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Speed:Sport:Life/TTAC at the New York Auto Show

SSL and TTAC are headed to the New York Auto Show this week to bring you all the latest show news. Derek has already posted some great preview information over at TTAC, and we’ll do your best to keep you apprised of any late additions, changes and rumors as we enter the final few days before the media preview.

Stay tuned for all the latest info, including the debut of the 2013 SRT Viper, a long-time SSL favorite. Follow us at @SpeedSportLife for live coverage and check out TTAC for your up-to-the-minute model introductions. As always, we’ll have a wrap-up gallery here at SSL by the end of the week.

New York marks the end of auto show season, but we’ll be here all year to bring you all the latest reviews, racing news and industry developments, including some exciting road and track tests in April and May. Stay tuned, readers. 2012 is just getting started.

Consumer Reports 2012 Report Card and Top Picks announced

Consumer Reports released their 2012 Top Picks and automotive Report Card today. The highlights?  Toyota took home five of the ten Top Picks, Subaru scored all As, Mazda is the comeback kid and Ford stumbled over their own new tech. Snippets of the press releases are available after the break. For the full releases, check the PR Newswire ticker on the right side of the page, or go here:

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Ford Crown Victoria Parting Shot–Panther, we hardly knew ye

Every enthusiast has a long list stashed away, often only mentally, of vehicles they want to drive before they meet their maker. I’ve got one myself, and among the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the Ferrari F40, and the Jaguar E-Type sits a highly unlikely candidate. It’s the Ford Crown Victoria. And not some highly tuned G-man edition or livery special either, just a bog stock Crown Vic LX. The reasoning is even more puzzling, and it’s got nothing to do with any secret service or taxi driver role playing fantasies. Everyone has a certain impression of the Ford Panther chassis. Whether it was the black Town Car that ferried you into the city from the airport, the puke-stained taxi cab that cost you an extra $50 to have cleaned up, or the plastic-seated squad car you became acquainted with after an overzealous blast down the highway, everyone has had experience with the Panther at one level or another.  And after 2011, it all goes away.

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Great expectations, part 2: 2012 Ford Focus SE Sedan

Ford’s been on a crusade lately to win the hearts and minds of the small car buyer with its new Focus, and so far it seems to be working. The Focus has risen to the top of the heap in most comparison test results for its ability to blend functionality and driving dynamics. But how does it match up to its competitors when the two biggest industry buzzwords – fuel economy – are dropped? In search of the almighty MPG, we decided to borrow a 2012 Focus SE sedan for some driving impressions.


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Great expectations, part 1: 2011 Hyundai Elantra GLS

Hyundai’s made good on a slew of promises over the past few years, from improving the build quality of its products to releasing more interesting, appealing and competitive vehicles. But last year, the company set perhaps its most audacious goal yet: hit a Corporate Average Fuel Economy rating of 50 mpg across its entire range by 2025. Hyundai has already made strides in improving the fuel consumption of its vehicles in recent years. Cars like the redesigned 2011 Elantra, which is rated at 29 mpg city and 40 highway, play an important role in helping the company meet its lofty goals. It’s also helping Hyundai build a lot of brand cache, whose ads are already touting the four models they build that achieve 40 mpg highway.


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