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Speed:Sport:Life News – An Immaterial Display Edition

As is the usual case when one of the major auto shows rolls around on the calendar, the news for the week was completely dominated by the releases, unveilings and debuts at the Geneva Auto Show. Geneva, in particular, carries a certain cache about it, as not only does it engender lazy references to 1970’s rock music, but the city’s reputation for European luxury and prestige – not to mention Switzerland’s lack of presence in the automotive game – means that it is the auto show of choice for all the ultra-high-end hardware from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, makers of less-famous but no less bespoke or impressive high-end European exotica like Koenigsegg and Spyker, and those that just wish to rub some of the magic sparkle that Geneva has on themselves. This show is so popular that geneva hotels are booked months in advance, full of guests excited to get into the iconic car show. Guests are recommended to use a trusted Airport parking provider if visiting the show. One provider which has good reviews is parking aéroport genève.

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EFFORT Racing Updates Driver Lineup for 2013 GT3 Challenge Season


EFFORT Racing GT3 Cup Challenge

Photo: Zerin Dube

With a successful Winter Test at Sebring International Raceway last week, our friends at EFFORT Racing have formally announced their three-car and driver lineup for the 2013 IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge season.  Having achieved four race wins, two pole positions, seven podium finishes, and finishing third overall in points during the 2012 IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge season, EFFORT Racing has been consistently performing at the top of the field.

For the 2013 season, the Angleton, TX based EFFORT Racing team brings back Michael Mills who any regular readers know as our resident hot shoe.  New to the EFFORT Racing team for 2013 but not to the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge is Sloan Urry who enters his second season.  Also joining EFFORT Racing for the 2013 season is 21 year-old Ashley Freiberg who will be entering her rookie season in the IMSA GT3 Cup  Challenge after a successful start in open wheel racing.

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2006 Porsche Cayman S Retrospective Review: Tales from the Dragon


Photos by the author

The Porsche Cayman has been lauded since its introduction for its connected handling, communicative steering and sonorous, flat-six engine. There’s a certain intangible “rightness” I feel when I drive one, like the engineers over in Weissach knew exactly what matters to me as a driver and built a car to meet those needs. It’s a feeling few other cars have ever provided, including even the Cayman’s sister, the Boxster. Short of the stripped-out Spyder variant, the fabric-topped version of Porsche’s mid-engined twins has never quite grabbed me where it matters. That feeling of rightness proved so strong that a few years ago, I threw caution and financial savvy to the wind and picked up an Atlas Gray three-year-old CPO Cayman S of my very own.

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Driven: 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS


Photos by the author

To say the Panamera has been a controversial car for Porsche would be underselling it. If you look back, it represents the culmination of everything hardcore 911 purists declare to be anathema. It’s water-cooled, it’s front-engined, it’s V8-powered, and it comes with four doors and a nigh-on-endless order sheet littered with luxury-oriented features. If your litmus test for what should be available on a Porsche goes no further than “will it make it faster?” then your hostility is not unexpected. But don’t make the mistake of assuming the Panamera lacks performance features. Far from it, but they’re only a piece of the bigger package.

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Road/Track Tested: 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S

Words by Byron Hurd and Zerin Dube. Photography by Zerin Dube, Nicole Gagnon and Chase Adams (lede shot).

?Nice review. I enjoyed reading about the 3 because it is a car I may actually purchase someday. Although I like reading the reviews of the 911’s and Corvettes etc… it was refreshing to read about something more in my price range. Keep it up.?

–SSL reader ?oufink.?

B. Hurd:

As of this writing, I have officially been in ?the business? of doing road and track tests of automobiles for three years. It was summer of 2009 when I requested and was granted a then-new 2010 Mazda3i as my first press loan. At the risk of being too clich?, a lot has changed since then. Gone is our RX-8, replaced (such as it is) with a Jeep Wrangler. I now drive to work?even if just to catch Metro or a commuter bus?and our house in Maryland sits just minutes from the back roads I grew up on. The car owner?s nightmare that is northern Virginia is now more than two years in my rear-view mirror. And while I still drive my share of mainstream commuter cars for Speed:Sport:Life, this post is dedicated to something a little more special.

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