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To go up against Mercedes E63 AMG and BMWs M5, Audi is planning to offer the hot RS6. Priddy’s ninjas caught it here, at the Nrburgring, while it was undergoing some late prototype testing this week.

The larger air intakes in the front bumper and the wider fenders and diffuser at the rear, are the key clues as to the true identity of this Audi. And while the S models have four round exhaust pipes, the RS models will receive oval pipes as their distinguishing feature.

We have heard that the rumors about a twin turbo V10 are false, and that the RS6 will instead be powered by a blown V8 producing over 600hp. Could Audi finally be joining the proverbial German horsepower pissing contest? We can only hope!

The RS6 will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September

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