Author - Mark Mitias

Speed Read: 2009 Audi TT-S 2.0T Quattro


Price: $52,400
Major Equipment: “Prestige” equipment, navigation, DSG transmission, uprated leather interior.
Approximate mileage driven: 800

M. MITIAS: Since being introduced in 1998, the Audi TT has been known more for award-winning design than race winning performance, developing a loyal following among stylish urban professionals and little interest amongst hardcore track rats. Devoted Audiphiles wishing to devour sweeping turns and late apexes along with their creme brulee and mochaccinos typically opted for the street-cred approved S4, which rapidly became the tuner Audi of choice.

Meanwhile, Audi continued their steady march to introduce an S model of each car in their line to keep abreast of the dizzying performance arms race amongst luxury automakers. The Beetle in a black dress was sent off to martial arts class, and the result is less Laura Ashley and a lot more Lara Croft. The TTS package features an upgraded 2.0 direct injection gasoline engine, now producing 268hp and 258lbft of torque, Quattro AWD and six speed S-tronic direct shift transmission, along with electronic stability control, handy for keeping your TTS shiny and undamaged during those times when you get it all wrong.

In an attempt to do exactly that, we took our bright red test car to historic Waterford Hills Road Racing course for a few hours of very private lapping. There are few things in this world which make one feel as utterly privileged as having a race track entirely to oneself, and I’m unlikely to experience any of them. When it comes to track testing a car, an empty track is a luxury with purpose, however.

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A tale of two race cars, Part 2: Never On Sunday.



I quickly switched off the ignition.

It must be Sunday.

You see, Sunday is the Lord’s day. It is not the Neon’s day. We have a history, so let me explain.

One of the things I like least about race weekends is that it means missing church. Yes, racing on Monday would have certain disadvantages, but it’d at least be nice to get to a service on Sunday morning. I’ll need to suggest something to Dave Royce about that. Anyway, this will sound bizarre to anyone and everyone reading this, but God speaks to me through cars. I don’t mean that in any kind of blasphemous way, either. I am serious. He spoke to Balaam through a donkey, to Zaccheaus through a tree and to Moses through a burning bush. Me? It’s cars, especially broken ones. For the past year, the Neon has been telling me, “Quit skipping church to go racing”. This is an expensive pastime, of course, no wonder people who get into it late look at their options to make it financially less burdening. A friend had recently turned 55 and was really interested in getting a new race car, so looked at getting release equity done. So he checked out equity release advice process help online to see if it would help him.

Our tales of Sunday woe begin last May at the Putnam Park race. About a hundred yards past the checkered flag, our old engine expired in a gigantic cloud of smoke as the #2 connecting rod chose that moment to exit the block at a high velocity. The resulting hole was impressive; the bill for a new engine was also impressive. Jack finished on the podium, so not all was lost, but it helped establish our team tradition of pushing the car on to the trailer at the end of the day on Sunday.

Over time, it would get worse.

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