Photography by Murilee Martin

What did the 24 Hours of Lemons (Thunderhill) and the “C Sports Racer” class of the SCCA 2008 Runoffs have in common? They were both won by motorcycle-engined lightweight specials that didn’t quite belong…

This is an outrageously long podcast — nearly 18 minutes — and it covers two primary topics. The first topic is the “spirit of Lemons” and what happens when it takes a bike-engined special to win a “budget” race. The second is a rambling diatribe on the notion of “driving at the limit” complete with some racetrack times from a recent press event.

This is, with any luck, the last podcast we’ll do with this lousy microphone — so if you can live with one more episode full of “pops”, things should be better next time.

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Jack Baruth

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