• @drivingsports of course the A4 but the VW was the "first". Here we are 6 years and 6 Audi's later and looking for 7! in reply to drivingsports #
  • @drivingsports ….my first car (Nick) was a Red/Grey 92 VW Passat GL. Had about 200K on it when sold in 2003 for 4K on trade for an 02 A4. in reply to drivingsports #
  • Through 157,000+ trade in requests thus far….Top 4 Cash for Clunkers states? Mich-Ohio-Cali-Minn. #C4C #
  • Next Generation C6.R GT2 Race Car High-Res Photo Gallery @ http://bit.ly/meXUw #
  • RT @TheAutoInsider: http://twitpic.com/cr4x4 – ZR1-inspired Corvette Racing C6.R GT2 rear [IMAGE] #
  • RT @TheAutoInsider: http://twitpic.com/cr4s4 – ZR1-inspired Corvette Racing C6.Rs [Image] #
  • RT @badboyvettes: GM Press Conference Webcasthttp://badboyvettes.com/411 #
  • @GMTexas: 1 more hour till the reveal of the new Corvette C6.R GT2 Race Car! #
  • Schumacher to reportedly be paid 1 million euros per race & 1 million euro bonus per victory! #f1 #motorsport http://bit.ly/3RypC #
  • RT @TheAutoInsider: grocery hauling 2010 Mercedes E-Class Estate leaked early: http://bit.ly/192h2L #mercedes #mb #
  • @Derrich have they done p0rn with Barbie? Ya know….just sayin. Childhood and all… in reply to Derrich #
  • SSL says good morning tweeps…on the way to the airport… http://twitgoo.com/21o1z #
  • @therealautoblog: You are probably right. Hollywood has already bastardized everything else about my childhood, why not G.I. Joe too? #
  • @therealautoblog: I'm not sure G.I. Joe can be any worse than Transformers 2. #

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