Wait, what? Sexy and cool used in the context of a Prius?! YES! My week with the 2023 Toyota Prius is over, and I’m so glad I could experience what Toyota has done with this car. Yeah, I’ll stand by the words in the title. The Prius is a sexy and cool car now. This isn’t quite the glow-up that the Chevy Trax received, but exterior styling-wise, it’s close. It’s an absolutely gorgeous car.

I averaged 44.3 mpg driving this Prius as I would any other car. Power from the hybrid system is a respectable 194 horsepower. The Prius drives exceptionally well, but the engine is pretty noisy when it cuts in and out during regular operation.

The interior is basic but looks nice and has physical buttons and switches for all the radio/HVAC controls. This Prius Limited has a 12.3-inch infotainment screen and features Toyota’s intuitive interface. The interface isn’t overly showy, but the graphics are crisp, and the user interface is fast. Heated and cooled seats are included, as is a heated wheel.

One annoying bit is the tiny instrument display, which seems partially hidden behind the wheel no matter how you adjust it. It was a strange design decision by Toyota, making me wonder if Toyota was seriously considering a yoke for this car.

Overall, Toyota knocked it out of the park with the new Prius. I would happily have one of these as a daily driver. It’s great to look at, drives well, and generally does everything most people want from a car. At roughly $37k as-tested, it’s relatively affordable, too.

Great job, @toyotausa.

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