Photos by Zerin Dube and Carl Modesette

Yeah I know we’re a week later than everyone else on getting these galleries up even though we had them ready to go last Wednesday, but as luck would have it the hard disk on my laptop crashed on the flight home from Detroit before I could get them up.  Fortunately I had everything backed up on my memory cards but still had to go back through and reprocess the photos.  So, even if you have seen all these photos before I’m still putting them up in one big mega gallery for your viewing enjoyment.  You won’t find any camera phone or point and shoot pictures here, just the highest quality photos we can deliver.  Even if they are a week late.  And remember, always always always backup your data!

Full galleries after the jump.

[nggallery id=167]

[nggallery id=147]

[nggallery id=151]

[nggallery id=164]

[nggallery id=160]

[nggallery id=158]

[nggallery id=165]

[nggallery id=148]

[nggallery id=149]

[nggallery id=159]

[nggallery id=162]

[nggallery id=155]

[nggallery id=166]

[nggallery id=153]

[nggallery id=157]

[nggallery id=163]

[nggallery id=168]

[nggallery id=154]

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