The first racetrack I ever drove on was Mosport’s “Big Track” — not exactly an introduction for the squeamish. I’ve added thirty-seven more road courses, ovals, and dragstrips since then. I’ve listed them after the jump, with a brief note on each. Why not add yours and talk about them?

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Altamont Raceway Park – 24 Hours of LeMons. Set 2nd fastest lap in Jalopnik’s V8olvo.
Autobahn North – A great beginner’s track but short on high-speed sections.
Autobahn South – Typical Alan Wilson, and the only place I’ve ever been in the passenger seat for a crash.
Autobahn Full – Put the two together and there are a few interesting sections as a result.
Autobahn Karting – I drove this course in a kart and a CLK63.
BeaveRun – My favorite Alan Wilson course.
Chelsea Proving Grounds – Like a giant Nelson Ledges. Very old-school.
Flat Rock Oval – Ran a Ford Tempo here!
Flat Rock Figure-8 – This is where we won the first-ever full-length 24 Hours of LeMons.
Florence Speedway – One Lap of America in a diesel Benz.
GingerMan – Never really rang my bell. Almost perfectly flat.
Grattan – Lot of fun unless it’s your car.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval – A magical place.
Infineon Road Course – One of my favorites. The Mid-Ohio of the West.
Lancaster Speedway – Another short oval.
Mason Dixon Dragway – One Lap Of America
Mid-Ohio Pro – My favorite United States road course.
Mid-Ohio Club – As above, but not as cool.
Mosport – Just one of the best, period.
MSR Houston (clockwise) – Almost flat but with a few interesting sections.
MSR Houston (counterclockwise) – As above, but a little less fun.
National Trails Raceway
Nelson Ledges – My “Home Track” and a real sentimental favorite of mine.
NHIS Road Course – Very interesting, and the road-course portion has great elevation changes.
NJMP Thunderbolt – More fun than the track map suggests.
Nurburgring Nordschleife – Gran Turismo won’t prepare you for it.
Putnam Park – One of my best tracks as a racer.
Road Atlanta – A truly great track with a fantastic finish.
Roebling Road – A little bland, honestly, but fun.
Shannonville Full – Totally flat and mostly slow.
Summit Point Main – A great old-school track, like Nelson Ledges.
Summit Point Shenandoah – Lots of fun but it’s a car-cracker.
Summit Point Jefferson – Very much a mini-Summit Point, without the great elevation change.
VIR Full – I find this track to be very frustrating at times, but visually it’s among the best.
Waterford Hills – As classic as they come, but not a modern track in any sense of the word.
Watkins Glen – To drive here is to feel connected to history.
Road America – I never understood the big deal about this track until I drove it. Very special.

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