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Buy Cipro Without Prescription, In case you missed it on Facebook last night, here is the 2013 SRT Viper teaser that DriveSRT shared with fans last night around Midnight.  SRT says this is the only glimpse we'll get of the 2013 SRT Viper before it gets unveiled at the 2012 New York International Auto Show in April.  There isn't a lot to see here but from the teaser you can tell they've definitely tried to keep it true to form.  This is the most anticipated car of the 2012 auto show season here at S:S:L and Byron Hurd will be on the ground to get up close and personal. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Cipro price. Canada, mexico, india. Where can i order Cipro without prescription. Cipro overnight. Fast shipping Cipro. Cipro no rx. Low dose Cipro. Cipro results. Cipro dosage. Cipro steet value. Purchase Cipro. Cipro description. Purchase Cipro for sale. Purchase Cipro online. Cipro coupon. Australia, uk, us, usa. Cipro without a prescription. Cipro dangers. Cipro canada, mexico, india. My Cipro experience. No prescription Cipro online. Cipro schedule. Purchase Cipro online no prescription. After Cipro. Generic Cipro. Buy generic Cipro. Cipro from canada. Cipro gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. About Cipro. Cipro alternatives. Cipro from canadian pharmacy. Cheap Cipro. Is Cipro safe. Cipro use. Cipro price, coupon. Cipro reviews. Buy Cipro without prescription. Order Cipro online c.o.d. Cipro no prescription.

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Liveblog: GM, Segway Announce Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility Concept

  This morning, GM will reveal "a revolutionary vehicle to help people move through crowded cities and alleviate the significant issues of congestion, safety, parking, affordability, and energy concerns." This vehicle may be the next evolution of the "Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility" collaboration with Segway. We're liveblogging the details as they surface. 6:05 CST: This is, indeed, an announcement in collaboration with Segway. Chris Borroni-Bird, GM Director of Advanced Technology Vehicle Concepts, cites increasing urbanization in the future, and outlines the most rapidly growing urban areas -- Asian cities that are increasingly motorizing. Personal mobility solutions make sense in these cities. 6:10: Borroni-Bird says Today's automobiles still subscribe to a 100-year-old DNA formula. New DNA is required: Powered by electricity, controlled electronically, and connected to the Internet, infrastructure, and each other. 6:11: The PUMA prototype can reach speeds up to 25mph, and travel up to 30 miles distance. Cabin slides fore and aft to achieve balance. 6:15: GM cites development of the EV1, Autonomy concept, OnStar, and DARPA-winning "Boss" Tahoe as preludes to the PUMA prototype. Also, the term "connectology" was just tossed out. Let the forward-thinking tech jargon flow forth. 6:17: Later this year, drivable prototypes will hit the road. A "switch" will allow drivers to either let the PUMA drive itself, or drive it manually. 6:19: The wrapup: zero emissions, sustainable fuel, safe in low-speed target markets, less stress for commuters, connectivity, fun to drive (especially in manual mode), fashionable (was the Segway ever a fashion statement outside of LA?), and affordable. "Three to four times less than using a conventional car in an urban environment." 6:21: The average speed of traffic in NYC has fallen in recent years to levels within the capabilities of the PUMA concept. On a per-passenger basis, Project PUMA outperforms other transportation modes (transit bus, Prius, ForTwo, ZENN) in the areas of energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. 6:25: Conventional parking lots can hold approximately 6x as many PUMAs as regular cars, increasing space efficiency and manuverability. AAA ranks total ownership and operating costs for a midsize sedan at $8273; Manhattan commuters face parking and toll charges of up to $8,000 per year. 6:29: Autonomous operation mode may preserve mobility for elderly drivers. By-wire technology allows for either the preservation of conventional steering wheel and pedal controls, as well as other control configurations customized or repositioned to accommodate drivers' needs. 6:35: Borroni-Bird says the PUMA is more fun to drive than conventional "Neighborhood Electric Vehicles" in urban areas because of its manuverability. It can also be "packed" at train stations or mass transit lots. Value propositions compared to an electric scooter: more expensive, but weather-resistant. 6:40: Borroni-Bird hopes for collaboration with government agencies and private corporate alliances to bring PUMA to fruition. One journalist asks about a potential scenario for long distance high-speed commutes: users would "dock" their PUMAs on an "electric guideway" for high-speed long distance travel, and "undock" them for shorter lower-speed commutes. 6:47: Video and media will be available later today to coincide with New York International Auto Show announcements. Critical analysis of this technology? It's too soon to tell, but the iPhone density in this image hosted on the Segway site may be worth a thousand words.

Speed:Sport:Life Radio: Chocolate Bunny Holocaust Edition

A slightly still sugar-buzzed edition of SSL Radio this week. If you eat too many of those marshmallow Peeps at once your heart explodes, so I've had to spread it out over the last few days. We wrap up coverage of the New York International Auto Show, finally get an answer to the ridiculous Z06 vs. GT-R battle, GM finds a way to put a stain on the until now spotless new Camaro, yet another corporate CEO is given an amusing characterization, and more miniature car fun on this week's edition of Suspicious Solar Lighting Radio.

Speed:Sport:Life Radio: I Love Guinness Edition

Behold, our new, colon-filled title! Seriously, Speed:Sport:Life is a much better title than Dubspeed Driven, despite my ineffectual and half-hearted grousing to the contrary, since, as I mention in the podcast, it's hard to make a quality first impression that shows off our professionalism and dedication to the honest truth about the automotive industry when I have the word "Dub" tacked onto the front of my name badge. And the fact that I'm roughly 20 years too young to be considered a human being in the automotive industry. And my wardrobe, which consists almost entirely of jeans and t-shirts purchased off the Internet. But I'll be damned if we didn't fix that first problem! Anyway, we've got a quality but short podcast for you this week. Enjoy.