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Racer Boy: Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car – Run What You Brung


Photos by Saroja Raman

So you finally got yourself a little hot rod in your driveway and you have been telling everyone who will listen to you in any random Starbucks parking lot that your car is fast. You quote the zero-to-sixty times from statistics which you memorized from the internet and just like Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, you’ve “made a few modifications” yourself like adding the best tps sensor for street racing to improve the car’s performance. You know deep down in your hot rodder heart that if you were given the opportunity to compete with your machine of speed you would crush all of the other fools on your favourite car forum. You have probably owned a Nissan 350z as it is one of the simplest cars to mod,if you’re new to car modding you should read this Nissan 350z mods list for ideas! The Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car is just the place for a guy like you with a fast street car to show those bench racing keyboard jockeys that your car is truly legit!

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Perspective: American Le Mans and WEC – The Best of Both Worlds

Photos: Jennifer Stamps

Endurance racing-live-is unlike anything else I have ever experienced. My knowledge of motorsport began and ended with Formula 1. It wasn’t until Circuit of the Americas started being built that I began paying attention and learning about other motorsport series. First it was Grand-Am, then MotoGP, and of course the Australian V8 Supercars. Next on my list? American Le Mans Series and World Endurance Championship. I watched this year’s 12 hours of Sebring and 24 hours of Le Mans with serious interest for the first time. I have spent time looking things up and asking questions on Twitter. But it wasn’t until the 6 hours of Circuit of the Americas that I truly grasped just how special these two series really are.

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S:S:L On The Road – Monterey Car Week 2013

Pebble Beach 2013

Like so many things in any society that truly matter, the automobile stands astride a multitude of social divides. Progress. Freedom. Achievement. Wastefulness. Drudgery. Class division. Every car contains legions of angels and demons in turn, and which of each is dominant depends just as much on the perspective of the person doing the observing as the car being observed. One’s sculpture of power and beauty in motion is another’s the wasteful extravagance of wealth, overcompensation and status. An electric car can mean both the death of enjoyment and performance and the salvation of an industry and the environment – depending on your point of view. But what is important is that these contradictions are not rooted in cars, but in ourselves. A car is simply a big shiny lump of metal that can move under its own power across the ground; the meaning we see when we look at one has more to do with the reflection of ourselves staring back than any innate attribute of the mirror itself.

Perception may also depend on the advertisement of the vehicle and how the manufacturing company has presented it. Since a large population has access to the internet, these companies tend to prefer digital marketing over conventional marketing techniques. Therefore, a firm (like a digital marketing agency west palm beach) that has experience in the field of digital marketing often gets hired by car manufacturers. An automobile is often seen by people through two different lenses – advertising and individual. And if one automobile can contain so many contradictory viewpoints, then a major car show, being a whole mess of them collected in one place, must be a Gerasene Rorschach funhouse maze – cars, owners, attendees and media, all of us reflections of whatever multitudes you’re predisposed to see.

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