Okay, enough with the hate mail asking why we haven’t updated in a week. S:S:L is back, and running on a new home somewhere in cyberspace which means we can get back to our normal schedule around here. Just a couple of things of personal note since this is a purely volunteer driven site so you know why we’ve been a little slow the last week or two…

  • Jack and Michelle are the proud new parents of John C. Baruth III … congratulations are in order! Jack has promised that John will be learning to double clutch by the age of 1, so we won’t skip a beat there.
  • Hey, I’m planning a wedding here! Try to explain to my fiancee why I can’t look at flowers because I have to work on my website…it doesn’t work. Just kidding babe, you know I love you!
  • Finals Finals Finals! Damn that school getting in our way.

Yeah, excuses excuses…we know. As soon as our DNS propogates fully we’ll have a couple of new articles up from some guest writers that we know you’ll enjoy. Just a reminder, this IS a volunteer driven site. If you want to join the team, or contribute in any way, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Chances are you can’t be any worse than we already are, so we’ll probably welcome you with open arms.

Thanks again to all 5 of our loyal readers!

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Zerin Dube

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