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2016 Buick Enclave vs. 2015 Dodge Durango

image15Even as three-row crossovers become increasingly ubiquitous, the rate of change in this class isn’t exactly  what you’d call fast-paced. The previous generations of the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot hung around showroom floors for six and seven model years, respectively. The current Ford Explorer has been with us since 2011, and after a refresh this year, appears set to stick around for quite some time to come. The Durango seen here also bowed in 2011, and plans for a follow-up act are still unclear. We like the Dodge a lot – I have fond memories of it being one of the first vehicles I reviewed for this site – but five model years is fast approaching “over the hill” in the car business.

SAMSUNG CSCIt’s clear that despite strong sales, several of these vehicles could be accused of greying a bit around the temples. In fact, it’s the Enclave that really feels familiar – this largely-unchanged model first hit showrooms in mid-2007. Along with the 2008 Malibu, it’s the vehicle that most heralded the General’s return to competitive form. GM has adopted a “don’t mess with success” attitude toward the Lambda platform underpinning the Enclave (platform mates include the GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, and long-defunct Saturn Outlook) since in most of the model years since its introduction, its sales have steadily increased. 2016 will be the current generation’s final model year, with a complete redesign expected to be unveiled this winter.

image6How do these old guards of the three-row crossover set compare? Read on to find out.

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Quick update: 2015 Chevy Silverado LTZ 1500

On the list of things I love, sports cars and pickup trucks are pretty close to the top. I’m always looking into things like Wichita Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, just to see what’s new in the world of cars. They just keep coming, which is great for someone like me who loves cars.

Chevy has been nice enough to send me both over the last few weeks, and while we’ve spent plenty of time in the regular-duty Silverado (as well as its GMC sister), we have yet to sample one with the brawnier combo of the 6.2-liter V8 and accompanying 8-speed automatic transmission that was introduced this year. More power is always better, in our opinion, and a similar transmission change-up was performed on the Corvette for 2015 (we found the results to be very appealing). Can the same be said of the pickup?

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Driven: 2015 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

The Toyota Avalon has always occupied a sort of tenuous middle ground between the Camry and its Lexus platform mate, the ES, in that it is somewhat larger and nicer than the former, but lacks the brand cache and upscale interior detailing of the latter despite costing nearly as much. The ES pips it on rear seat legroom as well, a category you’d think the longer Avalon would surely excel in. So then, what purpose does the Avalon serve in the Toyota ecosystem? Let’s find out.

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Driven: 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT 392

Regular readers will have noticed by now that there is a general preponderance of Dodge Charger and Challenger models featured on our site…this is no mere coincidence. We at Speed:Sport:Life are huge fans of the breed in general – that is, torque-heavy, rear-wheel-driven, throwback American muscle cars. Dodge makes some of the absolute best cars in the business right now at fitting that exact criteria, and as long as they keep making them, we’re happy to keep driving them. The SRT 392 that recently spent a week with me is a perfect example of what makes the model so great.

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Driven: 2015 Dodge Charger R/T

Like the Challenger I drove a few weeks back, sales of the four-door Charger are primarily comprised of V6 and R/T V8 models, rather than the fire-breathing SRT models that typically grace the pages of buff books. Furthermore, for the middle class family man who needs a practical sedan, but doesn’t want to succumb to the boredom of a CamCordTima or the predictability of the rear-wheel drive compact luxury class, a big American brute like the Charger R/T provides a compelling alternative. What are the highlights and pitfalls of making such a choice? Read on to find out.

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Driven: 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT

When we drove the new 2015 Challenger and Charger models last year, our drive time was admittedly skewed toward the top-dog SRT models. Though you can probably guess why that was the case (we were mostly focused on lapping the track), it’s really the V6 and R/T V8 models that make up the bulk of sales orders for these cars. In a few weeks, we’ll have a review of the 5.7-liter Charger R/T, and in the meantime, read on for our impressions of the V6-powered Challenger SXT.

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