I recently finished a week with the 2024 Lexus LC500, and it’s always an absolute treat to get behind the wheel of one of these V8 luxury coupes. While this is a heavy car, the 471-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 sounds fantastic and does a great job of moving the LC along. Yeah, the Hybrid LC exists, and it’s a great car, too, but why would you buy one when the V8 exists?

This particular car is what Lexus calls a “Bespoke Build” LC500. The Bespoke option costs $3600 and includes the Sports Package, which gives the car a limited slip diff, Yamaha rear dampers, and upgraded brakes. A badge in the center console also affirms that you opted for the Bespoke package.

Bespoke builds unlock options like a carbon fiber rear spoiler and roof. This white and blue interior in my press loaner is only available through the Bespoke program.

For 2024, Lexus ditched that dumb trackpad that should have never seen the light of day and replaced it with a prominent touchscreen and some knobs/switches. Thank goodness. That trackpad was AWFUL.

Love or hate the interior; the LC is one of those cars that brings me joy every time I drive it. It’s one of the most beautiful cars you can buy at any price point today. Sadly, it’s one of the last of its kind. I encourage everyone to try to get behind the wheel of one of these before they’re gone.

Price as tested is $107,680, including destination.

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