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Story by Jack Baruth

Admit it, Bentley owners: after reading our Continental GT Speed article, you’ve been suffering from horsepower envy. Sure, 552 horsepower seems like a lot, but compared to the six hundred ponies available in the GT Speed… face it, you might as well be driving a mass-produced LS460, or even a Camry, assuming they’re actually different cars.

Has your “Bent” been just sitting listlessly in the driveway as you fume over the possibility of getting dusted at the lights by a new GT Speed? Sure it has. You don’t want to drive that piece of crap any more. You could have it shipped to us for use in the next 24 Hours of Lemons – we’d split the cost of the truck ride with you – or you could have RENNtech pimp your ride with a stunning six hundred and twenty-five horsepower! That’s right! Let the guys at the yacht club chew on that for a while! And best of all, this mod also works on the four-door Flying Spur, also known as the “Phaeton Bill Blass Edition” by those of us who own Phaetons.

While you’re at it, why not fix the “four-by-four” ride height with a RENNtech lowering module? Time to slam that you-know-what into the weeds. Big power and low ride – you’ll have the Anglo-German equivalent of a ’64 Impala. And the price? Well, at only $6800 for the ECU software and $1395 for the lowering module, you… holy crap, did we just say $6800??? If that chip cost any more money, it would say “DINAN” on it, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Oh well, you have to pay to play. Full details below from our friends at RENNtech…

RENNtech For Bentley

With the introduction of a new, 600+ hp ECU tuning package and digital lowering module, RENNTECH has added Bentley to the growing list of brands it supports.

Best known for its work with Mercedes-Benz and McLaren automobiles, the Florida-based McLaren Tuning firm is taking the process of introducing new product lines very slowly. Hartmut Feyhl, president of RENNTECH and ex technical director at AMG North America, explains: “We want to be sure that these products meet the high standard set by RENNTECH Mercedes products, which is very high.”

RENNTECH has worked under Feyhl’s motto of “performance without compromise” since 1989, and every product offered by RENNTECH has to meet Feyhl’s strict approval. “Every product has to do something that adds to the performance of the car.”

With ECU software boosting the output of Bentley’s 552 hp twin-turbo W12 to 625 hp and 565 lb-ft of torque, this is definitely a product that does Something!

In addition to the power-producing ECU upgrade, the RENNTECH digital lowering module for Bentley features microprocessors that constantly communicate with existing on-board systems (unlike other lowering products that “trick” the stock systems and disable the diagnostics). RENNTECH’s lowering module allows owners to set the car 50 mm below the stock setting, with 8 levels of adjustability for each of the front and the rear wheels. “Customers can lower the car so it is level, or lower the front more than the rear for a ‘raked’ look. Some customers might want to lower the rear of the car for more weight transfer at a drag strip. The lowering module lets them do that.”

Comparisons to Bentley’s own Continental GT Speed (itself offering 600 hp and 553 lb-ft) might seem natural, but RENNTECH is quick to point out that the GT Speed option is not available on the Flying Spur sedan or the GTC, and there are no waiting lists and no dealer markups to contend with (sorry: “market adjustments”).

RENNTECH’s Bentley ECU software upgrade is available now for $6400US for Bentley Continental and Flying Spur, and $6800US for the GT Speed coupes. RENNTECH digital lowering module available now for $1395US. Contact RENNTECH for more.


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