Lieb set the fast lap in GTE Pro at 1:20.251 with the next three cars in the pack finishing within a mere 0.586 seconds of the Lizards.  The Risi Competizione Ferrari F458 Italia of Raphael Matos, Jaime Melo and Toni Vilander set a time of 1:20.669 followed by the Corvette Racing C6.R of Olivier Beretta, Antonio Garcia and Tommy Milner with a lap time of 1:20.562. In GTE Am, the AF Corse Ferrari F430 GT driven by Rui Aguas, Justin Bell and Rob Kauffman was fastest with a lap time of 1:21.217.  The next fastest in GTE Am was the Larbre Racing Corvette C6-ZR1 of Patrick Bornhauser, Gabriele Gardel and Julien Canal who finished over a second behind with a lap time of 1.22.280. Rounding out the classes, Genoa Racing's ORECA FLM09 was the quickest in LMPC with a lap of 1:18.563 while the TRG Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car of Ben Keating, Jim Norman, and Dion von Moltke was fastest in GTC with a time of 1:25.446. The next test session for Petit Le Mans is scheduled for 2:45pm to 4:45pm on Wednesday, September 28th.  

LIVE COVERAGE: 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans

2011 24 Hours of Le Mans Live Coverage We will be doing real-time flag to flag coverage of the 24 Hours of Le Mans on Twitter under our new live motorsports coverage account, @SpeedSportLive , or you can follow along here with our Cover It Live widget.  Don't forget to download the 2011 Le Mans Spotters Guide from Spotterguides.com In our opinion the best place to listen to the broadcast of the race is RadioLemans which offers a live stream worldwide, flag to flag. These guys are the best motorsport commentators out there and do an incredible job covering the race year after year.  Live timing of the race can be found on the Lemans.org website at http://www.lemans.org/en/races/24h-du-mans/live-2011/live-timing.html For those of you who are in the U.S., the race will be aired on SPEED.  While SPEED is doing flag to flag coverage, they will be alternating between a live TV broadcast and streaming video on their website for the hours they go off-air on TV.  Their schedule is as follows: STREAMING: Click Here To Watch (SPEED.com: Saturday 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. ET; 8-11 p.m. ET) TELEVISION: SPEED: Saturday 8:30-11:30 a.m. ET; 3:30-8 p.m. ET; 11 p.m.-9:30 a.m. ET (Saturday p.m. through Sunday a.m.). AudiSport also has announced that they will be delivering a full live stream of the entire 24 Hours of Le Mans via the internet, complete with in-car telemetry.  The Audi Live Racing site will also offer a summary of the race every two hours, as well as commentary by former Audi Sport driver Emanuele Pirro.   The live feed can be found at http://www.audi-microsites.com/lemans We like to be social and interactive during the race so please drop us a line in the comments or via twitter.   Let us know who you are cheering for and feel free to make jokes at our expense while watching.

Preview: 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans – Live Coverage & More

The grid has been set for tomorrow's running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with two Audi R18 TDIs occupying the front row.  The #2 Audi R18 TDI  (Tréluyer / Lotterer / Fassler) sits on pole position with a time of 3:25.738 set by Benoit  Tréluyer in the last minutes of the final qualifying session.   Next to them in P2 is the #1 Audi R18 TDI (Bernhard / Dumas / Rockenfeller) with a time of 3:25.799. The Peugeot Sport 908s had a strong showing as well and sit just behind the leading Audis with the #9 Team Peugeot Total 908 ( Bourdais / Pagenaud / Lamy) in P3 with a 3:26.010 and the #8 Peugeot Sport Total 908 ( Sarrazin / Montagny/ Minassian ) in P4 with a 3:26.156.  The #3 Audi R18 TDI (Kristensen / Capello / McNish) and #7 Peugeot 908 (Davidson / Gene / Wurz) round out the 3rd row.  Only a mere .534 second separate the P1 and the P6 qualifying times. The #26 Signatech Oreca-Nissan (Mailleux / Ayari / Ordonez) put their car on the LMP2 pole with a time of 3:41.458, ahead of the #42 Strakka Racing Honda Performance Development car (Leventis / Watts / Kane) by more than a second and the #48 Team Oreca Matmut Nissan (Premat / Hallyday / Kraihamer) rounding out the top 3.

Photo Courtesy BMW AG

In GTEPro, the #55 BMW Motorsport M3 GT ( Farfus / Muller / Werner)  dominated all three qualifying sessions and sits on the pole with a time of 3.57.592 ahead of the #51 AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia (Fisichella / Bruni / Vilander) which was .448 seconds behind.  In the GTEAm class, The #61 AF Corse SRL Ferrari F430 (Perazzini / Cioci / Breslin)  sits ahead of the #63 Proton Competition Porsche 911 RSR (Felbermayr Jr. / Felbermayr Sr./ Ried)  and the #81 Flying Lizard Motorsports Porsche 911 RSR (Law/Neiman/Pumpelly). With a full field of 56 cars, the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans looks to be one of the best races we've seen in years with the feverish battle between the Audi and Peugeots in LMP1 and the paint swapping going on between the BMWs and Ferraris in GTEPro. 24 Hours of Le Mans Coverage We will be doing real-time flag to flag coverage of the 24 Hours of Le Mans on Twitter under our new live motorsports coverage account, @SpeedSportLive .  If you follow our normal @SpeedSportLife account, we will be doing updates every 1/2 hour.  We will also be adding a CoverItLive widget on the front page tomorrow that will follow the hashtags #lm24 and #lemans so you don't have to miss any of the action from the various social feeds covering the race. In our opinion the best place to listen to the broadcast of the race is RadioLemans which offers a live stream worldwide, flag to flag. These guys are the best motorsport commentators out there and do an incredible job covering the race year after year.  Live timing of the race can be found on the Lemans.org website at http://www.lemans.org/en/races/24h-du-mans/live-2011/live-timing.html For those of you who are in the U.S., the race will be aired on SPEED.  While SPEED is doing flag to flag coverage, they will be alternating between a live TV broadcast and streaming video on their website for the hours they go off-air on TV.  Their schedule is as follows: STREAMING: Click Here To Watch (SPEED.com: Saturday 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. ET; 8-11 p.m. ET) TELEVISION: SPEED: Saturday 8:30-11:30 a.m. ET; 3:30-8 p.m. ET; 11 p.m.-9:30 a.m. ET (Saturday p.m. through Sunday a.m.). AudiSport also has announced that they will be delivering a full live stream of the entire 24 Hours of Le Mans via the internet, complete with in-car telemetry.  The Audi Live Racing site will also offer a summary of the race every two hours, as well as commentary by former Audi Sport driver Emanuele Pirro.   The live feed can be found at http://www.audi-microsites.com/lemans We like to be social and interactive during the race so please drop us a line in the comments or via twitter.   Let us know who you are cheering for and feel free to make jokes at our expense while watching.    

Racer Boy: Pro Solo – Drag Racing with Corners

Racer-Boy-Pro-Solo-(1) Getting tired of drag racing the same old straight 1,320 feet?  Is autocrossing around cones in a parking lot, racing against the clock, not doing it for you anymore?  What if I told you about a place where you could compete head to head against similar cars with similar modifications in a drag race format on two mirrored autocross courses?  Does the idea of blasting away from a drag race Christmas tree and then barreling into a tight turn interest you?  How about coming out of that turn and seeing your competitor out of the corner of your eye, sideways, coming out of his turn just a few feet ahead of you over on the other track?  You’ll need to push harder and run the next corner even faster if you plan on being the first car across the finish line.  Sounds pretty crazy doesn’t it?  It is absolutely fantastic competition.  It’s called Pro Solo, and it’s drag racing with corners. racer_boy_banner THE COST This racing, like E.T. Bracket Drag Racing and Solo/Autocross is relatively inexpensive.  Almost any street car can run the event, so you don’t need to have a truck and trailer or a dedicated racecar.  In order to participate you have to be an S.C.C.A. member ($85 a year), own a current Solo rulebook ($25), and then a weekend of racing will set you back $95 for the entry fee.  You will need a helmet (I/O Port Racing Supplies can get you one for as cheap as $94).  That’s it; that’s all you need.  A few bucks and you’re there doing it. SANCTIONING BODY The Sports Car Club of America, S.C.C.A., has the monopoly on this sport.  There are lots of drag racing and solo sanctioning bodies, but the S.C.C.A. is the only one I am aware of running Pro Solo style events.  They only put on about eight events a year, including the National Championship, so getting to an event may mean some traveling.  But it’s absolutely worth it.  Here is the link to the website for Pro Solo.  They have multiple classes depending on the performance and modifications to your car which means you will be competing against similar rides.  And there is contingency money to be had (if you win) based on the manufacture of your car and/or your tires. Racer-Boy-Pro-Solo-(4) THE HIGH If you have ever run an autocross you already know the joys of sliding a car around a corner as hard as you can without any worry of running into something hard (like a concrete wall).  And if you have ever drag raced, you know the fantastic feeling of coming across the finish line first.  This sport combines the best of both worlds.  You get the adrenaline shot of side by side competition with the heart pounding action of driving through slaloms.  This is total kick ass fun with a car.  When you are racing side by side, you really find yourself pushing harder and harder, where you may not when racing against yourself.  You really can’t beat this type of racing high combined with the low risk factor (if you lose it, there is nothing to run into). CAR WEAR Even though this is head to head racing, no two heads shall make contact.  The tracks are mirrored and laid out in a way so that the two competitors can see each other but will not make contact with one another, even if a vehicle loses control and spins out in a corner.  The only thing your car will run into is a pylon.  The biggest wear and tear on the cars is the tires from hard cornering.  Most people race their street cars and use a set of dedicated wheels/tires to mangle on the course. Racer-Boy-Pro-Solo-(2) YOUR DAY You need to pre-register for the event online at S.C.C.A.’s website.  Most drivers arrive Friday and get the cars tech inspected.  If you want you can pay a few dollars to get some practice starts on the Christmas tree.  I would recommend this as it will help you get your car and tires acclimated to the launching surface.  You will be given some required event sponsor stickers to put on the car (which will make your street car look like a racecar –something you always wanted anyway).  On Saturday morning they will post grid sheets that tell you where to line up.  You will run with your class (similar cars).  Strap on your helmet because it is time to race. When you move forward toward the starting lights you will have the chance to do a little burn out to warm up your rear tires (and psych out your opponent).  Then you will proceed forward to the staging lights while your competitor will be doing the same thing on his (or her) side.  Staging is just like drag racing (which we covered in great detail in a previous Racer Boy column on E.T. Bracket Racing).  Leave on the last yellow light and run as hard and fast as you can just like any other autocross course (which we conveniently covered in a previous Racer Boy column on autocrossing).  Remember, as you thrash through the course, stay off of those cones, they will cost you two seconds apiece.  Once your run is over, you and your competitor will switch sides and immediately race each other again on your respective opposite course. For the first session you will get three shots at the course (six runs, three per side).  Your overall time is the best left side course and best right side course of the weekend (they do not have to come from the same left and right combo run, just your best from either side).  Sometime during the day, just like in standard autocrossing, you will have to work (stand out on the course and shag downed cones) in between your race sessions.  For the next race session of six runs, the grid sheets will be adjusted so the faster cars will go up against each other.  After your second round of adrenaline pumping hard driving action, that will finish out Saturday’s fun.  Sunday morning you will have one more chance to drive another six run session and attempt to better your times.  After all of the runs are completed, and whoever has the lowest left and right combined time wins the class and automatically qualifies for the Challenge. Once all of the class winners are decided, then the Pro Solo Challenge will begin, which is run in more of an E.T. Bracket race as opposed to the earlier “heads up” runs.  This way a Nissan Sentra SE-R has an equal chance against a Ford Shelby Mustang.  Your fastest runs become your bracket time and the Christmas tree will delay the starting light for the faster car.  The two cars will run both sides and the first one across the line with the combined lowest time will move onto the next round.  If you don’t qualify for the Challenge or get eliminated, stick around because this is really fun to watch.  Two drivers will be absolutely going for it at the line and in the corners.  The racing is intense. When the weekend ends there will be an awards ceremony for class winners and Challenge winners.  Some will come away with contingency money and trophies; others will come away with four bald tires.  All leave having had a great weekend of racing. Racer-Boy-Pro-Solo-(3) THE PEOPLE Even though this is a combination of drag racing and solo, generally there are no dedicated drag racing teams here (remember the saying, drag racing is for fast cars, road racing is for fast drivers?)  This sport is filled with solo/autocross competitors.  Not just any old regional parking lot racers either, these are the best of the best of the solo/autocross world.  Most cars running in the Pro Solo series you will see racing at the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships.  The cool part about the people that compete is they are very friendly to first timers and put on a course walk through for anyone who would like to learn more about Pro Solo, staging, or how to run the track.  These folks communicate with each other and give great advice at SCCAForums. GLORY The racing format of the Pro Solo is where the glory comes from.  As cars are eliminated, and you are one of the few left, all eyes will be on you for the final runs.  There is a lot to celebrate winning a Pro Solo Challenge.  Not only will you win a trophy but there is a lot of contingency money up for grabs if you have the correct stickers on the side of you car.  An overall win could pay for the entire weekend of racing, and then some. Racer-Boy-Pro-Solo-(5) OH, YOU WANT TO WIN, DO YA? You have to be a real wheel man to win at a Pro Solo.  Anyone can enter in almost any car, but to win here you need a nationally competitive prepared solo car, fantastic reaction times, consistency, and mad driving skills.  This is not the place where a limited field of competitors and some luck will give you a trophy.  Anyone who possesses a Pro Solo Challenge trophy earned every piece of it. That being said, here are the tricks of the trade.  You need to beat everyone in your respective class (for instance F-Stock) to qualify for the finale.  But you only want to beat them by a little and leave some “sand in the trunk” when it comes down to the final Challenge runs.  Unlike in E.T. Bracket Racing, in Pro Solo, if you break out, (go faster than your bracket time) you are not instantly disqualified; you get to keep your round win.  For your next run against the next competitor, you will have your bracket time lowered a few tenths of a second (which might be faster than you can muster), however, if you save this little extra “boost” for the last run of the day, then you have nothing to worry about. Unlike drag racing where you choose a lane, the challenge is a two session race.  Meaning you will run both lanes/sides of the track and your combined time is what gives you the win for that round.  If your competitor hit a cone on one side (and is penalized two seconds), you know you can roll things back a little on the second side, make a conservative run and still win the round (without lowering your overall target time). Obviously great reaction times always help while “too good” reaction times –red light, will put you on the highway to home.  Just like drag racing, a red light is a total bummer. RACER BOY GAUGE Let’s review the Racer Boy gauge cluster here:  Racer-Boy-Gauge-Pro-Solo FUEL (Cost): The fuel gauge is around three quarters because the entry fee is a little more than a standard autocross and you have to be a member of S.C.C.A. to race (gotta pay those dues).  Plus your tires will surely die.  This is still one of the cheapest forms of racing with the best competition factor. RPMs (Adrenaline): The tachometer is at 6,200 RPMs because the moment you come sliding sideways out of the first corner and you see the guy on the mirrored course next to, your adrenaline is off the charts.  This is high test racing. MPH (Danger): The speedometer is at 52 miles per hour because this is safe racing.  Just like autocrossing, driving to this event is more dangerous than participating in it with a helmet on. VOLTS (Time): The volts gauge is at less than three quarters because this is a three day event (tech and registration one day, two race days) plus some travel time.  Some of your precious quality time with the missus will be used up some (Momma ain’t gonna be happy). MILEAGE (Car Wear): The mileage is at 3,000 miles because, like autocross, it’s not really that hard on your car, except you will wear out the sidewalls of your tires in the corners and you’ll destroy the center of your tires during the drag race starts.  Obviously clutches take a beating here too (unless you have an automatic, which brings up a whole spectrum of things allowing me to make fun of you for, but I won’t). CHECKERED FLAG This is one of those events you have to try once.  The drag racing with corners Pro Solo experience is an outstanding adrenaline rush.  Nothing else really compares to the head to head racing action without the worry of damaging your car in a crash.  I’d recommend it to any racer (even the ones with those nutty automatics). 

Racer Boy: Beetleball – 450 Miles Flat Out at 70 MPH in a VW Bug


Remember the movie Cannonball Run?  You know, back when Burt Reynolds had a full head of hair.  Well, when I was a wee lad and I saw that movie in the theatre, the image of those two ladies with the huge racks piloting their Lamborghini Countach down the freeway and tagging the 55 MPH speed limit signs changed my life forever. Fast forward a couple of decades, ole Burt’s hair line has receded but my yearning for an all out open road race adventure has not.  Roll tape on the Beetleball.  It’s just like the Cannonball, only instead of Lamborghinis it’s Volkswagen Bugs.  Trust me, it’s hard to get a speeding ticket in an air cooled Volkswagen, well, at least in the one I was driving anyway. racer_boy_banner THE COST This event can be as cheap as two tanks of gas and the 250 dollar entry fee (you get a lot for your $250, see Sanctioning Body below).  I say cheap, however, that is if you already have a Volkswagen that runs, is registered for the street and has a prayer of finishing the rally.  If you don’t have a VW, borrow one from somebody who is letting theirs rot on the side of the house.  Air up the tires, throw some oil in that bad boy and go have some fun (just make sure your AAA membership is current for the tow truck you will be needing later).  Some guys run this event solo but I would recommend a sucker to sit in the right seat -I mean a navigator (he/she can also share in the expenses).  Since this rally is run on public roads there is no added cost of helmets, fireproof suits or other nagging expensive items which are supposed to keep you alive in a racecar. Racer-Boy-Beetleball-(2) SANCTIONING BODY Beetleball is run by the Beetleball Endurance Rally Series folks, and when I say folks, I mean one guy, Jim Ferguson, better known as Jimbo.  Jimbo is The Man, and he is what makes this event so cool.  Out of all of the different motorsports series I have competed in, Beetleball was hands down the best at passing out the swag.  Tons of decals, cool tech stickers, finishing stickers, checkpoint trophies, class trophies, t-shirts, number plates, you name it.  The quality of the swag was excellent (trophies from Crown Awards) and it made the competitors feel like they were really a part of something big.  Thumbs way up Jimbo! I ran in the Long Beach to Las Vegas rally, however, the series runs numerous events, namely the Beetleball 24 which runs from Vancouver, Canada to Ensenada, Mexico (Get your passports in order).  In 2012, Jimbo is planning on running from Manhattan, NY, to San Francisco, CA.  For more information on upcoming events, classes and tech go to www.beetleball.com. Racer-Boy-Beetleball-(5) THE HIGH This is your chance to go insanely fast at legal freeway speeds.  What I mean is that a Volkswagen Beetle going 70 miles an hour down the freeway actually feels faster (and more dangerous) than a new Mustang going 140.  There is something to be said about the experience of driving a car with your right foot planted on the floor for six hours straight.  This will get your senses awake. You have to maintain a steady pace, stay on course, keep the motor from grenading, and have your eyes open for Johnny Law.  It’s a lot to do and you’ll be amazed how quick the event goes by.  At the end your ears will be ringing, you should have a headache and you’ll feel like you need to sleep for three days.  It’s that awesome. CAR WEAR This part is a little on the sticky side.  Devout VW owners will tell you that Volkswagens will run forever.  That may be true, however, they only run forever at two thousand RPMs.  When the little Beetle motors are run flat out for six hours, sometimes they only actually run flat out for three hours and then die, pissing oil and piston fragments all over America’s highway system. The rate of the car’s destruction is proportional to the placement of your right foot during the rally.  Good news, if it blows up, who really cares?  These cars are easy to work on and spare parts are endless (they built over 21 million of these cars). Racer-Boy-Beetleball-(4) YOUR DAY You pre-register (and pay) to get your course notes and number plates before the event.  You will need to show up a day prior to the start of the rally to go through technical inspection.  Big Red will take a look at your ride to make sure it’s legit (he’s a Baja SCORE guy).  Beetleball rules require the car be street legal (lights, brakes, etc. in working order) with current insurance and that each competitor has a set of triangle reflectors, a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit in the VW.  There will be a driver’s meeting explaining the route and any supplemental rules (don’t worry, there aren’t many rules in this event). Next you to try to get some sleep prior to the start of the rally (ours started at 3:00 a.m.).  We grabbed a nearby hotel room while some of the other competitors tried to sleep in their Bugs (well, sort of in their bugs, their bodies were laying across the front seats, with the door open and their legs hanging out on the parking lot asphalt).  When the start of the rally approached all of the VWs were lined up door to door.  The driver’s and navigators were positioned across the street ready for a LeMans style start (you run, jump in your car and drive off like a mad man, only to remember to put your seatbelt on ten miles later). When Jimbo checks the official race time and says “go” you’re off!  It’s a Volkswagen frenzy as cars vie for the front.  Navigators yell out directions over the piercing noise of the redlined VW engines.  Drivers try to push the right pedal through the floor pan.  This goes on and on until either the car runs out of gas, blows up or both.  Eventually competitors will arrive at a checkpoint (Big Red is there to meet ya) where you will pick up some more swag and then blast off toward the next destination, usually another checkpoint. Where or when you get gas is totally up to you.  Have your ATM card ready to go or throw some green at the cashier to make your stops as quick as possible.  If you don’t get lost, arrested or your car doesn’t implode, you will eventually find the finish line, where Jimbo will be waving the checkered flag. Now that you have completed the rally and survived it’s party time.  We finished in Las Vegas and there was nothing quite as satisfying as drinking a beer at 9:40 in the morning after running a six and half hour rally through the desert.  Once all the competitors finish the rally (or at least the ones who are going to) there will be an awards ceremony.  Trophy time! Racer-Boy-Beetleball-(3) THE PEOPLE These are VW fanatics.  The people at the Beetleball are almost religious about their Volkswagens.  For instance, they like to tattoo the VW logo on their arms.  They are also some of the coolest car guys I’ve ever met.  A lot of the Beetleballers are Class 11 SCORE Baja racers.  Everyone at the Beetleball was absolutely great.  There were lots of laughs and smack talking during the pre-race driver’s meeting.  These guys (and gals) also help each other out along the rally.  Anyone who stops to assist a competitor will have their “rescue” time deducted from their overall rally time.  It is an awesome concept and I saw it in action on numerous occasions (as numerous VWs died).  One Beetle came flying into the finish line with two extra passengers, picked up from another car that was stranded on the side of the road (they didn’t want to miss the finish party in Vegas). GLORY There is some glory to be had at the Beetleball.  Blasting down the Las Vegas Strip toward the finish line while Jimbo stands in the middle of the street waving a checkered flag will definitely get your adrenaline up.  The overall winner gets a beautiful trophy, each class winner (of 33 classes) receives a trophy as well, and the last place finisher picks up the D.F.L. trophy (yup, that would be the guys driving the VW Bus).  Results, records and photos are kept up to date on the website, which means you can send a link and impress Grandma who just got her Facebook account working.  Does Beetleball have a trophy girl?  Nope, just trophy Jimbo. Racer-Boy-Beetleball-(6) OH, YOU WANT TO WIN, DO YA? To win this rally you need to finish.  That may sound like an obvious statement to make but it seems to be more of a problem here than in any other series I’ve raced in.  You have to find that fine line between a good pace and lunching the engine.  It may only be a 100 RPMs difference between the two.  Which 100 RPMs is the real question.            But the success story behind winning Beetleball isn’t a set of dual Webers on an insane motor, it is navigation.  During our race, the same Beetle (which had a great motor) drove past us four times.  We never saw that we passed him, yet he continually passed us, over and over again.  In the end he finished behind us.  Why?  Because even though the car was fast, the driver continually got lost. Fuel mileage can also help you win the race.  We picked up a finishing place near the end of the event when a competitor in front of us ran out of gas.  Sure, stopping for gas at a gas station takes precious time, but standing on the side of the highway trying to flag down some help takes helluva a lot more time. Due to the large number of classes you may be able to pick up an easy class win by showing up with a rare VW and rallying against yourself (think of it as racing masturbation).  Anyone have a VW Thing out there? Bottom line, slow down when you should (and keep yourself out of jail) learn how to read a map (the N should point to the top of the page) and bring lots of oil. RACER BOY GAUGE Let’s review the Racer Boy gauge cluster here:  Beetleball-Gauge FUEL (Cost): The fuel gauge is around three quarters.  No need for a bunch of expensive safety equipment, but you still shelled out $250 to enter and if you don’t have an air cooled VW, you’re looking for a super deal on Ebay. RPMs (Adrenaline): The tachometer is at 3,500 RPMs because the LeMans start is the ultimate adrenaline shot and the first three miles of this event are absolutely insane. MPH (Danger): The speedometer is around 75 mph because that’s about as fast as you can go in a Beetle.  However this is a dangerous 75 mph.  Remember these cars don’t have those new fandangled air bags.  Instead of the soft cushion of air, they have steel dashboards.  You don’t want to crash a Beetle, chances are you won’t live to tell anyone about it. VOLTS (Time): The volts gauge is less than three quarters.  This event will eat up an entire weekend, plus some travel.  How much time you spend prepping the Beetle is up to you (I recommend lots). MILEAGE (Car Wear): You’re going to run at least 450 miles during the Long Beach To Las Vegas event.  However, rally miles (or 4,300 RPM miles, which sound like 8,000 RPMs in a Bug) are sort of like miles squared.  Meaning 450 x 450 = 202,500.  Chassis and body will hold up fine, engine, eh, not so much. CHECKERED FLAG Good news for air cooled Volkswagen lovers, you finally have a place to race your car where it is competitive!  It’s been a long time since a Beetle won a race on asphalt.  Beetleball changed all of that.  This is a truly insane/fun/crazy/awesome/questionably legal event.  I’d recommend it to any car guy, VW fanatic or not.