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Story by Jack Baruth, Photos Courtesty of RENNtech

First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the wheels. Like it or not, “dubs” are probably here to stay in the modern automotive “scene”. No would-be Tony Montana would ever be caught rolling on anything as wick-wick-wack as stock wheels. In this Dubspeed Investigative Report, we will show you how the many ways in which an immediate purchase of RENNtech’s newest twenty-two-inchers can actually prevent you from being killed or maimed…

Let’s start with the most important safety feature of RENNtech’s new three-piece forged wheels: protection from the worldwide gang of thugs who prey on Mercedes-Benz taxi drivers. Did you know that on any given day, one out of six taxi drivers in a Mercedes-Benz is beaten, killed, molested, or inappropriately fingered? What? You didn’t know that? Good, because it’s not strictly true. However, it is an unavoidable fact that driving on stock wheels can cause you to be mistaken for a taxi driver. Consider this spy photo of a man accosting a Mercedes-Benz “taxi” in Greece:

Stock wheels lead to taxi confusion. Is this a taxi? Without dubs, there’s no way to tell.

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And that guy’s rocking AMG double-spokers! Consider how likely you, the S-class owner, are to be taxi-molested if you’re on that weak-ass fifteen-spoke non-AMG-pack garbage! Now imagine you have a set of these bolted to your “whip”:

Clearly NOT a taxi. Unless Jamie Foxx starts driving a taxi in real life, too.

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At twenty-eight pounds for the 22″ size, they’re a lot lighter than the cast Chinese crap that most dope dealers, gangster rappers, cocaine-hoovering actress/mistress/prostitute combos, and outrageously privileged Los Angeles teenagers use to deface their otherwise impeccably engineered Benzos. Which brings us to the other way RENNtech wheels can save your ass: they’re actually built to match the capabilities of a modern Mercedes-Benz. A derestricted S65 can exceed two hundred miles per hour. Do you want to try your luck at over the “double ton” with Third World-made dubs?

RENNtech, by the way, is one of the more interesting tuning shops in the United States. Under the hand of Hartmut Feyhl, former technical director of AMG North America, RENNtech has become well-known for building big-power cars for drivers who find the “stock” AMG offerings a bit too tame. We’ll have more from RENNtech in the near future; until then, you can find them at

If you have a new W221 S-Class, these wheels might be just the ticket. Bring cash: a full set starts around eight thousand bucks. Those of you who are more interested in bombing down the Autobahn than profiling around South Beach might find your attention drawn to the big calipers behind the wheels. We’re gonna find out some more about those, too. The official press release is quoted after the photos. One more thing: Herr Feyhl mentions the AMG Challenge in said official press release. Your humble author happened to win that event in 2006. Do you suppose that’s enough, credential-wise, to let Dubspeed thrash one of those big Benzos and report the results? We’ll have to see.

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RENNtech press release

RENNtech has released it’s 2008 line of performance wheels, featuring a 3 pc. version of RENNtech’s signature 10 spoke design, and a new limited-edition anthracite 5 poke wheel for ’07 and newer S and CL class Mercedes-Benz.

The new RENNtech 10 spoke, based on the 1 pc. “Monolite” design, is available in anodized, chrome, and brushed satin finishes. “The satin finish is really something unique,” offers Hartmut Feyhl, president of RENNtech and ex technical director at AMG North America. “It’s not the same kind of brushed finish you see on mass-produced wheels – you can only do a finish like this on a true forged wheel. It’s hard to capture the effect on camera.”

RENNtech’s new wheel designs are striking, and mark the first time the company offers 22″ wheels to its customers.

At 28 lbs., the new 3 pc. wheels reduce unsprung weight compared to the stock Mercedes-Benz or AMG wheels, improving the car’s handling and contributing positively to ride quality as well – keeping true to RENNtech’s motto of “performance without compromise”. Feyhl is also quick to point out that reduced weight and superior dynamic qualities are not the only benefits of his new wheels. “These wheels are lighter and stronger than stock wheel. This is especially important for drivers who participate in track events like the AMG Experience.”

As with any RENNtech exclusive wheel design, these new wheels are limited editions that, in any finish, will be extremely rare. Even in white-hot car markets like South Beach or Beverly Hills, RENNtech customers can be sure they won’t “pull up next to themselves at a stoplight.”

RENNtech’s 2008 wheels are available in 20″, 21″, and 22″ sizes (starting at 1940.00 USD) and can ship in time for Christmas.

The limited edition 5 spoke wheels (for S and CL class) are available in matte Anthracite and painted/polished finishes. The 10 spoke (available for S, CL SL, E, and CLS class and Black series AMG) are available in chrome, satin/brushed, matte Anthracite, and painted/polished finishes.

Contact RENNtech for more information.

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