Well, it seems that sore throat that made it sound like I had swapped my larynx with one taken from a chain smoker’s cadaver for last week’s podcast has blossomed and turned into a full-blown case of bronchitis, so unfortunately, there will not be a podcast this week. On another note, I’d like to apologize for the consistent and unacceptable lateness of the podcast as of late. I love you guys and the chance to talk to literally tens of devoted car enthusiasts about something that I enjoy very much, but unless being snarky about cars on a semi-regular basis pays a lot better than I think, real life and college has to take precedence. I’m not going anywhere, I’ll still do my best to deliver the top-notch automotive news podcasting mediocrity that you all keep coming back for, but until college stops demanding increasingly unreasonable amounts of my free time, the posting schedule will stay somewhat erratic. I can’t thank you all enough for even checking in and reading my lame excuses, let alone continuing to listen to the rantings of a somewhat amusing college student with an unhealthy obsession with cars, and regular service (well, regular for us) will be resumed as soon as possible.

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Kasey Kagawa

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