Author - Christina DesMarais

S:S:L Guest Drive: Driving the All-New Chevrolet Volt

Friend of S:S:L, Christina DesMarais, sends us this report of herĀ  drive of the Chevrolet Volt in Chicago.

I recently made the eight-hour drive from Minneapolis to Chicago to drive the all-new Chevrolet Volt, the extended range electric vehicle about to start appearing in select cities by the end of the year. Why did I go to all that trouble? First, tickets to the Windy City, usually less than $200 from here, were more than $300 for some reason. Since gas would only cost a little more than $100 I grabbed by husband, got a sitter and we took off for an adventure. The Volt, named car of the year by several magazines, is arguably the most-hyped car around.

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