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Race Report: IMSA WeatherTech Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park

Amid a sweltering mid-summer heatwave, the IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship descended on Connecticut’s iconic (and beautiful) Lime Rock Park last weekend for the Northeast Grand Prix. Although the top-dog Prototype class skips this event for purposes of traffic – the short 1.5-mile track is composed of flowing, fast, and mostly right-hand corners, but its size doesn’t lend itself to the massive speed advantages the Prototype cars carry – the GT LeMans, GT Daytona and Prototype Challenge classes were present and accounted for. As it is, even well-driven GTD-class cars were lapping in the low 50-second range, making a lap around Lime Rock more akin to a typical autocross run than a racing circuit, time-wise. With short laps and high average speeds – over 100 MPH in most cases – the racing is usually intense, and this year did not disappoint.
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Racer Boy: Run a Hillclimb… and Cheat Death

It is one of the oldest organized motorsports events around: Hillclimb. The premise is extremely simple: one car, one windy road, fastest time to the top wins. The two things that get one car to the top faster than the others: horsepower and guts. The extreme elevation change requires lots of horsepower while the trees, rocks, and cliffs you narrowly miss as you race up the mountain require lots of bravery and guts. It also helps to be a bit delusional. Just keep telling yourself, “I won’t be the one who totals my car while falling down the mountain.” To which if it does, and you fortunately live, you might end up wanting to get in contact with a law firm And if you are a pro at this, you would might even want to get in touch with an insurance policy provider, who could look help you in getting adequate financial benefits in case of accidents or certain unfortunate events following the incident. A life insurance or a Final Expense Insurance could be potentially prudent choices to make, in situations such as these. With those disclaimers and forewarnings out of the way, let’s now look at the nitty-gritty of things!

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Racer Boy: Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car – Run What You Brung


Photos by Saroja Raman

So you finally got yourself a little hot rod in your driveway and you have been telling everyone who will listen to you in any random Starbucks parking lot that your car is fast. You quote the zero-to-sixty times from statistics which you memorized from the internet and just like Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, you’ve “made a few modifications” yourself like adding the best tps sensor for street racing to improve the car’s performance. You know deep down in your hot rodder heart that if you were given the opportunity to compete with your machine of speed you would crush all of the other fools on your favourite car forum. You have probably owned a Nissan 350z as it is one of the simplest cars to mod,if you’re new to car modding you should read this Nissan 350z mods list for ideas! The Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car is just the place for a guy like you with a fast street car to show those bench racing keyboard jockeys that your car is truly legit!

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S:S:L’s Racerboy in First Episode of BBC’s new show: Mud, Sweat and Gears

Krider MS&G

The BBC has a new car show to air right after Top Gear on BBC America on Monday nights (we are talking about the real Top Gear -the British Top Gear on BBC, as opposed to the junior varsity Top Gear U.S.A. on the History Channel). Sticking with the whole “gear” title theme, the new show is titled Mud, Sweat and Gears and features hosts Jonny Smith and Tom “Wookie” Ford who were hosts on BBC’s Fifth Gear. Yes, I know, that is a lot of gears. Read More

Racer Boy: Corvette Challenge –Time Trials For The Geriatric


It finally happened. You got old. Which means you finally have a few bucks in your pocket. Obvious next step: Corvette, duh. Why not? The cars are fast, sexy, and hands down the best performance bang for your buck dollar for dollar. Now that you have the Vette, it’s time to race that baby. Hello Corvette Challenge, the time trial series for Corvettes only, brought to you by guys at Speed Ventures.

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Perspective: A Viewers Guide to Formula 1 Racing


Photos: Jennifer Stamps

So, you’re a fan of motorsports. You know all the ins and outs of many of the racing series. You know the drivers, you know the tracks, and you know the sport like the back of your hand. You know more about IndyCar than the average fan. You even know a little about the American Le Mans Series and learning GRAND-AM in the meantime. You’ve heard about Formula 1 and they’re ‘styled by technology’ cars. You’ve probably also heard about all the formalities, politics, and bureaucratic nonsense that is sometimes associated with F1. If you can get past that nonsense, you’ve got some of the best racing on the planet.

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