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Consumer Reports 2012 Report Card and Top Picks announced

Consumer Reports released their 2012 Top Picks and automotive Report Card today. The highlights?  Toyota took home five of the ten Top Picks, Subaru scored all As, Mazda is the comeback kid and Ford stumbled over their own new tech. Snippets of the press releases are available after the break. For the full releases, check the PR Newswire ticker on the right side of the page, or go here: https://speedsportlife.com/prn-feed/.

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Scion FR-S – More of the Same

Rounding out the Toyobaru trio of GT86 variants is the new Scion FR-S.  Like the Subaru BRZ shown yesterday, the Scion has subtle differences to set it apart from the GT86 and BRZ.  The headlamps appear to be toned down a bit and the front fascia is a little cleaner than the others.  Also gone is the gaudy fender vents that are found on the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ versions.   Scion has said that the first number in the price of the car will start with a 2.  We’re going to guess somewhere in the $24,000 range but we will find out for sure soon.

We’ve got the full press release and photo gallery after the jump.  We’ve thrown the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86 galleries in there as well so you can compare all three.  Let us know which one is your favorite!

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Racer Boy: Rallycrossing, “Let’s get dirty, Baby!”


So, you watched Travis Pastrana in his Subaru at the X Games and now you’re convinced that you can get your Mom’s Outback at least six feet off the ground if you were just given a dirt jump and the chance.  Well, it’s time to put down your PS3 game controller, turn off MotorStorm, and borrow a helmet.  Rallycross is the closest thing you’re probably going to get to the X games without any money or talent. 

Rallycross is similar to the more popular autocross, based on the fact that there is one car out on the course at a time racing against the clock.  The course is delineated by cones in a large empty area.  The important difference is that Rallycross is a race on dirt.  Yes, you and your car will get dirty.  The other main difference between the two sports is your autocross time is based on your single fastest lap around the track (like qualifying), whereas Rallycross is set up like a stage rally.  Each lap is a separate stage, and each stage counts toward your total and final time. 

As a total newb, I made the mistake of blowing a muddy corner at a Rallycross and sliding off the racecourse.  I had to go into reverse (once I finally found it, Goddamn Volkswagen!) to get back on the track.  I lost a crap load of time farting with the tranny, but since I was a seasoned autocrosser, I really didn’t care.  “I’ll get ’em on the next lap,” I said -wrong!  That was when I learned the all important lesson about Rallycross, every lap/stage counts.  Just like in the bigs, like in the WRC.

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