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S:S:L On The Road – Monterey Car Week 2013

Pebble Beach 2013

Like so many things in any society that truly matter, the automobile stands astride a multitude of social divides. Progress. Freedom. Achievement. Wastefulness. Drudgery. Class division. Every car contains legions of angels and demons in turn, and which of each is dominant depends just as much on the perspective of the person doing the observing as the car being observed. One’s sculpture of power and beauty in motion is another’s the wasteful extravagance of wealth, overcompensation and status. An electric car can mean both the death of enjoyment and performance and the salvation of an industry and the environment – depending on your point of view. But what is important is that these contradictions are not rooted in cars, but in ourselves. A car is simply a big shiny lump of metal that can move under its own power across the ground; the meaning we see when we look at one has more to do with the reflection of ourselves staring back than any innate attribute of the mirror itself.

Perception may also depend on the advertisement of the vehicle and how the manufacturing company has presented it. Since a large population has access to the internet, these companies tend to prefer digital marketing over conventional marketing techniques. Therefore, a firm (like a digital marketing agency west palm beach) that has experience in the field of digital marketing often gets hired by car manufacturers. An automobile is often seen by people through two different lenses – advertising and individual. And if one automobile can contain so many contradictory viewpoints, then a major car show, being a whole mess of them collected in one place, must be a Gerasene Rorschach funhouse maze – cars, owners, attendees and media, all of us reflections of whatever multitudes you’re predisposed to see.

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Game Review: GRID 2 (PC)


For those of you who have spent most of your time indulging in these ESO Mastery Guides in order to get to the top of the leaderboard in games such as Elder Scrolls Online, it is very likely that you won’t be aware of the goings-on in the video game industry. One of the hot topics currently doing the rounds is that Microsoft has recently debuted the long-awaited successor to the Xbox 360, the Xbox One. The means that lovers of Diablo 2 can get themselves d2 items from for hours of endless fun, however, today this is not our main focus. With that has come to the debut of Forza Motorsport 5, the latest edition of what is nearly inarguably the best racing game series out there. And like all previous editions, Forza 5 will be an exclusive to the Xbox gaming system, leaving those who prefer their games on the PC, like myself, out in the cold.

So, if you’re a PC-inclined gamer and want to get your racing fix taken care of, what are the options out there? At the extreme “simulation” end of the racing game spectrum are rFactor 2 and iRacing. Both are even further hardcore than the Forza and Gran Turismo series even pretend to be – and by trade feature decent but still rudimentary graphics, only a few tracks and a limited number of cars, all of the purebred race machines. On the “arcade” end of the spectrum are the Need for Speed games, the latest release being Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, an open-world street-based racing game with lots of expensive cars, lovingly modeled in an engaging environment, but also propelled around more by Hollywood physics than the real thing. Obviously, we are going to tell you about the different racing games out there, but if you love the thrill and adrenaline that these games produce then you may want to go for other similar types like PayDay, where you can have a game trainer for PayDay 2 (PC only) to navigate your way around a new gaming world. Mix and match your preferences because you never know what new game will get you racing to your computer.

And then in the middle sits Codemasters, publishers of the beloved TOCA Race Driver and Colin McRae Rally series, and more recently the officially licensed F1 racing games, rally and off-road-focused Dirt series, and the track-focused GRID series. GRID, while not as realistic as the TOCA Race series and possessing some infrequently idiotic AI problems, still required the player to know how to drive in order to win and had a spectacular feel and driving dynamics that made for a more than worthy addition to a racing enthusiast’s game collection. Two subsequent Dirt games later, and GRID 2 is here. Gamers who use the PC as their main form of gaming enjoyment are always on the lookout for equipment that can add to their experience, including finding the best gaming keyboards ( as well as headsets, so they immerse themselves as they play.

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Speed:Sport:Life News – An Immaterial Display Edition

As is the usual case when one of the major auto shows rolls around on the calendar, the news for the week was completely dominated by the releases, unveilings and debuts at the Geneva Auto Show. Geneva, in particular, carries a certain cache about it, as not only does it engender lazy references to 1970’s rock music, but the city’s reputation for European luxury and prestige – not to mention Switzerland’s lack of presence in the automotive game – means that it is the auto show of choice for all the ultra-high-end hardware from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, makers of less-famous but no less bespoke or impressive high-end European exotica like Koenigsegg and Spyker, and those that just wish to rub some of the magic sparkle that Geneva has on themselves. This show is so popular that geneva hotels are booked months in advance, full of guests excited to get into the iconic car show. Guests are recommended to use a trusted Airport parking provider if visiting the show. One provider which has good reviews is parking aéroport genève.

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Speed:Sport:Life News – No Winners Edition

It’s rare that automotive news breaks beyond the electrified razor-wire confines of niche interest, but this week we have been favored with an event of interest to the population at large. That event involves possible breaches of journalistic ethics, an oppressive and somewhat frightening level of privacy violation, and a CEO and a major national newspaper acting like spoiled children, so “favored” is perhaps not the most apt choice of words.
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Speed:Sport:Life News: From the 2013 Chicago Auto Show – Day 1


Greetings, loyal readers! My name is Kasey Kagawa – some of you might remember me from a few years ago when I hosted the Speed:Sport:Life Radio news podcast – and now I have returned to once again bring you warmed-over news and half-witted commentary, just in this new, textual form that we shall call Speed:Sport:Life News. The 2013 Chicago Auto Show started today, and like all auto shows, there’s announcements with a little “A”, and Announcements. And so, we’ll start this off with the bits of fluff and bother that warrant little more than a brief mention.

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Speed:Sport:Life Radio: Boring Week is Boring Edition

Yes, we’re back for another week of SSL Radio. Supposedly, the automakers are heading back to Congress this week to beg for their lives, but we’ll have to wait and see if anything actually comes out of it. Aside from that, there’s not that much going on, so we’ll have to see what we can dig up to send your way in glorious podcast format.

On 12/1, we start off by reviewing the stuff that we missed over the vacation (it wasn’t that much), and the news from Monday (which was even less).