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It would be an understatement to say that we’re huge Mustang fans here at Speed:Sport:Life. Heck, we even ranked the outgoing GT500 ahead of a Ferrari and a Lotus in an on-track test! We’ve also raced Mustangs in the past. Bottom line: almost nobody’s as enthusiastic about Ford’s class-defining “pony car” as we are.

To help our fellow Mustang fans make it through the next few weeks before the 2010 ‘Stang arrives in dealerships, we’ve cooked up a variety of special content, including:

  • An outrageous, no-holds-barred backroads test of the 2010 Mustang GT that will take you flat-out and sideways over glare-ice-loaded roads and past hundred-foot cliffs. Does the revised pony have what it takes to play in an environment more suited to Subarus and Mitsubishi Evos?
  • Full reporting from more than a thousand miles of real-world driving behind the wheel of two different 2010 V-8 Mustangs. From the cupholders to the color-changing dash lights, we’ll tell you how the new car’s changes work out on the road.
  • Exclusive coverage of the 2010 Mustang GT in Japan. That’s right, we said Japan. And yeah, there’s going to be some drifting.
  • We’ll be bringing you up close and personal with the new generation of ROUSH Mustangs on the day they’re revealed to the public.
  • And finally, we’ll head to one of America’s most famous racetracks for a genuine at-the-limit session in the new 540-horsepower 2010 Shelby Mustang GT500.

It all starts tomorrow, Wednesday, March 4, so hold on to your, er, horses!

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Jack Baruth

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