KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Here at Speed:Sport:Life we have covered all sorts of different motorsports in our Racer Boy series. We have given you the how-to and low down on Road Racing with NASA, E.T. Bracket Drag Racing with the NHRA, Rallycross with FRX, and crap-can racing with ChumpCar.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Each of those events takes a little different skill set and obviously some different car set up. But what if there was one event that required you to compete in all of those different types of races at once? Insanely enough, now there is and it’s called The Leadfoot Rally.

The Leadfoot Rally Recession Racing Class has drivers competing in $2,500 cars in five events: drag race, road race, rallycross, paved oval circle track and dirt oval circle track. The rally kicks off in Colorado August 4-7, 2010, and has plans to migrate to California in Spring of 2011 (when we will bring you a full Racer Boy write up). If you’re a guy who doesn’t know how to spend less than $2,500 on a car then you can run in the Unlimited Class (shine up your Enzo and raise the adjustable ride height for the rallycross).

To check out all the tire smoking and dirt throwing details of the The Leadfoot Rally check out a quick video showing the 2009 event here.

And this year after you win the event and you’re crowned “The Ultimate Shoe” make sure when the champagne is sprayed and cameras are in your face to say, “I learned everything I know about racing from Speed:Sport:Life!

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