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2008 New York International Auto Show

Speed:Sport:Life Radio: Chocolate Bunny Holocaust Edition

A slightly still sugar-buzzed edition of SSL Radio this week. If you eat too many of those marshmallow Peeps at once your heart explodes, so I’ve had to spread it out over the last few days. We wrap up coverage of the New York International Auto Show, finally get an answer to the ridiculous Z06 vs. GT-R battle, GM finds a way to put a stain on the until now spotless new Camaro, yet another corporate CEO is given an amusing characterization, and more miniature car fun on this week’s edition of Suspicious Solar Lighting Radio.

2008 NYIAS: Pontiac Solstice Coupe (Targa?)


It looks like someone over at General Motor’s web division got a little overzealous yesterday, and published this teaser icon on the Pontiac website. If you can’t tell by glancing at the picture, the car at the bottom is the much anticipated Pontiac Solstice Coupe. We’ve heard that the official name will be the Solstice Targa, but we can’t confirm this beyond what we’ve heard. Hopefully the Coupe or Targa or whatever they end up calling it will resolve the biggest gripe I have about the current model; that is complete lack of storage space and a top that is annoying as hell to deal with. Either way, the new Solstice Coupe looks like it’s going to be a fantastic looking car, and an even better performer than the convertible.

We’ll have more from the 2008 NYIAS, including a full photo gallery, later in the week.