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24 Hours of LeMons: Sharks Go For Coveted Banned Technology Prize


It’s often said that the real point of the 24 Hours of LeMons isn’t winning the race, but rather winning the Index of Effluency. This is the prize given to the car that does the most with the least; the team that goes the furthest with the worstest. This, it’s claimed, is the real je nes sais quoi of LeMons. For any fool and his gang of (foolish) friends can grab a $500 E30 or Miata and with a little luck win the race. Hell, Baruth won a race driving some fancy-pants Toyota Supra, didn’t he? But only a (really foolish) band of brothers would put their faith in an Opel Cadet. An even dumber bunch of guys might field a Merkur XR4Ti. The massively brain damaged will opt for an 80s vintage Saab 9000 Turbo. Then you have the truly masochistic brave that think the key to glory lies between the rusty panels of a 1974 Alfa Romeo Spyder (For the record, all 4 of the cars just mentioned will be losing once precious fluids all over the track at LeMons South). Of course, not everyone agrees that the Index of Effluency is the be all and end all of $500 car racing. In fact, I argue it’s the Dangerous Banned Technology prize. See, you actually win money with the Index of Effluency. Dangerous Banned Technology is utterly pointless. In other words, the true spirit of LeMons. And who are the odds on favorites to win it this May at Goin’ For Broken in Reno? Why it’s the Sharks, of course. Speaking of banned technology, if you get the chance, take a look at this proxy website that will help you access The Pirate Bay.

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24 Hours of LeMons: All the Cars of LeMons South Spring!

Oh damn! Just weeks (though it feels like days) after completing the mega-epic 2009 Houston Gator-O-Rama, the traveling automotive freak show better known as the 24 Hours of LeMons is once again venturing below the Mason-Dixon line. Why so soon? Big $$$ Turns out that the further south you take LeMons, the better it works. As you travel further away from the land of Burning Man and hemp-flavored honey, the cars get less arty and more race oriented. Sure, there’s much argument as to whether or not less art car is a good thing. But there’s no denying that the spiritual home of NASCAR makes for some hella entertaining amateur crap car racing. And the locals definitely appreciate the races. In fact, the last time Team LeMons hit the humble ‘burg of Kershaw, South Carolina around one thousand spectators showed up to cheer on the smoking, short-circuiting heaps of junk. So yes, by the time LeMons hits New Orleans this June, it’ll take place in the Superdome. This here race, taking place over April 4-5 at the Carolina Motorsports Park, will feature more obnoxious teams, worse cars (96 of ’em this time out), worse drivers, better BBQ and my favorite — more booze! Y’all had better be there, as only a true Judas would not come out and support a team called Heavy Metal that’s going racing in a 1972 Ford LTD. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to meeting Team Fat Bottom Girls. Team Eager Beavers, too. Oh, and every single one of the participating cars is listed out after the jump. So, jump!

[Note: If we spelled something wrong or forgot your team’s website, please let us know!]

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