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2011 NAIAS: Wrap-Up Photo Gallery

Photos by Zerin Dube and Carl Modesette

Yeah I know we’re a week later than everyone else on getting these galleries up even though we had them ready to go last Wednesday, but as luck would have it the hard disk on my laptop crashed on the flight home from Detroit before I could get them up.  Fortunately I had everything backed up on my memory cards but still had to go back through and reprocess the photos.  So, even if you have seen all these photos before I’m still putting them up in one big mega gallery for your viewing enjoyment.  You won’t find any camera phone or point and shoot pictures here, just the highest quality photos we can deliver.  Even if they are a week late.  And remember, always always always backup your data!

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2011 NAIAS — Business up front, party in the back.

by Carl Modesette. NAIAS Photography by Zerin Dube, Mark Fields photo courtesy of Ford

From 10,000 ft, the glow of Detroit after sunset could be that of just about any other Midwestern city. Altitude and darkness impose a serenity that belies the nocturnal unrest below. Even the vast expanses of unused industrial property and the inch-thick dusting of snow that come into focus right about the time the landing gear drops are anonymous this time of day. The nighttime approach is a stirring equalizer. With the departure of the sun goes any character, and it’s not until you cross over from the too-white lighting of the airport terminal into the dingy glow of sodium-vapor lamps that your senses really have a chance to recalibrate. By the end of your cab ride, reality has set in.

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2011 NAIAS: Ford Reveal Gallery

Photos by Zerin Dube

Ford’s press conference was heavy on the promise of more jobs in the Detroit area, commitment to global growth, and a not-so-subtle jab at the current generation of electric vehicles currently on the market today.  Alan Mulally rolled out on stage in a Focus ST which will go on sale here in the U.S. later this year before talking about the 3 new fully electric vehicles they hope to have on sale by the end of next year and a full range of EVs by 2013.

Ford also showed off the Grand C-Max which will be the first C-segment vehicle sold in the U.S. and also a glimpse of what the next generation Escape would look like in the Vertrek Concept.

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