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With the new B Class, Mercedes-Benz aims to underscore its role as a trendsetter among the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and to attract a young, modern target group that wants functionality combined with fascinating design and a high level of driving pleasure. Thus, this new ‘compact sports’ touring vehicle represents the ideal platform for Carlsson, the renowned Mercedes tuner, to offer a customised vehicle for B Class drivers interested in a more ambitious style of driving – a vehicle that stands out from the crowd and combines driving pleasure with a high technological standard.

Vitamin C for the B Class:
C-Tronic© Diesel POWER and Carlsson sports suspension
A high-torque CDI engine fits perfectly into the concept of a sports-touring vehicle. Fitting the C-Tronic® Diesel POWER supplementary control unit boosts the power of the CD20 based on the B 200 CDI from 140 to 168 bhp (124 kW) and the torque from 300 to 360 Nm. Subsequently, the athletic minivan can cover the standing start from 0-100 km/h in just 8.6 seconds. Installation is straight forward and saves B Class drivers long waiting times so they can enjoy a more sporting vehicle and a powerful response all the sooner. Naturally, Carlsson attaches great importance to safety: the modified characteristic map of this in-house development ensures that the engine’s reserves are only used when it is safe to do so. Hence, Carlsson not only gives a 3 year guarantee on the C-Tronic® Diesel POWER but also offers outstanding value for money.

Improved handling for the CD20 comes from fitting sports springs developed by Carlsson. They lower the centre of gravity by approx. 25 mm and guarantee great road holding with no loss of comfort. The result: the CD20 by Carlsson is significantly more agile than its standard counterpart and proves that comfort and top handling are not mutually exclusive.

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