After doing little else than spread doom and gloom for the last few podcasts, we decided to try being upbeat and optimistic for a change this week. I know, it’s a radical change, but there’s plenty to be pleased about this week, with VW debuting their new Mark 6 Golf, Toyota bringing their five-door Yaris hatchback to the US, Lotus dropping some hints about hotter versions of the Evora GT car in the future, and BMW starts hustling to get their diesel straight-six into the US as fast as possible. It’s not all sweetness and light this week though, as Cadillac rolls out their fantastically pointless Escalade hybrid and Switzerland proposes a law that would ban almost every car on sale today (Link to Excel file of cars that could be banned). We return to the good news with Useless Automotive Tchotchke with more news from Lotus, as they’ve developed a device that will save the lives of millions of children each year from being crushed by those silent chariots of death, hybrid cars. If you find all this happiness strange and unnerving, we’ll probably be back on form next week, but until then, Share and Enjoy™.

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Kasey Kagawa

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