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Driven: 2014 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T SEL

SAMSUNG CSC When Volkswagen introduced the current North American market, US-built Passat in 2011, it was a move seen as either heresy or necessity, depending on which side of the VW enthusiast fence you sat on. After all, if the company wasn’t going to trade on its “Continental manufacturing for the mainstream” appeal, what was the point? At least, that was the counterargument to VW's claim that a midsize sedan designed specifically for the North American market would finally allow them to compete on price, size and content with competitors from Asia and the US. Despite being three model years in, we haven’t yet covered the “NMS” Passat on these pages. No time like the present… SAMSUNG CSC While it may be known internally as the NMS (new midsize sedan), H.M.S. might have been a more appropriate designation – this thing is a yacht. Rear seat legroom, even behind a tall driver, is enough for any budding taxi or livery fleet to bank their success on; ditto the trunk. If merit was based purely on rear seat accommodations, the Passat would surely be a homerun. Of course, it’s not quite that easy, as VW has discovered – the Passat has been relegated to the bottom half of the segment sales charts since introduction. As I would come to find out during my week with the car, that probably has more to do with the stalwarts in this class and the competence of those challengers than any major shortcomings on the Passat’s part. SAMSUNG CSC Still, it must be said – one problem the Passat faces in this larger-than-life marketplace is its styling: it’s conservative almost to a fault. While I find it to be quite classy and unassuming (which is what some would expect in a German car), its competitors sport more visual flash and still manage to put butts in the seats. It’s especially restrained on lower trim levels, where 16-inch alloys or even wheel covers stand in for our SEL’s tasty 18-inch split-five alloys. Still, while the styling may not light hearts afire, the paint quality and shutlines are better than average for the class. SAMSUNG CSC The interior continues the theme of restraint, with Coal Bin Black™ being the color theme of the day, aside from a few wood trim flourishes on the dash and doors. For this lover of mid-90s Japanese autos, the large side windows and low cowl/short dash combination bring back the airy greenhouse feeling of some of my favorites – 1990-93 Accord, I’m looking in your direction. So even though the materials used are dark, the interior still feels bright and spacious, and assembly quality is typically VW/Audi tight. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Out on the road, the Passat drives like a big, laid back cruiser – far from the buttoned-down home market feel of its German-made B7 predecessor. Large undulations are felt in two complete up-and-down motions rather than just one, and while a smooth ride is fine, more damper control would be nice. Cornering attitude actually remains quite flat, which is unexpected given the soft ride quality, and the steering is light in effort but accurate and trustworthy. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Replacing the previous 2.5-liter naturally aspirated 5-cylinder power unit is a standard 1.8-liter turbocharged and direct-injected four cylinder from the EA888 family, which pumps out 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet. While not much stronger on paper, real-world grunt over the old five-cylinder is palpable, and the real reason it’s here – for improved fuel economy – is immediately apparent in the EPA ratings. Ratings of 24 city and 34 highway trounce the old engine’s 22/31, and with the torque peak now occurring at just 1,500 rpm instead of 4,250, the six-speed auto can upshift early on a wave of torque while still providing adequate forward progress. It’s more than a little reminiscent of the TDI/6-speed DSG combo also available in the Passat, right down to the clattery engine note – though at idle, virtually no engine noise or vibration enters the cabin. Mileage-wise, I was only able to eke out a 27.6 MPG average in mixed conditions, which makes me wonder whether an engine start-stop system might be a worthwhile mid-cycle addition to improve around-town mileage. Highway mileage registered in the low 30s. SAMSUNG CSC With a monster 18.5 gallon tank and honest 30+ MPG highway capability, the Passat is truly a mile crusher – 550-mile ranges are well within reach on road trips. The rest of the car certainly won’t beat you up, either. The seats are comfortable, the Fender-branded stereo is strong (though touchscreen inputs sometimes lag before registering), and all controls feel properly judged and weighted. It’s a nice place to spend time, and it’s quiet – really quiet. Unless you’re on rough pavement, that is – our tester’s 18-inch, 235-section tires and an utter lack of wind noise probably conspired to amplify perceived road noise more than a decibel meter could confirm, but there was enough of a sound difference between smooth and pitted pavement for me to notice. Is it a deal-breaker? No. But if you’re shopping the Passat, you may want to try a trim level with 16- or 17-inch wheels back to back with the SEL to see if there’s an improvement. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Overall, then, the Passat is a bit of a mixed success. Is it a nice car? Absolutely. And it certainly feels built to hold up in the long run and remain cheap to operate, something its complex forebears couldn’t always say. But does it retain that “Germanic” feel that drew so many now-loyalists to the VW nameplate in the first place? It looks German, but in every other aspect, this is a car built to (perceived) American tastes of roominess and ride quality – whether or not those are current mid-size shoppers’ actual values is still up in the air.  SAMSUNG CSC 2014 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T SEL Premium Base price: $31,715 Price as tested: $31,715 Options on test car: None Powertrain: 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, six-speed automatic transmission, front-wheel drive – 170 horsepower, 184 lbs-ft torque S:S:L-observed fuel economy: 27.6 mpg VW provided the vehicle for testing purposes and one tank of gas. Photos by the author.

First Drive: 2015 Volkswagen Golf TSI and TDI


Such a feelin's comin' over me There is wonder in most everything I see Not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes And I won't be surprised if it's a dream

It’s 9:45 a.m., local time. I’m standing at one of what must be a hundred overlooks in Wildcat Canyon Park, looking down on, well, everything.  If you’ve never been to the Bay area (as I had not until this point), there’s no way for me to describe to you the view before me—one that photography has no hope of doing justice. There’s so much going on, yet it’s all encapsulated in a way. One could easily convince a child that the entire world exists within the geography visible from this vantage point. That goes a long way toward explaining the mindset of the average resident, I think. Twenty-four hours ago, I was boarding a plane in Baltimore. In another 24, I should be landing there again. Neither mind nor body has caught up to the change of venue (not to mention the change in time). No point in trying to adjust now, I suppose. “That car is hot,” remarks my co-driver, breaking my reverie. “Hmm?” “It’s hot. Can you smell it?” Indeed, the Golf smells strongly of friction material. Whether it’s from the brakes or the transmission, I can’t quite tell. But my companion has a point. We’ve only done maybe half a mile of non-abusive, uphill canyon driving to this point. There’s no reason for the car to be in any sort of distress. We both chew on the observation for another minute or two, try in vain to snap a smartphone picture that could do the view justice, and then hop back into the car. The new 1.8L Golf TSI may look like a baby GTI on paper. On the road, it’s a different story. Our tester is a four-door “S” model with the sunroof package and six-speed automatic. You have to upgrade to the “SE” trim for 17-inch alloys or “SEL” for 18-inchers. Consequently, our tester is a bit more prone to lean than some of the others may have been. The ride is still quite composed and the handling sharp enough for a little hustling, but the car likes to push and squeal a bit when the corners get tight.


On the inside, the 2015 is still 100% Golf. The layout is simple and attractive. The plastics are of reasonable quality and the aluminum (Aluminum? Aluminum-look? Alum-enough, regardless) trim is tasteful and judiciously applied. I have only two gripes here. First off, the knobs and other switchgear are still a bit so-so. The HVAC knobs and such don’t feel particularly robust, for example, and as the former owner of a fourth-generation Passat whose radio knob and center console lid lasted all of a month, such things draw my attention. Secondly, what does it take to get a simple USB port in a Volkswagen product? It’s also worth mentioning as well that VW’s competitors are rapidly catching up. The new Mazda3, for example, is easily the VW’s equal. It feels strange to say it, but that makes it no less true. The VW’s cabin is quieter, but the Mazda’s feedback more granular. A wash on paper, maybe, but that’s the sort of thing that can sway a buying decision, depending on the customer. On the bright side, the 1.8L TSI engine is an excellent companion. The small turbocharger means quick spools for excellent response all over the rev range, and since the engine isn’t spun very high, it pulls nicely pretty much all the way to redline. It’s a great package for a daily driver, and while those of us who prefer naturally aspirated engines may miss the character of the old inline-five, the new turbo mill delivers 20% better highway fuel economy without the ridiculously tall gearing of the most recent 2.5L-equipped cars. It’s hard to argue with gaining 6 mpg, especially if you’re in marketing.


After lunch, we grab a TDI for the drive back to the hotel. The route will take us across the Bay from Richmond to San Rafael, then south on 101, crossing the Golden Gate on the way back into town. Unlike the TSI, the TDI is just a new shell around the same driving experience. The new, two-liter engine is up 10 horsepower from the previous generation. Volkswagen claims it offers a one-mile-per-gallon improvement in both city and mixed driving, but the towering streets of downtown San Francisco are hardly the venue to substantiate that. The TDI is incredibly quiet, punchy and well-suited to highway slogs, and it’s the car to get if you’re the type to travel long distances at constant speeds. It’s no surprise to anybody that the new Golf lineup is stuffed with excellent vehicles; these cars have never suffered from negative critical reception. Where they typically suffer is in value proposition, and to their credit, Volkswagen has made an effort to rectify that.


Most significantly, the TDI now starts at $21,995. That’s a nice drop from its previous starting MSRP, but at the expense of options. You’ll have to jump up to the $25,495 TDI “SE” if you want a car equipped comparably to the entry-level MkVI. This is a strategy VW has seen success with in the Jetta lineup, and I expect it will do equally well here. On the TSI side, there are no dramatic price shifts, but some options have been re-bundled to make the lower-level trims a better value compared to their outgoing equivalents. It’s nothing earth-shattering, but it should help bring more eyes to the showroom, which is exactly what Volkswagen needs if they’re going to reverse the past year’s sales trends. The Golf’s a winner; that should be no surprise. Whether it’s enough to keep VW’s sales numbers afloat while they work to plug the holes in their lineup still remains to be seen.

Driven: 2014 Ford Escape SE EcoBoost

SAMSUNG CSC The Escape is a compact crossover class stalwart, fighting tooth and nail with the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 for the sales crown, month in and month out. As a symbol of the new global Ford it carries itself well, although the last Escape was decidedly archaic when compared to the current model introduced in 2012 and even it sold well. The Tiguan I drove a few weeks back is an also-ran in its sales segment despite being a great car, selling just a tenth of what the big names do. Is the Escape ten times better, or is it simply name recognition at play? We borrowed one for a week to find out. The Escape that turned up at my door was remarkably similar in spec to that Tiguan. Both carried “SE” trim badges, meaning they were each the mid-level model in their respective lineups and featured most of the creature comforts buyers expect in a new car – think Bluetooth, power driver’s seats, alloy wheels and the like. They both featured turbocharged four-cylinder engines producing similar power levels, mated to six-speed automatic transmissions driving just the front wheels. They even wore nearly the same shade of metallic gray paint and as-tested sticker prices within $400 of each other. It doesn't get more evenly matched. SAMSUNG CSC But subtle differences are apparent right away – starting inside. The Ford’s swoopy, futuristic design (both inside and out) is to be expected – VW and their other German cousins have always displayed more styling restraint than we Americans have. But equipment levels are different as well. The focus (no pun intended) on technology in the Escape is immediately noticeable, with MyFordTouch, navigation and Sync included among the options on our tester. If you need to find your way to the store or talk to the Tiguan, your requests will fall on deaf ears. But in terms of material comfort, the Tiguan counters with leatherette trim, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and heated seats – features conspicuous by their absence in the Ford. Fit and finish and material quality are also a notch higher in the German. And while the VW lacks the modern componentry present in the Ford, its traditional push buttons never frustrate. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Out on the road, the character of these two crossovers is remarkably similar. The Ford’s smaller engine (1.6 liters versus the VeeDub’s 2.0) doesn't really act smaller until you rev it beyond 4,000 RPM, where it feels strained and runs out of puff. But around town, the 1.6 EcoBoost actually provides adequate thrust and was obviously tuned to provide the torque of a larger engine where it matters. It also delivered excellent economy for a roomy crossover – more than 26 MPG in mixed conditions and 30 MPG on the highway. The Tiguan’s 2.0TFSI unit feels every inch the more powerful engine, endowed with 22 extra horsepower on paper (and probably even more in practice), but it doesn't really provide much more useful acceleration until you’re at highway speeds or in a passing situation. Most shoppers will be satisfied with the 1.6 EcoBoost’s around-town demeanor and stellar economy, but I’d still tick the option box for the 2.0 EB’s 240 horsepower every single day, and twice on Sunday. SAMSUNG CSC The Escape’s chassis, based as it is on the excellent Focus, has been lauded as the best handler in its segment, and it doesn't disappoint. Turn-in is crisp and immediate, the steering direct and body roll present but well-checked. Ride quality is firm but comfortable. The VW’s ride-and-handling balance is velvety soft in comparison, but it does tend to wallow around a bit more and doesn't exhibit the steering response of the Escape. SAMSUNG CSC The Escape also handily trumps the VW in perhaps the most important crossover category – interior space. With 34 cubic feet with the back seats in place, the Escape effectively hands the VW its you-know-what, which holds just 24 cubes. Its the same story with the seats folded – 68 cu. ft. in the Ford plays 56 in the VW – and overall interior volume, at 132 cu. ft. versus 119 in the VW. All that space pays dividends in the duties that owners are likely to task these vehicles with, like hauling Costco loads, kids and all their detritus. And while they’re not generally used for towing, the Ford has the VW covered there in a pinch, too, rated to tote up to 3500 pounds instead of just 2200. You don’t really have to pay for any of that extra capability at the scales, though, since the Escape is only a hundred pounds heavier than the Tiguan and barely larger in any other exterior dimension. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC In terms of which car I actually preferred driving, I’d still probably just give the VW the nod, though with the optional 2-liter EcoBoost engine, the tables could easily turn back in the Escape’s favor. Despite the Ford’s slightly sharper chassis and obvious advantage in equipment, capacity, and economy, I personally placed greater importance on the VW’s plusher cabin, timeless styling and more powerful motor. Of course, sales speak louder than words – and frankly, it’s obvious why the Escape dominates the Tiguan on the sales charts. The Escape’s combination is a winning one, and likely one that the Germans will be chasing for quite some time. SAMSUNG CSC   2014 Ford Escape SE 1.6L FWD Base price: $25,955 Price as tested: $28,640 Options on test car: 201A equipment group ($1,395), Navigation with Sync and MyFordTouch ($795), Power liftgate ($495) Powertrain: 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, six-speed automatic transmission, front-wheel drive – 178 horsepower* (when 93 octane is used), 184 lb-ft torque S:S:L-observed fuel economy: 26.4 mpg Ford provided the vehicle for testing purposes and one tank of gas. Photos by the author.  

Driven: 2014 VW Tiguan SE

SAMSUNG CSC VW’s first major foray into the US’s highly competitive (and highly important) small SUV marketplace was with the Tiguan back in 2008. The SE model pictured here is now six model years old, but largely unchanged. Has the Tiguan blossomed for the brand, or been left to wither on the vine? SAMSUNG CSC The fact that the Tiguan sells in largely the same format as it did when first introduced says more about the basic goodness of this “GTI on stilts” than any negligence on VW’s part. In fact, the car still feels fresh and competitive in 2014. Much of that is down to the level of construction and fit and finish in the cabin – a VW hallmark, but worth noting just the same. Despite having all the color variety of a coal bin, the Tiguan’s interior is airy and impeccably screwed together, feeling like something Audi could have sold to an unwitting customer who didn’t notice the VW badge on the grille. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC That solidity extends to the chassis and powertrain matchup; the 2.0 TSI engine from the GTI is pinned for duty here, matched up to a traditional 6-speed automatic instead of that car’s DSG gearbox. Throttle tip-in and midrange response are both well-judged, though the Tiguan’s extra few pounds do somewhat diminish the playfulness of this engine when installed in the GTI. Nevertheless, the 2.0T never feels out of breath and totes the Tiguan around with more than enough vigor. The 6-speed auto is smooth but tends to seek out the highest gear and stay there unless you’re really prodding the throttle, but that helped net an encouraging 25.3 miles per gallon overall out of the cute-ute during its time with me. At least you can call on the turbo four’s torque to pull you around slower traffic without necessitating a downshift, a feat few naturally aspirated competitors can accomplish. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Handling isn’t quite GTI tight, but it’s nip-and-tuck: the Tiguan is extremely agile for a compact SUV. The ride-and-handling tradeoff is well-judged; larger impacts are more heard than felt and all the rough edges are polished off the smaller divots in the road surface. SAMSUNG CSC The Tiguan’s really only been dinged in the past for its lack of cargo space compared with competitors, though honestly, the size and shape of the cargo bay, especially with the back seats folded flat, provides a meaningful argument in the Tiguan’s favor over other practical family mates like the GTI 5-door or Jetta Sportwagen. It’s also handier to park and a fair bit more nimble than its larger competition. To accommodate larger parcels, the front passenger seat folds flat – a trick not always included in this class. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC The Tiguan proves good things from Germany usually come in small packages, and with a redesign looming on the horizon, let’s hope VW doesn’t engineer any of that GTI DNA and build quality out of the current Tiguan’s successor. SAMSUNG CSC   2014 Volkswagen Tiguan SE Base price: $28,205 Price as tested: $28,205 Options on test car: None Powertrain: 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, 6-speed automatic transmission – 200 horsepower, 207 lb-ft torque S:S:L-observed fuel economy: 25.3 mpg VW provided the vehicle for testing purposes and one tank of gas. Photos by the author.  

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http://www.newspress.co.uk/downloads/mediumQuality/262556/_DSC9294.JPG Allopurinol For Sale, As is the usual case when one of the major auto shows rolls around on the calendar, the news for the week was completely dominated by the releases, unveilings and debuts at the Geneva Auto Show. Geneva, in particular, buy generic Allopurinol, carries a certain cache about it, Allopurinol price, as not only does it engender lazy references to 1970's rock music, but the city's reputation for European luxury and prestige - not to mention Switzerland's lack of presence in the automotive game - means that it is the auto show of choice for all the ultra-high-end hardware from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, makers of less-famous but no less bespoke or impressive high-end European exotica like Koenigsegg and Spyker, Allopurinol samples, and those that just wish to rub some of the magic sparkle that Geneva has on themselves. Allopurinol dose, 656831__DSC1481Speaking of Ferrari and Lamborghini, they both debuted headlining cars at the show this year; not just for the show, but for their lineups, low dose Allopurinol. The Ferrari LaFerrari and Lamborghini Veneno will both sit atop their respective ranges, Allopurinol use, and will both boast price tags squarely in the "If you have to ask, you weren't invited to purchase one" category. While the LaFerrari is meant to be a rolling showcase of what Ferrari's Formula 1 and road racing technology can do when applied to something street-legal, online buying Allopurinol hcl, the Veneno is a ultra-limited rolling design concept celebrating the golden anniversary of the legendary marque.

658436__DSC1634The Ferrari LaFerrari (and no, the name does not get any less dumb when translated, "Ferrari The Ferrari") packs the most potent technological punch of the two, and the most power, Allopurinol For Sale. Allopurinol pharmacy, Powered by a 160 HP hybrid drive electric system mated to a 789 HP 6.3L V12, the drivetrain puts out a combined 949 HP and 663 ft-lbs of torque. The whole thunderous system makes just 330 grams of CO2 per kilometer, Allopurinol treatment, which...certainly is an amount of CO2. Allopurinol coupon, Top speed is over 217 MPH, with 0-100 KPH coming in under three seconds, all of which are par for the course for a hypercar these days, australia, uk, us, usa. Visually, Allopurinol recreational, it looks like a next-generation Glickenhouse P4/5, which isn't a bad thing, but it's not drop-dead gorgeous either, comprar en línea Allopurinol, comprar Allopurinol baratos, in my estimation. Allopurinol For Sale, More information will become available later this year - not that it really matters to those that will be invited to purchase this exclusive piece of Maranello carbon fiber. Allopurinol cost, Where Ferrari's latest range-topper goes in for F1-derived technology and the utmost honed edge of performance, Lamborghini also hews true to form and has produced a psychotically powerful hypercar with styling from 2055 with the Veneno. The name is shared with that of yet another famous fighting bull, Allopurinol natural, this time a bull that killed a matador in 1914. Allopurinol alternatives, The only things the Lamborghini version will be killing is speed limits with its 220 MPH top speed, and the environment with a 6.5L V12 producing 750 HP and no crazy hybrid-drive system. All three models that will be produced for customers have been purchased already, where can i find Allopurinol online, and at a price tag of $3.9 million, Allopurinol long term, so any further detail seems rather pointless.
656855__DSC8933At Geneva this year, Volkswagen debuted a high-end car of their own, but focused on a very different set of numbers, Allopurinol For Sale. VW has put out different versions of their XL1 1-liter concept car stretching back to 2002 when Ferdinand Piech drove the prototype from Wolfsburg to Hamburg, and after years of talking about building a version to sell to the public, online Allopurinol without a prescription, they've finally debuted the real deal. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, The VW XL1 will be going on sale later this year, and the fuel-economy concept boasts an impressive set of specs from very different rows on the spec sheet than we're used to. Fuel economy clocks in at just over 261 miles per gallon of diesel fuel from the 0.9L two-cylinder turbodiesel and electric hybrid drivetrain, Allopurinol wiki. The XL1 weighs just 1753 pounds, Buy no prescription Allopurinol online, and with a drag coefficient of just 0.189, VW claims that it can cruise at 100 KPH with just 8.3 HP - which is good, because the drivetrain produces a meager 47 HP from the diesel engine and 27 HP from the electric motor, Allopurinol brand name. Allopurinol For Sale, 0-100 KPH is reached in a breakneck 12.7 seconds, and the car is limited to 160 KPH - or 100 MPH in 'Merican units.


The car is obviously made almost entirely out of carbon fiber, Buy Allopurinol without a prescription, and combined with the claimed hand-built manufacturing process, it's estimated that the XL1 will be available in very small amounts only and cost somewhere in the six-figure range. That's a lot of money for a car that will only seat two people, where can i buy cheapest Allopurinol online, but VW is pretty up-front with the fact that the XL1 is supposed to be an angel for their ongoing efforts towards fuel economy that they've deigned to let us mere mortals purchase. Allopurinol dangers,  

656899__DSC8986A further array of concepts debuted at Geneva - the ItalDesign Giugiaro Parcour (a Lamborghini Gallardo given a rally-inspired bodykit and lifted suspension) and Spyker B6 Venator in particular - but if I'm terribly honest, I find it hard to get excited about the debuts from the topmost shelf of the automotive world. They're all things that no normal person will ever see, herbal Allopurinol, let alone touch or drive, Allopurinol used for, and so the power, aerodynamics, technology and beauty all seem more than slightly pointless, canada, mexico, india. I, in all honesty, have barely looked over the bulk of images that came from Geneva this year, while I've watched the video of the new Ford Fiesta ST being bombed around the Ford test facility in Belgium at least three or four times, Allopurinol For Sale. That's a car that not only regular humans will buy, Allopurinol pics, but has a good chance of convincing a fair few people that cars are for more than moving yourself and your groceries around town.

And so, while their numbers are not quite so thrilling, Allopurinol trusted pharmacy reviews, I found the VW Mk7 GTI and Golf Variant (to be rebadged the Jetta Sportwagen in the US), Real brand Allopurinol online, and Porsche 991 911 GT3 to be much more interesting. The two variations on the Mk7 Golf - which we've still seen neither hide nor hair of in the US so far - aren't all that drastically different than the previous generation we've got here. The new Golf wagon is apparently considerably larger than the current version on the inside, discount Allopurinol, and we'll see it in US guise later this year when the Mk7 debuts proper, Allopurinol images, and without the most interesting diesel engines, no doubt. Allopurinol For Sale, The big change for the GTI is in the engine bay. The ol' 2.0L turbo straight-four is being upped to 217 HP standard, where can i buy Allopurinol online, and a new "Performance" engine level is being added that ups the power to 227. Allopurinol dose, It's not much, but those ten ponies are enough to shave a tenth of a second off the 0-100 KPH time (6.5 versus 6.4 seconds), and add another 3 MPH to the top speed (152 to 155 MPH), is Allopurinol safe.

656939__DSC9021And, Allopurinol photos, of course, a new 911 GT3 is an item of interest no matter where it debuts. The purest form of 911 that won't try to shove your spine up into your skull, buy Allopurinol without prescription, the brand-new 911 GT3 is where Porsche's racetrack-inspired efforts usually show up first, Allopurinol natural, and this version is no exception. The new toy for the 991 911 GT3: four-wheel steering, which I'm sure will only marginally increase the maintenance costs for that rear axle assembly, Allopurinol For Sale. Powered by a 3.8L version of the 911 straight-six, the GT3 will have 475 HP and 324 ft-lbs of torque on tap, and do the 0-60 shuffle in 3.3 seconds and top out at 195 MPH. Tri-pedal extremists need not apply, however, as the new GT3 will only come with the 7-speed dual clutch Porsche Doppelkupplung transmission. Still, for those of you with $131,350, plus transport costs, plus extras, plus inevitable dealer markup burning a hole in your pocket at the end of 2013, it's hard to find a better pure driver's car than a 911 GT3.

_MG_1198_199_200_tonemappedFinally, a bit of non-Geneva news. Allopurinol For Sale, There's been a slight kerfluffle in recent days about the next generation of Ford Mustang getting - horror of horrors - a four-cylinder turbo mill as an option. Initially, this was thought to be a Europe-only option, as our big American V8s would go all shock-and-awe on delicate Euro constitutions, not to mention rack up a gas bill higher than the PIGS nations' foreign debt. However, Road & Track claims to have confirmed that not only will the next Mustang come with a force-fed four, but it will be offered in the US as well. R&T claims that the 2.3L EcoBoost four will actually sit in the middle of the power range, above the 305 HP 3.7L V6. This meshes with reports of that same 2.3L turbo mill being planted in the upcoming Ford Focus RS in possession of 350 HP, placing it above the base V6 but below the 412 HP 5.0L V8. While old Mustang traditionalists might howl, a turbo four Mustang makes much more sense when you consider that thanks to the success of the Mustang in drift competitions around the world and the wealth of inexpensive performance parts for the Mustang platform, it's become one of the new darlings of the import tuning crowd as well, who certainly know their way around a forced-induction straight-four. We'll just have to see if this new marriage of four-cylinder power with old-school 'Merican pony car design is worthwhile when the next generation Mustang drops.

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BX9Q5037 Ampicillin For Sale, Greetings, loyal readers. My name is Kasey Kagawa - some of you might remember me from a few years ago when I hosted the Speed:Sport:Life Radio news podcast - and now I have returned to once again bring you warmed-over news and half-witted commentary, Effects of Ampicillin, just in this new, textual form that we shall call Speed:Sport:Life News. The 2013 Chicago Auto Show started today, after Ampicillin, and like all auto shows, Ampicillin mg, there's announcements with a little "A", and Announcements. And so, where can i find Ampicillin online, we'll start this off with the bits of fluff and bother that warrant little more than a brief mention. Ampicillin use, SRT_Trio

SRT unveiled two new trim packages for the Dodge Challenger SRT8 and Chrysler 300 SRT8. Called the "Core" models, each adds some blacked-out exterior trim and new badging, but what makes these new "Core" trim levels worth mentioning is the deletion of leather seating, instead substituting cloth seats with material lifted from the new Viper, Ampicillin For Sale. This cuts the cost of the Dodge Challenger SRT8 Core to $38,995 and the Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core to $43, Ampicillin long term,995 (both with a $995 destination charge). Rx free Ampicillin, On the opposite end of the fuel economy spread, the Chevrolet Cruze has had a 2.0L turbo diesel engine crammed under its hood. The little engine should be good for 148 HP and 258 ft-lbs of twist, get Ampicillin, which Chevrolet claims is good enough for a 8.6 second shuffle to 60 MPH. Ampicillin wiki, Chevrolet is quick to mention that's quicker than the Jetta TDI DSG, although they fail to mention it's only by one-tenth of a second, and I doubt the kind of person that would buy a compact diesel cares all that much about how fast it gets to highway speed, Ampicillin price, coupon, so long as it actually does get there. Ampicillin For Sale, The Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel will start at $25,695 with a $810 destination charge. Low dose Ampicillin, BX9Q5079Finally, in the definition of "fluff and bother", there's a new concept car out from Kia, order Ampicillin online c.o.d. Dubbed the "Cross GT Concept CUV", Generic Ampicillin, it's pretty much what it sounds like: a Kia Soul, if you let it sit in a bowl overnight and double in size after adding the yeast. The current generation of Sorento is getting a bit long in the tooth, where can i buy cheapest Ampicillin online, so probably in a year or so, Cheap Ampicillin no rx, we'll see some aspects of it appear as the next generation of Kia's crossover family hauler.

BX9Q5310And now, the Big Headline Announcements, Ampicillin canada, mexico, india. We'll start off with the new 2014 Toyota Tundra, Ampicillin For Sale. What can we say about the new, Purchase Ampicillin online, redesigned 2014 Toyota Tundra. Well...it's certainly a truck, so I think it's safe to assume it'll have a bed, Ampicillin forum, come in two-door and four-door versions, Ampicillin from canadian pharmacy, have rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive options, and if recent events in the city of Los Angeles are any indication, it'll be visually indistinguishable from any other truck on the road with a Japanese manufacturer's badge on the front, Ampicillin pictures. Toyota's keeping the same array of engine and transmission options from the previous truck, Ampicillin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and it's got essentially the same towing and carrying capacity, standard and option gadgets and safety systems. It's a Toyota full-sized pickup, Ampicillin cost, so of course there's a trim level that's desperately trying to collect 'Merican Truck Cred - this time, Is Ampicillin safe, it's called the 1794 Edition, after the founding year of the San Antonio, Texas ranch that the Tundra plant sits on (and I'm not too sure that calling attention to the fact that an American-owned ranch was bought and flattened to build a plant owned and operated by a Japanese industrial giant is the best idea), Ampicillin for sale. Ampicillin For Sale, Aside from all that, all it's really got going for it that's really new is side mirrors that beep and light up to let you know that your enormous truck is about to flatten some poor mope on a moped in your blind spot. Pricing on the 2014 Tundra will be announced later this year. Ampicillin photos, Volkswagen unveiled a slew of fancy new trim levels for the 2014 year at Chicago today. The GTI is getting two special editions, both of which are sure to make dealers salivate with the markup potential, order Ampicillin online overnight delivery no prescription. First, Ampicillin trusted pharmacy reviews, the Wolfsburg Special edition: 2,000 of them will be sold in the US, and it gets 18-inch Laguna wheels, buy no prescription Ampicillin online, a retro-themed golf-ball shifter knob, Online buying Ampicillin hcl, and red-stitched carpeted floor mats in addition to the base GTI trim, and that'll go for $25,095 for the manual, buy Ampicillin without prescription, and $26, Ampicillin images, 195 for the DSG. Next, the GTI Driver's Edition: 3,000 will be sold in the US, and it gets...basically the exact same thing as the Wolfsburg, just with partial leather seating and some tchotchke thrown in, Ampicillin For Sale. It's based on the GTI with the sunroof and nav packages, and so the going rate for the stick will be $29, buy generic Ampicillin,695 and $30, What is Ampicillin, 795 for the DSG.

BX9Q5096The New Beetle is getting a couple of different trim levels for the next model year as well. The Beetle Convertible Turbo is getting a R-Line performance package, Ampicillin online cod, which in this case means 19-inch rims, Buy Ampicillin from mexico, an R-Line badge on the front, LED DRL headlights, standard nav, online Ampicillin without a prescription, uprated stereo and keyless entry, Order Ampicillin no prescription, and some aluminum "sport-inspired" interior tinsel along with the flat-bottomed R-Line steering wheel. The much more interesting addition to the Beetle lineup is the Beetle GSR. Ampicillin For Sale, Sporting a nifty black and yellow paint scheme, the GSR is a tribute to the Beetle GSR of the 1970's, where GSR stood for "Gelb Schwartzer Renner" or "Yellow Black Racer". In addition to the snazzy paint and R-Line trim, kjøpe Ampicillin på nett, köpa Ampicillin online, the GSR will ride on 19-inch wheels, Buy Ampicillin no prescription, get some unique GSR interior bits including a shift knob, and will receive the Sunroof and Sound packages as standard, as well as the 210 HP version of the 2.0L turbo straight-four, no prescription Ampicillin online. Pricing on both the R-Line Convertible Turbo and Beetle GSR will be announced later this year.

BX9Q5070Finally, NISMO has been busy working away at Nissan's lineup. 2014 will see another special edition GT-R, this time called the Track Edition. For an as-yet undisclosed amount of money, the GT-R Track edition will lose the back seats, but gain carbon fiber spoilers at front and rear, bespoke RAYS wheels, stiffer Bilsteins on all four corners, grippier seating and brake ducting to keep fade away on the track, Ampicillin For Sale. 150 Track Editions will be sent state-side for sale. The 370Z NISMO showed up, sporting reworked aerodynamics, more bespoke RAYS wheels, stiffened-up suspension and chassis, lots of NISMO gubbins for the interior, and a power boost for the engine to 350 HP and 276 ft-lbs of torque. The Nissan Juke will also be receiving the NISMO treatment: fancy new wheels, a face-lift inside and out, tuned and lowered suspension, and a power boost for the 1.6L turbo four-banger to 197 HP and 184 ft-lbs of torque.

Last, and most interestingly for me, the Nissan Leaf NISMO RC rose from its grave in Chicago, after being reported dead last week. Not much new information was released: the car still is based on a one-off carbon fiber chassis, race suspension and a repositioned version of the stock Leaf powertrain. The race car does 0-62 MPH in 6.85 seconds and tops out at 93 MPH, and will coast to a stop after 20 minutes at race speed. Not exactly impressive, but no slouch for a small electric car, either. We'll just have to wait and see if that one-off racing series goes anywhere.

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Volkswagen has released this teaser of their new MQB platform, Passat based 7-passenger SUV that will make it's world debut at the 2013 North American International Auto Show.   This new SUV will be positioned below the popular Touareg SUV, Differin no rx, Differin online cod, and will be built at VW's Tennessee plant alongside the Passat. Low dose Differin. Where to buy Differin. Differin cost. Buy cheap Differin. Differin schedule. Buy Differin no prescription. Differin pharmacy. Where can i cheapest Differin online. Purchase Differin. Differin long term. Differin used for. Buy Differin from mexico. Differin price. Online buying Differin. Where can i order Differin without prescription. Where can i find Differin online. Differin alternatives. Get Differin. Differin forum. Buying Differin online over the counter. Online Differin without a prescription. Differin photos. Differin samples. After Differin. Herbal Differin. Differin reviews. Differin mg. Differin for sale. Australia, uk, us, usa. Buy generic Differin. Purchase Differin online no prescription. Canada, mexico, india. Buy Differin without prescription. Differin dangers. Differin brand name. Differin interactions. Low dose Differin. My Differin experience.

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Armour For Sale, Volkswagen has released this fantastic teaser video to their upcoming SuperGameThatShallNotBeMentionedInFullButEndsInBowl commercial that appeals to both Star Wars fans and animal lovers alike.  For extra fun, watch it with your dog.  Some of the results we've seen have been quite entertaining.  Enjoy. Armour for sale. Armour price. Buying Armour online over the counter. Armour cost. Armour treatment. Cheap Armour no rx. Buy Armour without prescription. Armour dose. Armour dosage. Armour mg. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Armour long term. Low dose Armour. After Armour. Armour gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Armour brand name. Armour overnight. Online buy Armour without a prescription. Armour wiki. Buy generic Armour. Armour dangers. Armour no prescription. Is Armour addictive. Armour images. Buy cheap Armour no rx. Armour duration. Cheap Armour. Armour reviews. Armour interactions. Where can i order Armour without prescription. Is Armour safe. Buy Armour online no prescription. Where can i buy Armour online. Get Armour. Armour from canada. Armour online cod. Purchase Armour online. Purchase Armour online no prescription. Buy cheap Armour. Armour alternatives.

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Driven: 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

Photos courtesy of Volkswagen of America. If you read my review of Volkswagen's 2012 Golf R, you already know I found it to be a bit of a let down. The R isn't a bad car by any means, but it didn't quite stack up quite the way I'd hoped it would. No small part of that is due to the other two cars I drove the same day. In fact, if the Golf R had been the only performance Volkswagen in the bunch, I probably would have thought much more highly of it. After all, just about anything can be good in a vacuum. But the R won't exist on its own as a sporty compact in this market. Indeed, it won't even exist as such in its own showroom. For 2012, Volkswagen will sell no fewer than four compact cars powered by some variant of their two-liter, direct-injected, turbocharged four-cylinder--the aforementioned Golf R, the GTI, the new MkVI GLI, and the new (lower case "n") Beetle. That's right, Volkswagen has ditched the "New." For 2012, it's just Beetle. It makes sense if you think about it; the New Beetle hasn't really lived up to its name since 1997. And while the revived icon soldiered on gracefully for nearly 14 years without a major overhaul, it was losing a bit of its luster. The dated platform and lack of enthusiast drive train options (the Turbo model was dropped after 2005)  meant the cars built in the waning years of the New Beetle's production run were destined for the driveways of teenaged girls and nostalgic boomers. And now? Well, let's put it this way: Neither Beetle I've driven has been equipped with a dash-mounted flower vase.

This one might be turbocharged.

What can you get? Let's start with the basics. You have two engine and chassis configurations to choose from, and there's no interchanging them. The base model includes Volkswagen's now-ubiquitous 2.5L inline five-cylinder engine in its usual 170hp configuration. With this, you get the same torsion beam rear end (Volkswagen's words, not mine) that has been a fixture of many lukewarm reviews of the MkVI Jetta. You have your choice of a 5-speed manual or 6-speed Tiptronic gearbox, both of which do their respective jobs quite well. If you opt for the aforementioned 200-horsepower Turbo model however, you get a fully-independent, multi-link rear suspension, an additional gear in the manual, and VW's quick-shifting DSG in place of the tip-shift auto. Volkswagen also plans to introduce their critically-acclaimed, 2.0L turbo-diesel engine later in 2012, catching the Beetle up to the Golf and Jetta in engine choices. Unfortunately, all of the Beetles available to us were equipped with automatic transmissions. If you're starting to wonder if the Beetle Turbo is simply a GTI in a drag, you're not far off the mark. The Beetle is a little softer and heavier than the GTI, but it's still a fairly credible performance machine; you even get the same XDS "electronic differential" system. But the Beetle just isn't quite as sharp or playful. To make a more familiar comparison, the Beetle Turbo feels a bit closer in overall dynamics to the Golf TDI than the GTI. There can only be one, right?

Turbo interior (note the cloth seats). Body-colored dash trim livens up an otherwise uncharismatic interior.

Fortunately, the base car puts its suspension-sister, the Jetta, to complete shame. While neither will light the world on fire in the handling or ride quality departments, the Beetle is far and away the more eager of the two. The Jetta's heavy-at-all-the-wrong-times steering effort and feeling of excessive size aren't found here. It never feels awkwardly large from behind the wheel the way the Jetta does. Steering feel is still lacking, unfortunately, as seems to be happening more and more in modern Volkswagens. Neither the base car nor the Turbo shines in this regard It's not all good news though. While the Turbo's brakes inspire confidence, the base car's stopping power isn't nearly as comforting. It may simply be down to tire compound, but it's something to consider. And of course, a solid rear end is a solid rear end, and high speed bumps--especially those that aren't uniform across the road surface--will upset the Beetle's otherwise silky highway demeanor. Surface streets are hit or miss. At certain speeds, the rear end is easily forgotten. At others, the Volkswagen pops and dips awkwardly, with an accompanying unpleasant, boomy resonance in the cabin. It's rare, but noticeable considering how effectively Volkswagen otherwise isolates road noise and surface imperfections.

Torsion Beam rear axle isn't compatible with local surface streets.

Fortunately, our longer-term evaluation vehicle came equipped with the fantastic Fender audio system, about which I have nothing but great things to say. Under the brandwashing, the head unit is actually designed and tuned by Panasonic, and it's worth every penny, though you do lose some hatch real estate to the sub-woofer. With the stereo cranked, the occasional unpleasant aural intrusion is easily drowned out. Inside, with few exceptions, it's a Volkswagen through and through--clinical and comfortable. The seats are firm but supportive, shod with V-tex leatherette in all 2.5L models. If you spring for the Turbo, you get cloth seats standard with leather-clad sport seats as an option. Breaking up the might-as-well-be-a-Jetta interior is the Beetle's party piece. The dash, door panels and gauge hood are now available in either gloss or carbon-look trim painted to match the car's exterior color. And yes, they've brought back the kaeferfach or "Beetle bin," which is Volkswagenese for "A second glove box situated on the upper dash to the front of which we can fasten a genuine aluminum handle that we will later pass around at press events." And while body-painted plastic trim on the inside of a car is usually just a clever way for manufacturers to get away with cheap, high-gloss interior plastics, I have to say it works here better than it does in, say, a Nissan Juke. The only other car I can think of that pulls it off this well is the Fiat 500.

Fender audio system lives up to the hype.

Speaking of the little Americanized Italian, I suspect that these two cars will be the subject of comparisons in the coming months, and let me be the first to tell you that they have very little in common. The Fiat, like the Mini, is a true subcompact. The Beetle, like its Golf and Jetta relatives, could easily qualify as mid-size. Just for kicks, I parked the Beetle next to our 2005 Focus 5-Door last night and was alarmed to find that the Volkswagen is actually bigger. They're equal in length, but the Volkswagen's cartoonish fender flares and Jetta-influenced underpinnings translate to a waistline that is a full 4.5 inches wider than our Ford's. And while you could simply chalk that up to generational bloat, it's worth noting that it's still almost an inch and a half wider than its platform mates. Them's some big hips. So while the 500, Cooper and Beetle may all offer similar levels of Taylor Swift crowd exterior appeal, the Italian and the almost-Brit are delicate purses to Volkswagen's massive satchel. The verdict? I was pleasantly surprised, quite frankly. While the New Beetle was never a bad car, it hasn't really held its ground in the cute car niche since neighbor BMW revived the Mini brand for the United States market. Enthusiasts have largely ignored it since the Turbo and Turbo-S models dried up. Even in the VW community, it ranks a distant third to the turbocharged fourth-generation GTI and Jetta models that share its underlying architecture. Those hoping for a budget alternative to a two-door GTI will be disappointed, as the Turbo's price advantage is only a few hundred dollars, but at least it presents another option for those who aren't fans of the traditional hatchback or sedan styling offered by its siblings. The author drove the 2012 Beetle Turbo at a manufacturer-sponsored event to which many members of the automotive media were invited. The non-turbo model was a press vehicle also provided by Volkswagen.

Driven: Volkswagen Golf R (European Spec)

Yes, we're a little late to the game. Most of the mainstream publications have already been invited to drive Volkswagen's European market Golf R, but with your humble author's 9-5 day job and our modest (read: non-existent) travel budget, well, we just didn't have the opportunity. So when Volkswagen extended an invitation to sample their full U.S. line-up (caveat to be explained later) near their U.S. headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, well, I just couldn't pass that up. Doing my best impression of modern journalistic largesse, I promptly reserved my space in the event (and my room at the hotel which, mind you, is only about sixty miles from my home outside Annapolis, MD). What can I say? They don't give out bonus points for good behavior. Might as well enjoy it. But first, that caveat. See, when Volkswagen said we could test their entire 2012 U.S. lineup, what they actually meant was that we could test almost all of the cars that will be available at one point or another, and in one form or another, for said model year. As we learned during the rather German morning "brief"ing, there was a catch. While two Volkswagen Golf Rs would be available to sample during the afternoon session, they were both European-spec models rather than the mildly reworked package we'll be seeing in showrooms next year. Indeed, when my driving partner and I finally got our turn behind the wheel of a beautiful red five-door model, the first thing that greeted us was a detailed sheet explaining outlining which options we won't be getting--namely the headlights, taillights, DSG and sport seats--and listing the base and up-trim configurations for the eventual U.S. release. Volkswagen's "Halo" performance car will feature 4Motion all-wheel drive, 256 crank horsepower (down from more than 260 overseas) and as alluded to above and in a complete reversal of their decision with the last-gen R32, a 6-Speed manual gearbox only. You read that correctly. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the DSG gearbox will not be available stateside at all. You can choose from either a three- or five-door model in one of five colors and one of two trims: loaded (self-explanatory) and more loaded. The latter throws navigation and a sunroof on top of any already robust feature list, along with a couple of other trivial features. Inside, it's all Golf. The only hints that anything is amiss are the R-branded steering wheel and contrast-stitched leather seats, and knowing Volkswagen owners' propensity for raiding upper-trim parts bins to trick out their pizza delivery machines, those won't be reliable indicators for long. Turn the key though, and the R quickly asserts itself. The engine comes to life with an authoritative burble, which settles into what I have to say is a somewhat unremarkable tone. It's louder than the GTI, GLI and the New Beetle for sure, but it's not terribly pleasant. It's not unpleasant either; it's just there. Constantly. So how does it drive? For the sake of context, know that we drove this car back-to-back with Volkswagen's MkVI GLI and their new New Beetle, both of which are powered by the 2.0L, 200hp, turbocharged, direct-injected "TSI" four-cylinder. While the Golf R says "TSI" under the hood too, the engine is actually based on the earlier "FSI"-branded variant of the same family. And while the modestly-rated 200hp variants found in the Golf R's front-wheel drive cousins feel somewhat stouter than their power ratings suggest, this supposedly 265hp mill feels rather the opposite. Surely, a lot of that is down to the heft carried by the four-wheeling hatchback, and at what we expect will be a roughly 3,400lb curb weight, the R will indeed be the fat kid in the U.S. Golf family. So while there's plenty of extra power, there's also a good deal more work to be done.You can feel it in the steering too. Rather, they've made it feel that way with the steering. Allow me to elaborate. The R utilizes the same electro-mechanical power steering unit that VW has been using since the MkV GTI debuted. This is both a blessing and a curse. On the plus side, this supposedly yields improvements in fuel economy and refinement, but what they don't tell you is that they've essentially severed the last remaining physical connection between your hands and the front wheels. The refinement advantage is obvious--if you can't feel what the wheels are doing, then you can't feel what they're running over, either. And that's all well and good in a Lexus or a Rolls-Royce, but the Golf R is neither. Appropriately then, Volkswagen spent what I can only imagine were thousands of man-hours tuning the feedback in the system, teaching the computer to recognize mechanical feedback from the wheels and transmit it back to the driver. And generally, it works. The GTI, GLI and New Beetle are excellent examples. This R, however, leaves me puzzled. The steering is very weighty (a software determination only, mind you) but surprisingly vague when you least want imprecise feedback. Diving into some great on-camber corners on our test loop, I found the helm and the chassis to be almost out of synch. The wheel would tell me that I'd dialed in just enough steering to weight the suspension properly for a smooth transition to the exit, only to to have the rest of my senses alarm me with the realization that the R was running wide--not a desirable combination on these narrow mountain roads. This wasn't understeer, mind you. This was, for lack of a better term, "slop" in the steering, if an electronic system can indeed be sloppy. It makes the car drive "heavier" than it really is, if you will. It's the sort of sensation you expect to get from the helm of a 4,200lb, 6.4L Dodge Challenger, not from a compact hatchback. It was quite a surprise and to be honest, a significant disappointment. In a straight line, the Golf R handily meets expectations. It's about as powerful as a WRX and it feels it. The ride is a bit less distant than the Subaru's and everything feels more substantial from top to bottom, especially the brakes, which were a bit twitchy in our tester but unflinchingly reliable. You'd need an STI (or a few trips to the Subaru performance accessory catalog at least) to get as complete of a performance package as you get with the R, but with the Subaru you'd be spending roughly the same money and walking away with quite a bit more--more power, more drive train and more ultimate capability. I say roughly the same money, because we don't have final pricing yet, but if credible rumors are to be believed, the R should ring up at roughly the same price as the previous R32. That would put it somewhere in the mid-$30k range. I don't need to tell you what $35k or so will buy you in the performance market these days, so draw your own conclusions. Final judgment can be reserved until we're invited to drive the U.S.-spec Golf R, but for the time being I'd say the Golf R has to settle for an "as-expected." It's the first performance-oriented Volkswagen we've seen in several years where the whole appears to be precisely the sum of its parts. It's a fatter, faster Golf--no more and no less. Here's hoping the U.S.-market engineering team can give it that little something extra before it hits our showrooms.   The author drove this vehicle at a manufacturer-sponsored event to which many members of the automotive media were invited.