Author - Derek Kreindler

Rich Corinthian Leather #2: Hella Suck

Anyone who spends enough time on The Car Lounge has doubtlessly seen numerous threads and posts with all manner of Volkswagens, Subarus, Hondas and (ugh) Miatas with improbably low ride heights, low offset BBS RS wheels in all colours of the Popsicle rainbow, roof racks and even rusted body parts.

The “stance” movement is the biggest thing going for people who seek validation from anonymous automotive forum members, though I have yet to really see a car like this in person. Maybe it will fly in California, but in Toronto, with roads like the surface of the Moon and 6 months of snow, this style is impractical if not unfeasible.

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Rich Corinthian Leather: Jaguar’s Belle Du Jour

Speed:Sport:Life welcomes Derek Kreindler to the team!  Derek will join Jack, Byron, Cherise and the rest of the S:S:L team to provide unique insight and opinion on all things automotive.  – Zerin D.

The first time I saw a Citroen C6 was in Tel Aviv’s fashionable harbour district. Israel is a relatively wealthy country, with a GDP on par with many EU states. Israel is also founded on socialist principles and cars are taxed at 110% of the MSRP. Fuel is similarly expensive. Most cars are understandably small and diesel powered. Even the few wealthy big shots that can afford something bigger than a compact car drive smaller displacement luxury sedans, like Mercedes S320s and BMW 520is.
I don’t know what kind of engine the C6 had, but the sleek, quasi-5 door profile stood out from the sea of white Mazda 3s and Subaru Imprezas in a way that a DS19 must have stood out from the legions of crap European tin-can deathtraps in 1960’s Paris.
Citroen cars have not been available in North America for some time, but in a few months time, we’ll be able to enjoy the Jaguar XJ, a car that looks French, feels British and has Indian ownership.

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