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Ah, life. Sometimes, it’s full of daffodils, candy, easy money and attractive women. But life can also be harsh. Harsh like 80-grit sandpaper coated in cayenne pepper extract and rubbed in your eyeballs. Right now, it’s more sandpapery for those of us at Dubspeed Towers. The two forces of College and Dubspeed have fought a mighty battle this day, but in the Rock/Paper/Scissors game of life, College fights dirty. College throws Shotgun, and thus wins. Therefore, there will be no Dubspeed Radio this week. Although, most of what happened this week was at the LA Auto Show, so listen to those again if you really need your fix. Or show it to your friends. Or leave recordings in places that people congregate, like little gifts. If you feel sorry for us, send us letters of encouragement to Or hate mail. We’re desperate for attention over here in our little corner of the Internet. It’s dark here, and I’m lonely.

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