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Driven: 2015 BMW X4

In struggling to describe the X4 to the unfamiliar, I was often reminded of the fact that BMW’s full model lineup has now stretched to a staggering 97 unique drivetrain and body configurations. Obviously, the name of this automaker’s game is diversification. With a car for every buyer and therefore a butt for every well-contoured seat, the Bavarians stand somewhat alone in the marketplace at the moment - though other manufacturers are hustling to catch up. What’s most surprising isn’t the sheer level of choice at your local BMW lot – it’s the fact that the company still manages to make each one of them a decent steer. SAMSUNG CSC Take our xDrive35i for example. A “35i” suffix in BMW parlance indicates that a sonorous 3-liter straight six with a twin-scroll turbocharger hanging off the side is residing under the hood. Though the X4 is bulkier than its outright appearance would suggest – curb weight comes in at 4,260 pounds – the N55 engine still delivers a gratifying shove of acceleration when summoned. It also sounds quite nice doing so, with a burly growl that evokes the naturally-aspirated inline sixes of BMW’s past. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Part of that shove could be down to BMW’s notoriously underrated power outputs – our car felt far stronger than 300 horsepower toting two-plus tons has any right to – but credit also goes to the ingenious ZF 8-speed automatic transmission so prevalent among luxury autos these days. The 8-speed’s mechanicals are probably peerless, but surely some of the charm with this transmission comes down to BMW’s programming work, and it’s clear they’ve spent some time noodling with it. Gear changes are shuffled transparently in full auto mode, though a quick tug of a paddle shifter will spur whip-crack reaction speeds when desired. SAMSUNG CSC   SAMSUNG CSC The powertrain is just one part of a compelling package – the other key is the chassis. You wouldn’t expect a vehicle such as the X4 – whatever it might be – to handle well. Sure, it’s based on a car platform, and a good one at that. But it’s then jacked up to high altitude and given a heavier suit of sheetmetal to carry on its shoulders, which doesn’t typically do great things for handling. And yet the X4 still prospers, particularly when fitted with our car’s optional M Sport package ($1,900), Dynamic Damper Control ($1,000) and 20” M wheels ($950). Cornering attitudes are fairly flat, particularly so with the dampers in sport mode, and grip levels high. Ride comfort remains well-resolved. The brake pedal also loads naturally and offers decent feel. Steering feedback is predictably mute, but the rack does at least have a nice heft to it. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Technology and content levels were high on our admittedly loaded tester. Though nearly every car on the market now seems to offer an available backup camera and blind spot monitoring, BMW’s systems go a step further. As part of the Driver Assistance Plus package, wide-angle cameras front and rear offer crisp, HD-like levels of clarity, and combine to provide a birds-eye view in tight parking quarters. Blind spot monitoring is also included in the package, taken a step further by a lane departure warning system that provides a light pulsation through the steering wheel if you drift into another lane without signaling. It’s gentle but effective, providing the sensation of running over those grooved emergency lane markings. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC The technology onslaught continues elsewhere. BMW’s latest iDrive controller features touchpad scrawling capability for quick alphabetical inputs and is helpful for those with lengthy phone contact lists. The 16-speaker Harman Kardon sound system’s option box was also ticked, and it provided crisp, powerful highs with decent bass and quick pairing via Bluetooth. The rest of the interior is attractively laid out and appears well-assembled, with no materials that felt anything less than satisfactory. BMW will also continue to draw compliments from long-legged drivers like myself for offering sport seats with extendable thigh bolstering. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC While its mega-hatchback looks and tough-to-nail-down classification will draw confusion from some and ire from others, BMW obviously had a hit on their hands with the X6. With BMW now hoping to replicate that success in a nimbler, more affordable and more efficient package, the X4 will probably continue to split opinion and woo those select few for whom it’s a perfect fit. SAMSUNG CSC [gallery ids="11058,11064,11067,11075,11068,11066,11065,11063,11062,11069,11073,11059,11061,11060,11071,11070,11074,11072"]   2015 BMW X4 xDrive35i Base price: $48,950 Price as tested: $65,075 Options on test car:  Metallic paint ($550), M Sport package ($1,900), Dynamic Damper Control ($1,000), 20” M Wheels ($950), Driver Assistance package ($700), Driver Assistance Plus package ($1,900), Lighting package ($1,900), Premium package ($2,200), Technology package ($3,150), Heated front seats ($500), Harman Kardon sound system ($875), Enhanced BT & Smartphone Integration ($500) Powertrain: 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six cylinder engine, 8-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel-drive – 300 horsepower, 300 lb-ft torque S:S:L-observed fuel economy: 21.7 mpg BMW provided the vehicle for testing purposes and one tank of gas. Photos by the author.

Driven: 2015 Cadillac Escalade ESV

In their press release for the new 2015 Escalade, Cadillac is quick to tout much-improved (and class-leading, if you exclude the Benz GL diesel) efficiency as the truck’s defining point. Improved efficiency is all well and good, and quite necessary for CAFE standards, but let’s be brutally honest here: nobody, and I mean nobody, buys an Escalade based on fuel economy. And that’s OK. SAMSUNG CSC So what else is new about the Escalade, something that might tempt buyers cross-shopping other upscale 7-seaters like the GL550, Range Rover or Lexus LX570? Style, for one. Caddy’s new corporate face has now been slapped on the Escalade, with a prominent waterfall grille framed by twin-tiered LED running lights. It’s a classy yet imposing look, and it works well on the considerable girth of the long-wheelbase ESV model I drove. Around back, full-length LED taillights continue the theme. It’s a look that implies power, an asset the Escalade has in spades. SAMSUNG CSC A new 6.2-liter EcoTec3 V8 with 420 horsepower and 460 torques does its part to motivate all Escalade models through a six-speed automatic. Both rear-wheel drive and 4WD are offered. Though it offers better economy than before through cylinder deactivation and direct injection, the 6.2L also brings 5% more power and 10% more torque. For all its strength, the new powertrain still requires a hefty shove of the gas to summon the acceleration it’s capable of. Once you move through that initial pedal travel, though, the Caddy hauls – even in this 3-ton beast of a hauler, sub-6-second 0-60 times are possible. It also sounds glorious doing it. SAMSUNG CSC The bulk of the redesign efforts clearly went toward the interior, which is a far more modern and sumptuous place to spend time in than before. Better aerodynamics and sealing techniques lead to a quieter cabin, and all the surfaces that passengers are likely to touch are wrapped in either leather, woodgrain or Alcantara. The CUE system makes its first appearance in Caddy’s largest product, as does the full-graphic gauge cluster. We’re getting more comfortable with CUE now through repeated use, though some ghost-in-the-machine type electronic anomalies found their way through the screens from time to time. We’re not sure whether our tester was a pre-production model or not, but it’s likely that a simple dealer reflash would have ameliorated the issues, if other similar reports are any indication. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Whether tooling around town or undertaking extended freeway jaunts, the Escalade is unflappably comfortable and composed. Despite being a truck underneath, the ride is serene, save for the occasional "thwack" from expansion joints – likely due to our truck’s glitzy (and optional) 22” rollers. Torque is prodigious, but easy to meter out from the long-travel pedal. Visibility is good, but blind spot monitoring is a helpful new addition in a vehicle this long. And crucially, the ESV’s interior is positively cavernous, with available space behind the third row of seats humbling that of most two-row SUVs. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC For buyers of the fleet/livery ilk, upwardly advantaged multi-child households, or just those who demand a high level of street presence in a luxurious package, the new ‘Slade ESV is still in a class of one. SAMSUNG CSC [gallery ids="10878,10879,10880,10881,10882,10883,10884,10891,10885,10887,10893,10886,10889,10890,10888,10892"]   2015 Cadillac Escalade ESV 4WD Premium Base price: $86,790 Price as tested: $90,985 Options on test car:  Kona Brown leather w/ Jet Black accents ($2,000), Power retractable assist steps ($1,695), 22” dual 7-spoke aluminum wheels ($500) Powertrain: 6.2-liter V8 engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, four wheel drive – 420 horsepower, 460 lb-ft torque S:S:L-observed fuel economy: 15.5 mpg Cadillac provided the vehicle for testing purposes and one tank of gas. Photos by the author.

Driven: 2014 Lexus RX450h

You could be forgiven for thinking it’s a bit late in the Lexus RX’s model life cycle for us to review it; after all, these pages are usually devoted to freshly restyled or all-new metal. But in fact, though this platform’s basic bones stretch back to the 2010 model year, the RX received a heavy refresh for 2013 that brought it right up to date against others in the entry-level luxury crossover segment. We've covered the normal RX350 before on these pages, but never the full-zoot RX450h hybrid version. What makes this CUV a perennial class sales leader? Read on for a look. SAMSUNG CSC Exterior: The RX was one of the first Lexuses shown with the new corporate Predator® spindle grille design, and while it seemed radical when it debuted, just two short model years in market (and plenty of subsequent real-world sightings) have made the new design almost blase, unassuming. Its styling is certainly tamed by the silver paint, non-F-Sport fascia, and smaller wheels of our tester…but the shape will still be familiar to many and offensive to almost none. SAMSUNG CSC Interior Design/Equipment/Tech: I've become quite fond of Lexus’s recent crop of interior designs, and the RX’s is no different. There are subtly upscale materials on offer, a good driving position, ergonomic sensibility and an abundance of room for people and objects alike. The front seats in particular are extremely comfortable, and the cascading center stack and armrest form a cockpit-like environment for the driver, something keen drivers like me probably wouldn't expect in a vehicle of this type. Ergonomics are good, so everything you use frequently falls easily to hand, and while Lexus’s haptic feedback “mouse” for controlling the infotainment system has hitherto been mostly panned in the press, I’m one of its staunchest supporters – I find it to be leagues better during actual on-road operation than rival systems from BMW and Cadillac. The only thing in here that you might miss is a tachometer, in its place a power/eco/charge gauge familiar to anyone who’s driven a Toyota hybrid product before. Though with a CVT being the only transmission available, you’re not going to need a tach anyway. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Powertrain: The RX450h is available in both front-wheel and all-wheel-drive variants (ours was front-driven), though both are tugged around by the same combination of Toyota-ubiquitous 3.5-liter 2GR-FE V6, 37kWh battery pack, and electric motors. The combo’s good enough for 295 total horsepower, a bonus of 25 horsepower over the RX350, though with 342 extra pounds to tote around, any accelerative benefits are easily negated. In the real world, the 450h has enough power, but it probably doesn’t feel all of its nearly 300 horsepower because of a soft, eco-minded throttle calibration and the 4,520 pounds it has to carry. Still, after returning 28 mpg over more than 300 miles of mixed city/highway commuting conditions, it’s hard to argue against the hybrid powertrain’s execution. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Ride/Handling: The RX isn’t engineered for driving thrills or back road enjoyment, plain and simple. That’s not a ding against it, simply an observation. If you want a relatively more “buttoned-down” feel for the road with your RX, choose the RX350 F-Sport I drove last year. Personally, I’ll trade the F-Sport’s firmer ride for the 450h’s more cosseting, isolated nature – it’s a luxury crossover, after all, not an LF-A. As such, I never felt compelled to push the 450h to its outer grip limits, so I can’t report on handling neutrality or degrees of understeer. I suspect most owners would concur. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Driving Experience: Aside from a slightly sluggish throttle tip-in, which to its credit does make it fairly easy to keep the RX450h in electric-only mode when under 30 mph, the driving experience is largely positive. The aforementioned ride is smooth and exceedingly quiet, the only noise entering the cabin being that of the V6 when full grunt is summoned. Because of the CVT, revs will sit in the midrange or higher until your desired speed is reached, not mimicking a traditional auto with stepped gear ratios like many CVT manufacturers are now doing. Still, at least what little sound there is happens to be of the "muted V6 growl" variety instead of a strained four-banger. SAMSUNG CSC Value: Great fuel economy is a hallmark of Toyota/Lexus hybrid products, and the story’s no different here. Our 28.2 mile-per-gallon average amounted to a significant 7 mpg increase over the standard RX350 I drove previously. A quick run of the numbers shows that you’d still need to drive nearly 150,000 miles before the hybrid’s $6,650 price penalty was recouped through fuel savings alone, though in the current luxury car marketplace, there is also a certain intangible value for anything with a Hybrid badge that rises above mere dollars and sense. Coupled with the fact that many of these cars are leased and not purchased for the long-term, the slight monthly payment increase for a 450h starts to make sense against the fuel cost savings you'll see around town. Moreover, for the lux crossover shopper that must also have a hybrid, the RX450 exacts no penalty in driving experience for the luxury of visiting the pumps less often. SAMSUNG CSC [gallery ids="10265,10266,10267,10262,10263,10264,10278,10270,10274,10273,10269,10277,10276,10271,10272,10268"] 2014 Lexus RX450h Base price: $47,320 Price as tested: $56,445 Options on test car: Dual-screen rear seat DVD system, Navigation system, Backup camera & App suite package ($4,920), Heated and ventilated front seats ($640), Mark Levinson premium sound ($995), Premium Package ($2,570) Powertrain: 3.5-liter V6 engine, 37 kWh Ni-MH battery pack and twin front electric motor units, continuously variable transmission, front-wheel drive – 295 combined system horsepower S:S:L-observed fuel economy: 28.2 mpg Lexus provided the vehicle for testing purposes and one tank of gas. Photos by the author.

Driven: 2014 Nissan Rogue SL

SAMSUNG CSC In what was to become the last true model year of its first generation, the 2013 Rogue I sampled last year exhibited all-around competence but little in the way of passion. Now that it’s got a fresh new wrapper, it might finally pack the combination needed to woo buyers from some of the segment’s most popular entrants. SAMSUNG CSC Still, despite all the work they’ve done on the redesigned 2014 model, it seems like the Rogue Nissan really wants to sell you is the leftover previous generation – to wit, when I attempted to build a 2014 Rogue on Nissan’s website, it directed me to build a 2013 instead. Furthermore, Nissan still sells the 2013 model in 2014, renamed the Rogue Select, akin to the way Chevy sold the Malibu Classic alongside the new Malibu for a couple of generations back in GM's dark days. However, rather than solely being foisted on fleet customers like the Classic, Nissan’s official line is that the Select exists to sell off remaining production stock of the 2013 design. That dream should come to fruition any day now, so if you really want a well-equipped “2014” Rogue for about $20 grand, act fast. We’re not here to talk about that car, though – our subject is the all-new Rogue. SAMSUNG CSC The crossover’s new skin might have a lot to do with any uptick in sales numbers this year – it’s a sharp-looking car, no doubt. Against competitors like the frumpy CR-V and stoic but plain Tiguan, the Rogue wears its Pathfinder-inspired styling arguably better than its bigger brother. The LED headlights and surrounding halo rings of our loaded SL tester are a particularly nice touch, and frame the V-split grille nicely. Around back are a more traditional tailgate design and three-quarter view, albeit one that bears a passing resemblance to what used to be one of the best looking vehicles in the segment, the now-forgotten 2nd-gen Mitsubishi Outlander. I’m not going out on a limb labelling the redesign a success, transforming the formerly blobby Rogue into a genuinely handsome vehicle. SAMSUNG CSC Inside, things are equally fresh compared to the previous Rogue but will look and feel familiar to anyone who’s spent time in a current-generation Altima. The gauge layout and center stack both ape that car’s design, and the “zero-g” front seats are also lifted from the midsizer – a good thing, as they prove comfortable and fatigue-free for hours upon end. These new Nissans are among the few vehicles I can endure for more than a few hours without acute lower back pain, and the so-called “sport seats” in my Caymans and FR-S are not counted among those ranks. The Rogue’s materials aren’t going to blow anyone away, but they are at least on par with anything else in this segment, except maybe the Tiguan. Also, more wind and tire noise makes it through to the cabin than I remember in the Altima. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Room up front and in the second row is quite good, as is cargo space. Our tester wasn’t equipped with the newly-available third row seating, but you’ve got to believe that no matter how roomy this compact CUV is behind the second row (and it is class-leading in that respect according to Nissan), any third row chairs are going to be a strictly dogs-or-small-kids affair, for short trips at that. Still, it’s a unique selling point in a compact class full of strictly two-row crossovers. SAMSUNG CSC Things are mostly carried over in the powertrain and chassis department, with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder that shuffles power through a continuously variable transmission remaining the only choice, aside from front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Horsepower and torque numbers stand pat at 170 and 175, respectively. That CVT has been slightly revised for internal efficiency, and as a result the new Rogue posts up segment-topping EPA fuel economy estimates of 26 mpg city and 33 mpg highway. I saw 27.0 combined, beating not only the first generation Rogue but also my previous averages in the Escape 1.6L EcoBoost and Tiguan, although both of those turbocharged powertrains have this one beat for outright grunt. SAMSUNG CSC Nissan's obviously chosen to spend the lion's share of this generation's development dollars on tech and feature content, at least initially. Equipment levels are extremely generous in all trims, but noticeably so in our high-end SL tester. Heated leather seats, navigation, keyless entry and drive, nine-speaker Bose audio, Nissan's around-view backup monitor system, and a power liftgate are all standard fare for the SL's $29,140 price of entry. Our press car's bottom line was further bolstered by the $1,990 Premium Package, which includes a panoramic sunroof, excellent full-LED headlights, and a slew of safety apps - forward collision warning, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and moving object detection. Both the entry-level S ($23,650) and mid-level SV ($25,350) trims can be had with the third row seat, and standard content levels are high in either. All-wheel-drive adds $1,350 to the bottom line no matter which trim level you choose. SAMSUNG CSC The compact CUV segment is one that's filled with fickle buyers, and sales are hard-fought regardless of manufacturer. Nissan's chosen path of feature content, value, styling and space improve the previous Rogue in all aspects, but don't tug at the heartstrings of buyers looking for an engaging driving experience. Happily for Nissan, the improvements they've made should be solid enough to tempt some buyers away that would have otherwise landed in Escapes, CR-Vs or RAV4s. [gallery ids="10059,10065,10066,10067,10060,10064,10057,10063,10062,10055,10054,10061,10058,10056"]   2014 Nissan Rogue SL Base price: $29,140 Price as tested: $31,265 Options on test car: SL Premium Package ($1,990), floor mats ($135) Powertrain: 2.5-liter four cylinder engine, CVT automatic transmission, front-wheel drive – 170 horsepower, 175 lb-ft torque S:S:L-observed fuel economy: 27.0 mpg Nissan provided the vehicle for testing purposes and one tank of gas. Photos by the author.  

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 Top: Impreza Sport; Bottom: Outback 

Ketoconazole Cream For Sale, After receiving two Subaru loaners within three weeks, I felt it prudent to do a little comparison and contrast between the two most typifying members of the Subaru brand’s persona – practical, sensible all-wheel-drive station wagons.

That’s what Subaru does best (other than reliability) and those traits have caused buyers to beat a path to dealers’ doors like never before – the company has had one banner sales month after another during the last few years. Is Ketoconazole Cream safe, Of course, my interests primarily lie with the brand’s sportier offerings – the WRX and BRZ – but I’m interested in what makes these wagons the real bread and butter of the monthly Subie sales reports.


 Top: Impreza Sport; Bottom: Outback 


Besides the roughly $10 grand that separates their sticker prices, herbal Ketoconazole Cream, on paper the two wagons line up remarkably well. Purchase Ketoconazole Cream online, Both are powered by fuel-efficient flat four-cylinder engines, sized 2.5 liters in the Outback and 2 liters in the Impreza, each hooked to continuously variable transmissions, Ketoconazole Cream canada, mexico, india. Before you groan, let’s get one thing straight: these CVTs actually aren’t half bad, Ketoconazole Cream For Sale. The CVT’s savior among the car guy crowd may very well be a manufacturer’s willingness to program stepped “gears” into the transmission’s shift pattern either in normal operation, After Ketoconazole Cream, or in a special sport or manual mode. Such is the case with Subaru’s gearbox, which, Ketoconazole Cream price, coupon, when slotted into M, Ketoconazole Cream cost, does a good impersonation of a normal torque converter 6-speed automatic with gear changes handled by the wheel-mounted paddles.


 Top: Impreza Sport; Bottom: Outback 

Power from the Outback’s boxer four is certainly adequate for its likely assigned duties, though hardly soul-stirring, buying Ketoconazole Cream online over the counter. The torque spread is nicely matched with the powerband, Real brand Ketoconazole Cream online, and together with the aforementioned CVT’s sympathetic shift programming, the combo avoids much of the drone normally associated with four-banger/CVT combos. Ketoconazole Cream For Sale, Our observed fuel economy hewed closer to the EPA’s city rating of 24 mpg rather than the 30 mpg highway number – we saw just under 25 during the Outback’s week-long stay. Not bad for an AWD vehicle of this one’s size, Ketoconazole Cream blogs.

Despite having just 148 horsepower, Ketoconazole Cream natural, the Impreza Sport actually feels quite peppy for an economy car. And economical it is – the Sport averaged nearly 30 mpg in my hands. Its sprightliness might have something to do with the 500-pound-lighter load it has to carry around; with a curb weight of 3, Ketoconazole Cream without a prescription,087 pounds, Ketoconazole Cream over the counter, it’s svelte for the amount of room on board. While it has an ever-so-slightly worse power-to-weight ratio than the Outback, for some reason it’s the Impreza that feels lighter on its feet, Ketoconazole Cream For Sale.

Ride and Handling

Both cars obviously feature Subaru’s hallmark “symmetrical all-wheel drive”, and both display similar handling characteristics – grippy cornering that gradually slides into safe understeer at the limit, Ketoconazole Cream pharmacy. Of these two, Canada, mexico, india, the Impreza is the more engaging drive – it turns into corners with limited roll and a high level of roadholding, so much so that it’s hard to believe it is underpinned by all-season tires.


 Impreza Sport

Coming from the Impreza, comprar en línea Ketoconazole Cream, comprar Ketoconazole Cream baratos, the Outback’s steering effort feels quite heavy at first, Ketoconazole Cream no prescription, which takes a bit of getting used to if you’re more accustomed to the industry’s typically fingertip-light electric racks. But overall, the steering and indeed the entire chassis strike a nice balance between comfort and capability, online buying Ketoconazole Cream, having more than enough traction and accuracy to appease owners whether their primary concern is safety or dynamic competence. Ketoconazole Cream For Sale, Still, if your aim is to take one of these wagons down a back road at a pace brisk enough to give any passengers or dogs aboard pause, the Impreza should be your choice. Ketoconazole Cream pics, Interior/Feature Content

Fitted with our example’s slick Saddle Brown leather and black carpeting and panels, the Outback Limited’s interior looks a price point above. While a rap on the dash might betray the Outback’s $24k underpinnings, Ketoconazole Cream pics, the build quality never offends. Purchase Ketoconazole Cream, In fact, it reminded me quite a bit of the interiors in many of the Hondas my family has owned over the years – they might lack the “touchy, feely” materials that wow in the showroom, Ketoconazole Cream images, but what is there is built to last, Ketoconazole Cream over the counter, something plenty of current Subaru families will likely attest to.



Same goes with the Impreza Sport – the interior is more than livable at its price point, and considering the utility on offer, online Ketoconazole Cream without a prescription, the feature content and build quality is quite good. The Impreza also has the more desirable stereo setup, at least from a functional standpoint – a ding against the Outback continues to be its touchscreen stereo interface, used to frustrating effect elsewhere in the Subaru lineup, Ketoconazole Cream For Sale. Where can i order Ketoconazole Cream without prescription, It’s the same basic system found in the BRZ and WRX STI that I sampled last year. While the Outback’s touchscreen is at least a good deal bigger than those on offer in the other Subies, markedly improving its legibility, buy Ketoconazole Cream without prescription, it’s just as finicky when it comes to registering prods at its screen and automatically recognizing a paired phone. Ordering Ketoconazole Cream online, SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC

 Impreza Sport

Utility is obviously where this pair is meant to excel, and in that capacity, they do, what is Ketoconazole Cream. The rear seats easily fold flat in both wagons, Ketoconazole Cream without prescription, leaving a wide-open space for all manner of detritus to accumulate. Ketoconazole Cream For Sale, In terms of outright space, the Outback has the Impreza covered – by offering 34 cubic feet of storage behind the rear seats to the Sport’s 22, and 71 cubes with the seats folded against 52, the Outback is positively cavernous. Credit the extra 15 inches of vehicle length and a taller roof for its hauling capacity; outdoorsy types will also want to consider ponying up the extra dough for the Outback’s ground clearance and towing capacity. Of course, is Ketoconazole Cream safe, there’s also the XV Crosstrek on offer for those who want the smaller footprint of the Impreza combined with the taller stature of an Outback. Ketoconazole Cream no prescription, SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC

 Top: Impreza Sport; Bottom: Outback


Subaru’s certainly got its bases covered in terms of providing practical, rational and yet slightly offbeat transport to the masses. By filling every niche, Ketoconazole Cream coupon, potential buyers need not even decide between these two – there’s also the Forester, Discount Ketoconazole Cream, aforementioned XV Crosstrek, and XV Crosstrek Hybrid to slice the pie even thinner.



If your budget will allow, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the Outback: it adds a more luxuriously-appointed cabin, cavernous space and mild soft-roading capability to the Impreza Sport’s basic virtues of economical, pleasant powertrains and stable all-wheel-drive handling, Ketoconazole Cream For Sale. But if it was my cash at play, effects of Ketoconazole Cream, I’d be perfectly happy with the Impreza Sport – its comparatively diminutive size endows it with more lively handling, Buy cheap Ketoconazole Cream no rx, peppier acceleration and better fuel economy, without forgoing much, if anything, online buy Ketoconazole Cream without a prescription, in the way of creature comforts or utility. Ketoconazole Cream without a prescription, Its cargo bay might not be as big as the Outback’s, but it still carries an impressive amount of stuff – put to the test by an impromptu IKEA run during my week with it. And while it lacks a touchscreen or navigation, order Ketoconazole Cream online overnight delivery no prescription, in my eyes, Rx free Ketoconazole Cream, that’s a bonus, not a drawback.


Impreza Sport

I can’t speak for every buyer, order Ketoconazole Cream from mexican pharmacy, of course, but it seems like Subaru doesn’t need me to – they’ve been doing quite well forging their own, offbeat path for lo these many decades. With the level of execution on cars like these two, it’s not hard to see why.



2014 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited

Base price: $30,220

Price as tested: $35,260

Options on test car: Option package 45 (Navigation System, Pre-Collision Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Keyless Access & Start, Moonroof, Homelink, Saddle Brown leather, Floor mats, Power Driver’s Seat w/ Memory and Lumbar, Backup Camera) - $5,040

Powertrain: 2.5-liter flat four engine, CVT transmission – 173 hp / 174 lb-ft torque

S:S:L-observed fuel economy: 24.8 mpg


2014 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sport Limited

Base price: $23,990

Price as tested: $24,990

Options on test car: Power sunroof ($1,000)

Powertrain: 2.0-liter flat four engine, CVT transmission – 148 hp / 145 lb-ft torque

S:S:L-observed fuel economy: 29.3 mpg


Subaru provided both vehicles for testing purposes with full tanks of gas. Photos by the author.



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DSC_0348_600 Buy Celexa Without Prescription, Eventually, everything comes back into fashion. Danish furniture, chukka boots and typewriters are all experiencing a confounding resurgence of late – someone specializing in the sale of all three would earn a tidy living for himself, Celexa class. Not even the car industry is immune from such trending. Celexa for sale, Look at Cadillac – for decades leading up to the 1970s, a Cadillac was the car –the only car – to own in America. If you were somebody in Middle America, discount Celexa, you owned a Cadillac, No prescription Celexa online, and if you didn’t - then you weren’t. I’ll gloss over the brand's fall from grace in the late 1970s, as it’s been covered ad nauseum by journalists and economists alike, Buy Celexa Without Prescription. Suffice it to say, American buyers lost interest in Cadillac nearly as fast as GM's upper management did, Celexa pictures.


Most car experts will point to 2003’s CTS sedan as the golden boy of the new Art and Science Cadillac – the one that started the wave of resurgence the brand is still riding high on. Where can i cheapest Celexa online, That’s probably true – but I think the original SRX doesn’t get its fair share of the credit for changing perception among the buying public. That first SRX was an American car if there ever was one. Buy Celexa Without Prescription, It wasn’t an executive car formed from the rib of European upper-middle-management sedans. It was an honest-to-goodness, about Celexa, rear-wheel-drive station wagon for the country that loves its station wagons. Fast shipping Celexa, Sure, we call them SUVs and crossovers now instead of station wagons, but let’s call a spade a spade: the original SRX was a CTS sportwagon before there was a CTS sportwagon, Celexa from mexico.


And boy, Celexa cost, was it a great wagon. A leather-lined cocoon with a 255-hp V6 or 320-hp Northstar V8 driving the rear wheels as god intended – or all four, if you insisted, Celexa australia, uk, us, usa. Even if the Northstar wasn’t your cup of tea, the DOHC V6 was capable of hauling the SRX around with acceptable poke, Buy Celexa Without Prescription. It handled with aplomb thanks to a low-ish center of gravity and its competent CTS underpinnings. Buy Celexa from canada, And yet, despite all of this, the first-gen SRX couldn't quite cash in on the white-hot luxury SUV segment with the vigor of its closest competitors, purchase Celexa, namely the Lexus RX, Celexa gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, which sold three to one over the Caddy in its best years.


To help their funky wagon-turned-SUV appeal to more of the types of shoppers that buy such vehicles (i.e. not Internet car enthusiasts), buying Celexa online over the counter, Cadillac modeled the new SRX in 2010 on FWD-based underpinnings, Celexa blogs, similar to the Camry duds the class best-seller was riding atop. Buy Celexa Without Prescription, GM’s Theta platform, originally formed for the Saturn Vue and Pontiac Torrent/Chevy Equinox twins, was comprehensively upgraded to become Theta Premium, underpinning the new SRX and the now rare-as-hens-teeth Saab 9-4X. What that change achieved was to help bring the SRX's fuel economy up – way up – and prices down relative to the previous generation, a move that supercharged sales compared to its CTS-based predecessor, Celexa overnight.


Sales of the 2010 SRX nearly doubled the old car’s numbers in its best year, Celexa alternatives, and steadily increased from there. Offered initially with a 3.0-liter naturally aspirated V6 or a quirky, Saab-sourced turbocharged 2.8-liter V6, what is Celexa, 2012 brought a line-standard upgrade to the 3.6-liter V6 and 6-speed Hydra-Matic auto combination, Doses Celexa work, good for 308 horsepower, 265 lb-ft, and on our 2013 AWD Premium tester, Celexa price, coupon, combined fuel economy of 18 mpg (16 city, Is Celexa addictive, 23 highway). That might not sound like much to write home about, but against the previous generation’s 14 city and 21 highway, real brand Celexa online, the decision to switch the FWD architecture starts to look well-founded. Truthfully, I didn’t have much trouble comfortably beating that 18 mpg combined figure in my week with the SRX, averaging closer to 20 in mixed driving, Buy Celexa Without Prescription. Celexa coupon, That’s right in line with the RX350 F-Sport I had a while back, and that car’s 3.5-liter V6 was down 38 horses on this Caddy’s 3.6. The Caddy also weighs 60 pounds less than the Lex, Celexa price, so you can probably imagine which one will earn the stoplight kudos. Celexa dangers, DSC_0358_600

The SRX makes a comfortable ally both in weekday commuting jaunts and passenger-hauling evening duties. Our fully-loaded tester had an expansive complement of tech gear, including heated and cooled seats, Celexa samples, a dual-screen rear seat Blu Ray system, Comprar en línea Celexa, comprar Celexa baratos, adaptive cruise control and, naturally, Cadillac’s infotainment suite known as CUE, Celexa trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy Celexa Without Prescription, Plenty has been written in the press about CUE and not all of it has been rosy, but I will say this much about it: after delving into the submenus and recalibrating the system’s touch-screen reactivity, a step many drivers probably miss, I found it easier to work with. That's not to say I prefer the touch-sensitive reactive hardpoints below the touchscreen to good old buttons. Order Celexa online c.o.d, It often takes more than a single prod to produce the desired result. Even so, it’s undeniable that CUE results in a tidier-looking center stack design, purchase Celexa online no prescription, and it packs what is probably the industry’s slickest-looking user interface design with enough tech to make headlines at an annual Consumer Electronics Show. Buy Celexa without a prescription, It seems to be the way of the world that new car buyers increasingly want their car tech to rival their best home tech, so we archaic flat-earthers will just have to get used to it and fall in line.


The technologies I can get really get on board with are the myriad safety systems on offer in our SRX, Buy Celexa Without Prescription. When taken at once, buy Celexa online cod, they read like a wish list from a 1950s Motorama: Side Blind Zone Alert, Celexa natural, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, effects of Celexa, Safety Alert Seat – and I could go on. Celexa class, That last one – Safety Alert Seat – is especially fun. When enabled, instead of receiving audible alerts of impending danger, Celexa treatment, it sends a mild jolt to your buns through the driver’s seat bottom. Online Celexa without a prescription, The effect is somewhat akin to those old handshake zappers available at gag shops and Spencer's gifts....it certainly isn't painful, but it definitely brings your attention to the road, which is what you want in hazardous situations, Celexa dosage. Buy Celexa Without Prescription, Since the hearing in my young ears is just fine, I set the system to warn me with chimes rather than mild tazes. It’d be nice if there was an option to set those vibrating modules to “knead” rather than “pulse”, Cheap Celexa, effectively turning the driver’s seat into a Magic Fingers® hotel bed, though I suppose that could lull you into a dangerous state of meditation.


I enjoyed my time with the SRX, and it presents itself as a very competent challenger to the class-stalwart RX350, although I caught myself daydreaming wistfully about how good a rear-wheel-drive SRX on the updated CTS running gear would be. But if we enthusiasts blanch somewhat at the thought of a switch from rear-wheel-drive to front in any vehicle, at least we can all agree that in this latest version of Caddy’s crossover, it has added up to success in the one place it really counts: showroom traffic. If that means GM can fund exemplary-handling rear-wheel-drive chassis like the latest ATS and CTS and continue to further its in-car technology and safety offerings, then all the better. That’s progress I can get behind.



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2013 Cadillac SRX AWD Premium Collection

Base price: $51,625

Price as tested: $56,510

Options on test car: Rear-seat entertainment system, dual screens and Blu Ray player ($1,595), Driver Assist package ($2,395), 20” Bright Chrome wheels ($895)

Powertrain: 3.6 Liter SIDI V6, 6-speed automatic – 308 horsepower, 265 lb-ft torque

Cadillac provided the vehicle for testing purposes and one tank of gas. Photos by the author.


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