Road Trip – 2019 BMW 330i M Sport and Texas’ Best BBQ

The BMW 3-Series has long been the gold standard for German sports sedans. It was the car that had it all – good looks, plenty of power, and incredible handling. All these traits combined to make the 3-Series the Ultimate Driving Machine for almost 40 years.

Other brands have chased BMW over the years to come up with cars that delivered the exciting experience the 3-Series gave its owners. Unfortunately, BMW lost the way with dreadfully dull the F30 3-Series, giving other brands a chance to catch up. The F30 3-Series had painfully numb steering, an overly harsh suspension, and a very reluctant throttle despite the excellent B58 engine.

Thankfully, the all-new 2019 BMW 330i addresses most of those issues with significant improvements to the chassis and engine, and interior. Are these changes enough to propel BMW back to the top of the sport sedan segment?

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My Version of the Jeep Badge of Honor

Most Jeep owners covet the Jeep Badge of Honor program which rewards owners for conquering challenging trails in their vehicles. While I’d love to earn some of these badges for my own Wrangler Rubicon, I don’t live anywhere close to any of the trails.

Not wanting to be left out, I decided to add a bit of my own flair to my Rubicon. Let’s see how long it takes someone to question what the stickers mean. And yes, I’ve driven every one of the tracks portrayed here.

Get your own track badges of honor from