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I love El Caminos. My first car was possibly the best of all the El Caminos, the 1970 model. Based on the best of the Chevelles, mine was gray with black Chevrolet Chevelle racing stripes, tweaked suspension, fettled-with engine and extra-loud exhaust. I loved it to pieces (not literally, fortunately), even after it caught on fire and tried to kill me, and I think that there’s a big tar-shaped hole left in the US car market that still needs to be filled.

Well, as I mentioned last week in the podcast, Pontiac is bringing back the El Camino in the guise of the Holden Ute, which is based on the Holden VE Commodore, which is the base for the Pontiac G8. Unfortunately, it will not be called the El Camino, or even the Caballero. It will be called the G8 ST, ST standing for “sport truck”. Yes, it’s a lame name, but some El Camino is better than no El Camino at all. It will only come with the 6.0L L76 V8, which will put out 362 HP and 391 ft-lbs of torque in the G8. Of course, that’ll last about as long as it takes for the dealers to whine that they can’t keep up with the overwhelming demand for something plainly as Awesome as a new El Camino, and then they cram in the LS7 or whatever’s powering the Z06 when this sucker comes out.

El Catalina: Pontiac to Get U.S. Version of Holden Ute []

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