Author - Matt Fink

Spare Me The Details #3 — Winter Cleanup

Matt turned this in almost two seasons ago, but due to a variety of screwups on my part it didn’t get published until today. So… consider this a warning of what you’ll have to do in Spring! — JB

When the snow melts here in Ohio it can only mean two things: there are more potholes in the roads, and it’s time for me to start detailing cars again! Let me tell you, one of my favorite things to do is get a winter’s worth of salt off a car. Since my hose is still frozen under a few inches of snow, let’s start by looking at cleaning the inside of the car, specifically, the carpet.

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Spare Me The Details #2: We’re going streaking!


There are two things I know for sure about automobile window cleaning:

1. People love to have clean windows.
2. Most people leave streaks when they attempt to do it.

Whether you’re taking your car to be detailed by the best Car detailing sunshine coast has ever seen or doing it yourself, this task can be a challenge. Cars just look so much better when the windows are perfectly clean, yet most of us avoid cleaning them. I feel like I’m a pretty easygoing guy who finds the positive in most any situation. Before learning a proper technique I will admit that window cleaning was one of the few things that would get under my skin. To be honest, it’s still my least favorite part of detailing. Customers demand perfection in the area, but man, that can be tough. Spare Me the Details is here to teach you how to become an excellent window cleaner.

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Spare Me The Details #1

IMG_2737 (Custom)

(Yet another new contributor! Matt Fink brings us his detailing tips. Be nice to him! – jb)

Welcome to the first edition (and potentially last if none of you like it) of ?Spare me the Details?. Your author is an amateur Professional Car Detailer. I’m not sure what exactly makes one a professional car detailer, except that people pay me to do it, so I?m claiming to be a professional. Plus I have hordes of fans that follow me wherever I go. I have worked for a car detailing business as well as a car wash and now have my own small business of auto detailing that I run out of my home. I detail cars on the weekends and have a ?regular? job the rest of the time. I have a huge passion for cars and I often can’t help spending all my money on them! I have even been across to Berlin to purchase a car after hearing that the prices are not bad at all. This may sound like the news of Yesterday (hier in German) but Germany is the home of many wonderful car manufacturers!

To my neighbors I am the creepy guy who cleans his car like 3 times a week? but to you guys I?m just your friendly neighborhood car detailer giving you unsolicited advice. I have never been to school for car detailing nor do I claim to know anything about the chemical makeup of a cleaner wax compared to a paint sealer. What I do know is what works for me. I have detailed hundreds and hundreds of cars and I want to share with you, the readers of S:S:L some of the things I have learned. ?Course, you?ll have to pay me, seeing as I am a professional.

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