Goddamn, does it ever feel good to be back. In a emotional sense, I mean, as you’re about to hear, I’m still not at 100%, so please excuse me if I sound like I’ve been gargling tungsten carbide blasting media. Anyway, in this week’s make-up edition of SSL Radio, we cover the remaining debuts at the Paris Motor Show (yes, we’re that far behind), Toyota debuted their new iQ city car for the UK and rumors on it coming to the US, the US sales figures for the month of September are here to ruin your day, more lame fanboy BS, the situation for Formula 1 in the United States gets even bleaker, and a special federal bailout edition of Useless Automotive Tchotchke. Again, I can’t say how much I love being back (literally, my voice is now shot from recording this), and please, Share and Enjoy™.

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Kasey Kagawa

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