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All of you who wasted two hours of your life on Sunday night watching the new Knight Rider TV movie, or as I like to think of it, Knight Rider, Brought To You By Ford, well, I thought about being sympathetic, but given that the show couldn’t have telegraphed the fact that it was going to suck more strongly unless it bought full-page print ads and one minute TV spots that were just “Knight Rider is going to be awful, don’t watch it” in white block print over a black background, you’re getting nothing from me. It was so bad that Autoblog, who in the days leading up to the show’s premier, had more than two different posts about it on the front page at any given time, gave it a hearty and resounding thumbs down (my favorite quote: “Bionic Woman is Goodfellas compared to this.”). Of course, the Hoff was awesome, but he’s the freakin’ Hoff. He is second only to His Holy Lutz himself. When the Hoff is assumed into Awesome Heaven, which is what Heaven would have been if God wasn’t kicked out by Lutz for being a total slacker and not paying His rent on time, he will be seated at The Lutz’s right hand. Anyway, enjoy the podcast.

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