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It’s really easy to tell when I wrote the script for the podcast. The later at night I finish it, the more dour and depressed I sound at the end of it. The same goes for the post for each podcast, so read on with that in mind. It’s partially driven by exhaustion, but usually the sound of fail that surrounds the end of a late podcast comes from crushing guilt over having botched hitting my largely self-imposed deadline for the podcast. This hits late at night because I’m only ever really burning the 3:00 AM oil when the podcast is way, way late. This one has the added depression multipliers of a absolutely dismal week for news and me sounding like absolute garbage on this podcast. You may not think so, but this is, I guarantee you, the worst podcast I’ve ever done. It’s like using Q-Tips wrapped in sandpaper and cancer on my inner ear for me to listen to this. Usually, it’s poor form to discourage people from listening to the content that I produce, but this one deserves it, and it’s not like anything happened this last week anyway. Except for my own shortcomings being paraded around the Internet. This weekend will be better, I promise. Geneva’s here, so I’ll have news from that. Stick around, regular service will be resumed momentarily.

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