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Driven: 2014 BMW 428i M-Sport


Despite getting a bit of flak from the motoring press regarding a perceived decline in driving dynamics and engagement, the F30 generation of 3-series has nevertheless been quite a success for BMW. In November alone, the 3 (and technically the 4, though examples of it have only started showing up on dealer lots) sold nearly double the units of its next closest challenger, the C-class – at 13,148 to 7,878. Say what you will about its electric steering and lack of a naturally-aspirated straight six engine – the 3-series remains for BMW the goose that laid the golden egg.

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Road Tested: 2013 BMW 135is Convertible


The 135is here before you is a bit of a parting gift BMW gave their customers. You see, the 1 series that’s been on our shores since 2008 and elsewhere since 2004 faces numbered days ahead. It’s already been replaced in Europe by the F20 generation of three- and five-door hatchbacks, although the updated coupe and convertible models that will grace these shores have yet to make an official appearance. When they do, expect them to make their way across the pond and into dealerships post haste.

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