I enjoy very few things more than an early Sunday morning drive with a great group of friends and a great group of cars. This month’s GOAD trip took us through some curvy roads to the northwest of Houston, through the Sam Houston National Forest. This month’s drive was a recon run with 12 cars to see if this route could manage a larger group, and it was an absolute blast.

I was driving the 2022 Lexus LC500h Bespoke Build, while everyone else brought out their Porsches. We had everything from a gorgeous Cobalt Blue 996 to a 1 of 500 991.2 911 Turbo S Exclusive Edition. The best part about our drive group is that everyone has fun regardless of what car they’ve brought out. These cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed, not just stared at in a parking lot, and once a month, we do just that.

Get Out and Drive.

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Zerin Dube

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