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The dynamic performance of a thoroughbred sports car and the everyday driving qualities of a compact five-door saloon – precisely this is the combination so many passionate motorists have been waiting for so long. And now their wish is coming true: The BMW 130i offers sheer driving pleasure of a standard never seen before. When the day comes where you can afford a car like this, it would be in your best interest to keep it protected at all times. From storing the vehicle in a garage throughout the night, to implementing the use of a dash cam that you can get through companies like BlackBoxMyCar, there is so much you can do to keep a car like this (or any) in the best condition.

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Boasting a 195 kW (265 bhp) straight-six power unit, the new BMW 130i enters a world of power and performance previously to be found only in motorsport. Displacing three litres, featuring VALVETRONIC valve management and revolutionary lightweight engineering, the power unit of the BMW 130i enters a new dimension in terms of superior power and all-round efficiency. This new straight-six is indeed the first production engine in the world with an extremely light composite magnesium/aluminium crankcase, superior engine technology giving the BMW 130i unique all-round qualities.

Rear-wheel drive, the most advanced and sophisticated suspension technology, as well as a perfect balance of weight offer all the ingredients for truly exceptional agility, directional stability, and steering precision. One of the additional innovations featured by the BMW 130i is BMW’s revolutionary Active Steering*. Yet another new feature in this segment is DSC Dynamic Stability Control of the latest generation now also comprising an extended brake function for enhanced comfort and safety on the road.

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The result of all these features is a driving experience quite unparalleled not only within the compact class. Indeed, the BMW 130i reigns supreme as the top model within BMW’s highly successful 1 Series already so popular in the market today.

Benefiting from their drive concept conceived and designed for supreme driving pleasure, the four-cylinder BMW 116i, 118i and 120i gasoline engine versions, as well as the BMW 118d and 120d diesel models, have already hit the headlines through their drive concept focusing on superior driving pleasure. And now the BMW 130i extends the successful story of the 1 Series model range by adding a particularly thrilling new version in this class.

A Genuine BMW – and a New Driving Experience in the Compact Class.

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Powerful engines and the transmission of power to the rear wheels ensure supreme driving pleasure of the highest standard, four doors, a large tailgate, and the highly versatile and very practical interior guarantee superior function all round. Indeed, it is precisely this concept which gives the BMW 1 Series its particular character as the only car in the compact class featuring rear-wheel drive and, as a result, all the driving and handling qualities so typical of a genuine BMW: superior dynamics, safe handling and optimum traction in every situation. And now the BMW 130i lifts the driving pleasure provided in this way to an even higher standard than before.

The concept of combining a high-performance engine with rear-wheel drive in a compact car gave BMW’s engine development specialists the great reputation for the first time almost 40 years ago to have a particularly good feeling for driving pleasure in its purest form. And the thrill of this idea has remained unchanged to this very day, the BMW 130i now marking the climax in converting this concept into practical benefits on the road.

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With its compact exterior dimensions, an extremely short body overhang at the front, low weight, wide track and – at 2.66 metres or 104.7 inches – the longest wheelbase in its class, the BMW 1 Series offers the very best ingredients for supreme agility. Added to this, there is the ideal weight distribution of almost 50:50 front-to-rear, a harmonious balance of axle load ensuring safe handling in spontaneous steering manoeuvres, together with supreme directional stability in fast bends thanks to centrifugal forces acting equally on the front and rear wheels.

The newly developed five-arm rear axle ideally supports the particularly sporting overall set-up of the car refined once again for the BMW 130i, at the same time raising roll comfort to a new and even higher level. With its stiff structures, straight, rod-shaped arms and short levers, the innovative lightweight steel structure ensures extremely precise wheel guidance.

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The particular design and layout of the front axle also benefits the BMW 1 Series, particularly in terms of optimised driving dynamics. The double-joint spring strut tiebar axle, together with its anti-roll bar, is made largely of aluminium, combining low weight with exceptional strength and stiffness.

The benefits of this innovative suspension technology come to bear in particular in interaction with the transmission of power to the rear wheels, the BMW 1 Series combining impressive directional stability with supreme precision also at high speeds. Another outstanding strength of the car is its spontaneous response to even the smallest movements of the steering wheel and gas pedal. At the same time the BMW 1 Series is not affected by drive forces acting on the steering, which inevitably occur on front-wheel-drive cars. But the driver nevertheless receives exact feedback on road conditions at all times via the steering.

BMW’s Revolutionary Active Steering – now also in the BMW 1 Series.

Available for the first time in this class, Active Steering* in the BMW 130i ensures unparalleled, ultra-smooth and precise steering qualities at all times, the steering transmission ratio and steering support automatically adjusting to the current speed of the car on the road. Hence, the driver is able to guide the car precisely into every new bend, regardless of his road speed at the time.

The driver also finds it a lot easier to change direction at low speeds, since he only has to turn the steering wheel slightly, for example, when parking. At high speeds, in turn, the steering transmission also ensures optimum precision, maintaining a less direct reaction geared to the current road speed of the car.

The Power Unit – an Outstanding Achievement not just in the Compact Class.

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The BMW 1 Series excels in particular through its unusually active character and all-round performance on the road. Through its unique concept, it now offers all the fascinating qualities of a BMW also in the compact class. And the BMW 130i, in particular, guarantees an all-new dimension in terms of dynamic performance, the generation and transmission of power by and from the engine going far beyond usual categories and standards.

The BMW 130i owes this supreme position in particular to a power unit setting a new milestone in the area of engine construction not only in the compact class: Displacing 2,996 cubic centimetres, developing maximum output of 195 kW (265 bhp), and generating peak torque of 315 Nm throughout a wide speed range from 2,500–4,000 rpm, the straight-six power unit featured in this unique car is among the most sophisticated, powerful, effective and, at the same time, lightest engines of its kind the world over. Here, therefore, the customer benefits from spontaneous power and performance combined with exemplary smoothness and economy to provide a mixture of qualities never seen before.

Weighing just 161 kilos or 355 lb, BMW’s new straight-six is the world’s lightest engine in its class. Inter alia, the weight of the engine has been optimised by an innovative magnesium/aluminium composite crankcase. Another 27 per cent lighter than aluminium, the magnesium used in the crankcase reduces weight most significantly in comparison with conventional grey-cast-iron components.

BMW’s fully variable VALVETRONIC valve drive, together with infinite camshaft adjustment (VANOS) on both the intake and outlet valves, guarantees a particularly fascinating rendition of all-round efficiency. Featured in a straight-six for the first time, VALVETRONIC, as opposed to a conventional throttle butterfly power unit, ensures a significantly improved response and, at the same time, far greater efficiency in the economic use of fuel. As a result, every movement of the gas pedal in the BMW 130i is translated directly and with supreme accuracy in the dosage of fuel into driving dynamics on the road. And at the same time the car’s fuel consumption and emission figures are exceptionally good for a vehicle with this kind of performance. With any car, it is possible to end in a car collision. If you, unfortunately, do end up in one consider consulting with a personal injury attorney to ensure you improve your understanding of the direction of your case. But I digress.

A further feature deserving particular attention is the specially designed exhaust system with two chrome-plated tailpipes adding exactly the right sound effect for each and every movement of the gas pedal and, through its sporting but rumbling sound, contributing significantly to the unique thrill of the new BMW 130i.

BMW’s three-litre straight-six is acknowledged as the symbol of superior drivetrain technology – particularly in its latest configuration. Indeed, this engine is the role model and benchmark for engine development specialists the world over, at the same time offering all the ideal qualities appreciated so much by the sporting and ambitious driver.

The outstanding properties of this unique power unit are featured within BMW’s model range in a number of different cars and classes: The BMW 630i Coupé, for example, receives all its impressive supremacy, motoring culture and efficiency from this outstanding straight-six, while in the BMW 530i the new power unit guarantees a perfect blend of motoring comfort and dynamic performance. And in the new BMW 330i, finally, the three-litre in-line six-cylinder helps the entire model series, further enhance its leadership in terms of driving pleasure.

Taking the decision to offer this power unit also beneath the hood of the BMW 1 Series, BMW has paved the way to a driving experience which can hardly be described in words alone, even less so by simple facts and figures. Still, the car’s performance figures and data are most certainly very impressive, the BMW 130i featuring a six-speed manual gearbox as standard accelerating from 0–100 km/h in just 6.1 seconds. Top speed, in turn, is limited electronically to 250 km/h or 155 mph. And despite this performance truly outstanding not only in the compact class, the BMW 130i makes do on average with fuel consumption of just 9.2 litres/100 km or 30.7 mpg Imp.

Occupant Safety of the Highest Standard.
Not least through the use of high-strength steel, the body structure of the BMW 130i is extremely stiff and stable, providing the foundation for supreme agility and guaranteeing safe and secure driving behaviour even in a sudden lane change or turn on the road. At the same time the body lives up in full to the unique dynamic potential of the BMW 130i, offering all the safety reserves required should the worst ever come to the worst in order to ensure a wide range of all-round occupant safety.

In the event of a collision, an elaborately conceived system of longitudinal and transverse support bars carefully and efficiently takes up all forces acting on the car, the passenger cell itself remaining largely unaffected by impact forces and the loads acting on the occupants being reduced to a minimum. The extensive safety package within the car comprises three-point inertia-reel belts on all seats, frontal airbags activated in two stages, side airbags at the front as well as curtain head airbags inflating around the side windows to protect both the front and rear passengers from injury.

The airbag system as well as the belt latch tensioners and belt force limiters are activated and masterminded by means of the most advanced control technology. Depending on the type and intensity of a collision, only those components are activated which are actually required to ensure optimum occupant safety. The flow of power from the battery, in turn, is automatically interrupted in the event of a collision by means of the safety battery terminal deactivating the fuel pump, opening the door locks, and switching on both the hazard warning flashers and the interior lights.

To ensure safe transportation of small passengers, the BMW 1 Series offers the option to fit up to three child seats in position by means of ISOFIX fasteners*. Where necessary, the front passenger’s airbag may be deactivated for this purpose by means of a special key switch.

The BMW 1 Series has already proven the efficiency and all-round protection offered by its safety features in the Euro-NCAP crash test, completing this demanding trial with the maximum score of five stars.

New Technology for Active Safety.
The high standard of driving stability so characteristic of the BMW 1 Series is ultimately also an important safety factor. Nevertheless, even a car of this calibre may exceed the limits to its driving dynamics in an unforeseeable situation – which is precisely why the BMW 1 Series has all the technical features required to significantly reduce the risk of an accident. Should, for example, a sudden manoeuvre serving to avoid an obstacle or an unexpected change in road conditions lead to an extremely difficult situation, DSC Dynamic Stability Control serves to keep the car on course, the system applying the brakes specifically on individual wheels to prevent the car from swerving out of control.

The BMW 130i is the only model in the 1 Series to be fitted exclusively with the latest generation of DSC Dynamic Stability Control. This superior system offers an even wider range of sophisticated brake functions serving above all to minimise the car’s stopping distance and at the same time to maintain directional stability when applying the brakes in a bend by spreading out brake forces according to current requirements. A further point is that the brake pads are applied lightly to the brake linings at regular intervals in wet weather, to provide a “dry braking effect” and to prevent the usual delay in the response of the brakes otherwise encountered in rain and wet weather. A further advantageous feature is automatic pre-loading of the brake discs whenever the driver suddenly takes his foot off the gas pedal, which serves to significantly shorten response times.

A feature already well known and integrated in all of BMW’s DSC systems is DBC Dynamic Brake Control providing similar safety and superiority in the braking process. A further function preventing the car from oversteering in a bend when applying the brakes lightly is CBC Cornering Brake Control, while EBFD Electronic Brake Force Distribution shares out brake forces according to current requirements. All of these are additional functions of the DSC and ABS driving stability systems.

ASC Automatic Stability Control helps to ensure safe traction when setting off on a slippery or rough surface, while yet a further additional function of BMW’s latest-generation DSC prevents the car from rolling back when setting off on a gradient. And last but certainly not least, DSC Dynamic Stability Control also comes with a special mode – DTC Dynamic Traction Control – providing a higher level of wheel slip.

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Yet a further safety feature never seen before in the compact class is BMW’s Adaptive Headlight Control* now featured in the BMW 130i and also becoming available in all other models in the 1 Series: Following the steering wheel, the headlights move in the right direction immediately when the car enters a bend, illuminating the road ahead in the right angle and reliably guiding the driver in the right direction.

A Brake System also for Vehicles Following from Behind.

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Reflecting its superior performance, the BMW 130i comes with a particularly powerful and efficient brake system. Extra-large brake discs both front and rear ensure the best deceleration and stopping power in this class. Absolute reliability, in turn, is guaranteed by the ongoing, continuous-action brake pad wear indicator, sensors monitoring the brake pads for their current condition.

Taking the driver’s style of motoring into account, a control unit monitors and calculates the remaining service life of the brake pads – a feature never seen before in the compact class. The driver is then able to check out this information at any time on the large colour monitor* at the central top position of the instrument panel or retrieve the data via the on-board computer between the speedometer and rev counter, just as he is able to call up the remaining lifetime of other parts subject to wear and tear.

Like the four-cylinder versions in the BMW 1 Series, the BMW 130i is equipped with BMW’s two-stage Brake Force Display quite unique in the compact class. Introducing this innovation, BMW is indeed making a significant contribution to the avoidance of rear-end collisions. When applying the brakes under normal conditions, the brake lights in the BMW 130i will come on the usual way. When applying the brakes all-out or when activating the anti-lock brake system, in turn, the brakes will automatically come on over a larger area. With their particularly brilliant effect under such conditions, the brake lights inform drivers following from behind that there is a dangerous situation ahead. The stronger light signal will then induce the driver of a vehicle following from behind to press down the brake pedal harder himself.

Ease of Control with Luxury Class Standards.
The ease of control ensured by BMW’s iDrive* control concept is absolutely unique in the compact class and sets the standard also for other segments in the market. BMW iDrive is automatically included in the car’s wide range of features whenever the customer orders his BMW 130i with a navigation system. Simply by pressing, turning and moving the Controller in the centre console, the driver is able to initialise and mastermind all secondary and comfort functions as well as the set-up and operating modes of his car. Optimised menu guidance is presented on an extra-large Control Display in the upper area of the centre console.

Functions required particularly often such as the heating and air conditioning are activated by separate switches on the centre console, and buttons on the multifunction steering wheel serve to call up further settings and functions of particular importance while driving.

With the cockpit being clearly separated into a driving and comfort zone, and with its perfect finish to the last detail, the BMW 130i offers a standard of quality fully in line with all the demands made of even the most sophisticated premium car. As an option the driver is even able to control and mastermind numerous functions of his car via voice entry*.

The Interior – more Functional than in any other Sports Car.

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The driver of the BMW 130i has the great opportunity to share the unique thrill of sporting performance in the compact class with up to four passengers. Apart from offering the passengers superior seats with superior comfort, the BMW 130i also comes with a most generous and, thanks to the rear seat bench tilting forwards, variable luggage compartment quite unusual for a sports car of this calibre: Depending on the position of the rear seat bench, luggage capacity varies from 330–1,150 litres (11.55–40.25 cu ft).

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Swivelling up 1.80 metres or almost 6 feet, the tailgate ensures simple and convenient loading and unloading at the rear. It unlocks either by remote control or by pressing the tailgate handle with its integrated BMW logo. The maximum load of 500 kilos or more than 1,100 lb again underlines the practical benefits of the body concept in handling all kinds of transport requirements, Numerous storage boxes and compartments, the double floor in the luggage compartment, and the power socket in the rear also contribute to the car’s high standard of practical value and qualities in everyday use. A new feature in the compact class offered by the BMW 130i is the partition net* preventing cases, baggage and other items stored in the rear from sliding forward into the passenger compartment when applying the brakes all-out, thus serving to protect the car’s occupants.

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The BMW 130i combines functional, comfort-oriented and sporting features with one another in a truly unique manner. The seats, for example, offer lasting comfort and a secure, safe seating position at all times. A wide range of adjustments and different seating positions also taking the requirements of particularly tall or small individuals into account, as well as the option to adjust the steering column for both reach and height, helps the driver find his – or her – ideal position at the wheel at all times.

The special arrangement of the gas, brake and clutch pedals in the BMW 130i is quite unique in the compact class: With the engine being fitted lengthwise, the pedals are exactly where they should be right in front of the driver’s seat, without being moved slightly to the right-hand side as is generally the case in cars with a transversely mounted engine. This enables the driver to find exactly the right seating position at the steering wheel of the BMW 130i optimum for active motoring and avoiding any body strain or cramp even on the longest distances.

A four-way lumbar support* is available as an option. Pneumatic adjustment of backrest width* on the sports seats* is a particular feature so far only available in the most sophisticated sports cars and coupés, giving the driver and front passenger exactly the side support they require at the simple touch of a button.

High-Tech Solutions for Comfort and Safety.
Comfort Access* enables the driver to start the engine and set off in his BMW 130i without even taking the key to the car out of his pocket: As soon as the driver walks up to the car, the key transmits a recognition signal and the doors are automatically unlocked when the driver pulls the door handle. Then all he has to do is press the starter button in order to start the engine.

Yet a further unique feature in the compact class is the outside illumination* around the doors directly linked in the BMW 130i to the interior light function: As soon as the driver or passengers unlock and open the doors, light-emitting diodes integrated in the door handles brightly illuminate the access area around the car.

The audio systems available in the BMW 1 Series are among the most powerful and sophisticated HiFi units of their kind. Particular highlights are the extra-large central woofers fitted as standard beneath the front seats as well as Logic7 studio technology*.

The BMW 130i comes as standard with the BMW Business CD radio.

Supplementing the car’s wide range of infotainment features, the 1 Series is available not only with sophisticated navigation systems*, but also with a Bluetooth interface* for mobile phones and the BMW Assist* telematics service including access to the internet*. So here again, the BMW 1 Series ranks alone within the compact class, offering features and qualities not to be found on any other car in this segment.

Permanent supervision of the battery serves to guarantee ongoing and
consistent reliability in the BMW 130i: As soon as the charge sensor monitoring the control unit recognises a lack or impairment of capacity, the feed of power to items serving comfort purposes only is automatically reduced, thus maintaining the battery capacity required for starting the engine.

Every drive in a BMW 130i is a most enjoyable experience right from the start – also thanks to the memory function integrated in the key to the car storing and saving individual positions and settings for each driver: The BMW 130i is able to “recognise” up to three different drivers through their personal keys, automatically calling up important functions as soon as the “appropriate” driver wishes to set off in the car. So getting into the BMW 130i, the driver will always find his or her “personal” settings pre-aligned right from the start.

The key automatically saves the last setting in the audio system (sound, volume, stations chosen), the air conditioning (temperature and air distribution) as well as the seats with electrical adjustment* and the position of the mirrors.

Tailoring the BMW 130i to Your Personal Requirements:
Making Your Choice just Eight Days Prior to the Start of Production.
Given its wide range of features and qualities, the BMW 130i is most definitely a truly unique car. And thanks to the equally wide choice of paintwork options, upholstery and interior equipment, as well as an unusual line-up of equipment quite exceptional in the compact class, the BMW 130i offers every customer exactly what he – or she – wishes to enjoy on the road.

Indeed, every BMW is a true expression of its owner’s personality. This also applies to the BMW 130i, which – like every BMW – is not built in a standardised process or with a definite, pre-determined range of equipment packages, but rather to the customer’s individual order, exactly as required. So it is virtually out of the question that two identical versions of the BMW 130i will come off the production line within the same year.

Clearly, diversity of this kind calls for sophisticated logistics – which is precisely why the BMW Group has developed a production system serving to ensure absolute reliability as well as flexibility prior to and during production: The Customer-Oriented Sales and Production Process closely coordinates all steps and operations in the production of a BMW. The big advantage for the customer is that he is able to make changes to the features and equipment of a car already ordered up to just eight days prior to the start of assembly.

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