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Now that my computer is functioning properly, we can get on with the show. Thanks to a tooth damaged in an old injury finally dying off, I had to get a root canal on Tuesday, which on top of leading to a very painful last week of winter break, has made my upper lip swell up to an amusing size. It’s still impeding my ability to speak clearly a little bit, so if you can’t quite make out what I’m saying, it’s the root canal. Not my own personal shortcomings. Anyway, this week features news on the Tesla Roadster, a possible glimpse at the future of the Corvette, Ford of North America reboots the Taurus to get rid of that Five Hundred smell and Ford of Europe gets the C1 Focus RS. Chrysler announces they’re making what seems like a bad decision that might actually be a good one, Lotus looks into green research, and a extra-tasty Useless Automotive Tchotchke. Also, I go off on a rant for a few minutes to explain why I’ve been so hard on Toyota over the last few weeks. I think it comes off okay, but if you don’t want to hear about such things, I warn you in advance. If you want more of that sort of thing, drop me a line at my new email address: If not, send me email anyway and hopefully your witty comebacks will shatter my ego so much that I surrender the will to live.

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