After the last 12 years or so of news reporting on the 2008 Democratic primaries, they’re finally over. Now we just have to wade through two months or so of pre-convention squabbling, and then endure three more months of the scorched Earth policies of the Presidential campaign proper. I just can’t wait, can you? To take your mind off of your depressing news-watching future, here’s a new episode of SSL Radio to take the pain away, just like heroin, except you listen to it on a computer instead of injecting it into your veins. This week, Hyundai drops the pricing information on the Genesis sedan, Ford does what we wanted them to do all along with the Fiesta hatchback, Lamborghini reaffirms why they are the most badass supercar manufacturer of all time, the rotting corpse of NBC’s Gear drags itself back into the light, and Porsche Design comes along to make Gear’s foul stench go away in this week’s Useless Automotive Tchotchke. Share and Enjoy™.

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Kasey Kagawa

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