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We are working hard on getting all the galleries up today including the new Sierra, but here is the full 2007 Silverado Gallery. See the full press release HERE.

Below is the original spy photo post we made.

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It took 5 long days, hundreds of miles and more caffeine than one wants to admit to, but after days of watching a commercial photo shoot from afar, our photographer finally got a chance to photograph the all-new 2007 Chevrolet Silverado as it sprinted out of a car carrier and ran through a car wash. The camera-ready Crew-Cab was decked out in the Z71 off-road package, and wearing brochure-red paint.

Riding on the GMT900 platform, the Silverado’s introduction comes after that of the full-size SUVs, and up until this moment – has been very well hidden behind miles of black vinyl. Although this was originally scheduled to arrive as a 2008 model, Chevrolet has been working at a fast pace and the Silverado will likely debut this fall, with production starting as early as October. And, as one can clearly see, this is no Tahoe clone, but a unique look including stacked headlamps, which separate the trucks from the SUVs.

We’re a bit surprised that the Silverado doesn’t have some of the signature styling from the 2003 Cheyenne Concept – such as the wraparound glass at the back of the cab, yet we think consumers will be pleasantly surprised with both the styling and car-like refinement that the Silverado is said to have. And, equipment-wise, this Silverado is equipped with a roof-rack and back-up sensors.

Note: No, that isn’t unsightly panel gap in the first photo…the hood was indeed popped up just a bit.

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