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Well, I had fully intended to make a podcast for the massive flood of news that would be sure to roll in on the Thursday and Friday before Christmas comes around, instead of this little dink post with the first SFW picture that Google Images turned up for “drunk santa”. However, I was obviously misinformed when I was told that the auto industry burns the midnight oil on the days before a major holiday, the only notable bits of news being a guy buying a Dodge truck with $26,670 in quarters and dollar coins and that Michael Schumacher really needs to start racing again, maybe WRC or something, as he and Jean Todt made cameo appearances in the new Asterix film. Imagine those two news stories spoken out loud and in a snarky tone of voice at a speed about a half-step too fast to be easily understood, but a little worse than your mental recording sounds like, and that’s this week’s episode of Dubspeed Radio. Enjoy.

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