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Audi R18 TDI Bests Peugeot’s 908 at Le Mans Test Day

 Audi R18 photos courtesy Audi Sport

Though there were many stories to come out of the 2011 Le Mans testing day, all eyes were on the Audisport with their new R18 prototype and Peugeot with their new 908.  This was the first time these two Le Mans juggernauts were on track at the same time with their two new protype racers.  Audi’s R18 was consistantly faster in testing than the the new Peugeot 908 with Audi Sport North America’s Tom Kristensen setting the quickest overall lap of 3:27.687 in the #3 R18.  Stephane Sarrazin ran the best time for Peugeot with a 3:27.876.

Due to the new regulations imposed by the ACO with more focus on aerodynamics and less on power, the best laptimes were almost 9 seconds off from the 2011 pole time of 3:18.711 set by Sebastien Bourdais in the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP.

The first race pitting the Audi R18 and Peugeot 908 head-to-head happens May 7th at the 1000 Kilometres of Spa-Francorchamp, which is also the second round of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup.  Given that both teams were relatively close in Le Mans testing, the first race should be an exciting one.

Session 1:
1: Audi R18 TDI no.1, 3’27’’900, 50 laps
2: Audi R18 TD1 no.2, 3’28’’503, 38 laps
3: Audi R18 TD1 no.3, 3’30’’382, 45 laps
4: Peugeot 908 no.8 (Sarrazin, Davidson), 3’30”516, 43 laps
5: Peugeot 908 no.7 (Minassian, Gene), 3’32”549, 59 laps
6: Peugeot 908 no.9 (Wurz, Bourdais), 3’32”578, 32 laps

Full Audi R18 Le Mans Test Day Photo Gallery After The Jump

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Gallery: 2011 West Houston Squadron CAF Open House


Photos by Zerin Dube


The West Houston Squadron division of the Commemorative Air Force held their annual open house at West Houston Airport this past weekend, and as an aviation buff I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go check out aircraft from WWII and Korea.  The CAF is an all-volunteer organization that is privately funded and entirely self-supported by men and women who love restoring and flying these old warbirds and showing them off as a tribute to those who built, serviced and flew them.

Though the weather in Houston wasn’t the best for flying this weekend, the CAF managed to bring out several beautifully restored planes such as the B-17 Bomber which is owned and maintained by the Texas Red Raiders, a part of the Gulf Coast CAF Wing.   This particular B-17G has been recognized by several historical aircraft organizations as the best restored specimen in the world.

We have a full gallery of the B-17G and all the other beautiful aircraft on display at the open house after the jump.  Enjoy!

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2011 NAIAS: Wrap-Up Photo Gallery

Photos by Zerin Dube and Carl Modesette

Yeah I know we’re a week later than everyone else on getting these galleries up even though we had them ready to go last Wednesday, but as luck would have it the hard disk on my laptop crashed on the flight home from Detroit before I could get them up.  Fortunately I had everything backed up on my memory cards but still had to go back through and reprocess the photos.  So, even if you have seen all these photos before I’m still putting them up in one big mega gallery for your viewing enjoyment.  You won’t find any camera phone or point and shoot pictures here, just the highest quality photos we can deliver.  Even if they are a week late.  And remember, always always always backup your data!

Full galleries after the jump.

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2011 NAIAS: Porsche 918 RSR Photo Gallery

Photos by Zerin Dube

Porsche just pulled the covers off their new 918 RSR at the 2011 North American International Auto Show here in Detroit.  The 563 horsepower gasoline engine pairs with a pair of electric motors that help power the front wheels and brings the total power output up to 767 horsepower.  Power is generated from an inertial flywheel mounted where the passenger seat would normally be, and spins at an incredible 36,000 RPM.

Porsche has not said when the 918 RSR will hit the track, but with Penske, Derek Bell and a few other motorsport legends in attendance, you can be sure that it probably won’t be long.  Enjoy the gallery!

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On the Road with S:S:L Photo Gallery – Porsche Museum Stuttgart

Photos by Zerin Dube

With the year coming to a close, it’s time to catch up on a few galleries we’re behind on, including a few from our trip to Germany this past fall.  This gallery is dedicated to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.  The Porsche Museum features 80+ vehicles on display including the iconic 356, 550, 917 and of course the evolution of the 911 that we all know and love.  The Porsche Museum was probably the most open experience of any of the museums we visited and covers the complete history of the Porsche brand from inception to it’s current reputation of building some of the finest sports cars on the planet.   We hope you enjoy this trip through Porsche’s history, as well as a few gems like the 911 GT1 hanging out in the parking garage and a few shots of the Porsche Museum workshop where workers painstakingly restore Porsches from yesteryear back to showroom ready condition.

Full 250+ Porsche Museum Photo Gallery after the jump

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On The Road with S:S:L – Audi Tradition Museum Mobile

Photos by Zerin Dube

Our next stop in our series on the automotive sights of Germany takes us to the quaint town of Ingolstadt, home of the automotive powerhouse that is Audi AG.  On the grounds of the Audi corporate offices, the Audi Forum Ingolstadt features an extensive new vehicle delivery area, as well as the high end AVUS resaurant.  Audi claims that over 450,000 visitors visit the Forum on an annual basis, and that 65,000 of those are customers from all over the world who are there to take delivery of their new vehicle.

The headlining attraction at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt is the Audi Tradition Museum Mobile which features over 120 exhibits that cover over 100 years of brand history of the from the days of Horch, DKW, NSU, Auto Union, Wanderer to today’s modern Audi vehicles.   The museum is presented in chronological order and features the first Horch ever made in 1901, to the last Horch ever made which was actually found recently at a barn in Texas to the 24 Hours of Le Mans winning Audi R8.  Because we know that getting to Germany is easier said than done for most of us, we’ve brough the museum to you by way of an extensive exhibit photo gallery.

We are still in the process of adding all the captions for each image, however please leave a comment if you have any questions about a specific vehicle or exhibit.  View the full gallery after the jump.  Enjoy!

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